Want to raise your vibration? Worry about the numbers?

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In most activities, the goal, the context of the activity is at least two-fold.

Let’s see how it is through a few examples:

You want to Lose weight:

Losing weight can come from wanting to lose weight to look better, feel better, fight off diabetes, etc. And losing weight can come from wanting to take back control of your life: live according to your will instead of your whim.

You want to win a football game:

  1. to look good, be celebrated, make lots of money
  2. to be the best you can be at something you love
  3. or to be part of the winning team

You want to raise your vibration:

  1. to feel better about yourself and your life
  2. to have bragging rights and a sense of superiority over others
  3. or to fulfill on the divine purpose of being a human being

Each of these goals are also contexts:

they define who you are going to be, where you are going to look, what you are going to think while performing the tasks to accomplish the goal.

Most of these goals are ego-goals. Ego goals (contexts) fizzle out or turn putrid almost as fast as you start them. The ‘light’ you get for accomplishing them is temporary and come with a shadow side, a downside. The grief that accompanies glee… winning OVER someone, judging someone as less and the shame it comes with…

Raising your vibration is not a parlor trick, it is not a feat you can accomplish with ego, for the sake of ego gratification.

Raising your vibration is spiritual work and you either have your attention on the spiritual or on the scoreboard.

  • Unfortunately to many, raising your vibration won’t work if you want to fix yourself.
  • It won’t work if your ultimate goal is to impress someone.
  • It won’t work if your real goal is so you can make more money, lose weight, find more sex, or any of these mundane reasons.

As long as you are guided by your animal instincts, your ego instincts, your vibration won’t rise: you are doing what you are doing for the wrong reason.

Animals do everything for their own selfish reasons, even if it is the reason for the perpetuation of the species.

Raising your vibration from animal and instinct driven to human is a hard step, I know, I have been there myself.

But it’s possible, and that is what you need to learn to master the context:

raise your vibration because that is the natural order of things, that is what is befitting a human…

Along with it you will feel better, make more money, be healthier, have better relationships, but only as a side-effect, and not as the goal.

If you can’t commit to the right context, please do yourself a favor and don’t even start.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Want to raise your vibration? Worry about the numbers?”

  1. Hi Sophie. If you had not told me a couple of weeks ago that I can’t think then I don’t know if I could comment on this article. One of the things I wrote to you when I first found your website is that I wanted to fix myself and feel better or something like that. Even after making a little progress, I was still stuck there…me, me, me and what I want to “feel”. After reading this article a few times, I can see how that IS a futile approach. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person–I was taught that man was created in a perfect state. Even the earth desires to go back to its perfect state, so why not man? It’s the reason for wanting to be a better person that can be the problem for never reaching the “goal” (feeling) that you intended.

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