Three methods of growing yourself over time

I read some new self-growth suggestions, some new methods to grow yourself from the series of books I am reading.

I’ll mention three of those in this article.

  • One: as soon as you wake up, look who you are going to help today. And put the question on your reticular activator, the part of you that once it trusts you, will do almost all the work of finding stuff for you… The rule of this spiritual practice is: you need a new person every day.
  • Two: grow 1% every day in health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

In six months you’ll double yourself in all of those areas. 1

Both methods are effective… unless.

A normal person in the normal course of their lives do not grow. Not at all.

But why?

I have been looking what it would look like for me to grow. I started to see a few things, about myself that you’ll recognize.

Growth has a direction. And unless you set a direction, you’ll, at best, will go in a circle, and at worst downwards.

So something needs to be opened up, a sight, that is now closed.

This same author also talks about becoming an idea machine. A machine that can generate good ideas.

You won’t become an idea generating machine overnight. If you take on this path in earnest, most of the time you’ll stare into nothing, and come up with nothing.

But that, staring into nothing, is not wasted time. Eventually your machine will obey. Eventually.

The path to any capacity to open up in your DNA is to need it… or the body won’t release the lock on the capacity. 2

The first capacity to open up is awareness.

Awareness means, on this level, seeing. Seeing, outside of the mind, where reality happens.

Awareness is a number between 1 and 100… and most of you have an awareness of 0.

It takes work to open up your awareness, and it takes work to increase your awareness, and asking yourself to come up with ideas, good ideas, every day, is work.

Eventually you’ll become aware that you are trying to get water from a stone, meaning you are trying to get ideas from your mind. The mind has no ideas to give you… and it will run out of recycled ideas pretty soon.

No water. The mind is like a cave: it cannot give you what it doesn’t have.

If you keep at it, you’ll eventually go where ideas are: outside. In reality. Billions…

Any of these three paths is effective… over time.

The secret is to never let up.

Unless it’s a daily practice, unless your eventual gains are turning into more gains, you’ll be a “normal” human who never grows…

In observing myself, I do see that no matter what level you are at, growth is hard work. Especially if you fancy it will happen.

  • Fantasy: You have a delusional view about reality. Zombies chasing mirages. This is how you imagine it will happen: You’ll hear something new, you’ll attend a workshop, or read an article, or have a health session, and next day, next week you’ll be all grown, all done.
  • Reality: Most days I experience no growth. Moreover, many days there is negative growth. Then some actions do cause a cumulative effect, and I notice that I can do something I could not do before.

The secret is consistency. And intentionality. And humility.

Day in/day out.

When you bring this day in/day out attitude to growth, then your reticular activator, your DNA, your life start obeying, eventually.

If you are sporadic, or bring a campaign/homework attitude to life, your reticular activator shuns you, your DNA, your life will not obey.

In my strategy sessions I am looking at people, and I am looking if there is a spark.

A spark that would indicate to me that investing you could start a “forest fire”…

A person, the other day, said, several times: “If I want to be honest with myself…” and then said what she saw: that she wasn’t all she fancied herself to be.

Most people are never honest with themselves.

Badgering yourself, putting yourself down, saying bad things about yourself is not honesty… it is a strategy to avoid doing anything that would make you better.

And most people are like that.

I call the attitude this woman has: looking with sober eyes. Exceptional, and rare.

Money Workshop

In today’s money workshop you’ll have the opportunity to bring sober eyes to your attitudes about money.

Your attitudes about money are the exact same attitudes as your attitudes about life: health, wealth, love and happiness. Or said differently: your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and your spiritual body are warped by the same attitudes…

So looking at your attitude about money is simply looking where it’s the easiest to see.

The workshop attempts to take you to see what attitude, what spiritual capacity you lack. Any spiritual capacity can be opened up with any of these three methods, over time.

A capacity that is opened even just 5% is now a working capacity… and you can start growing yourself in earnest.

But, if you go back to the beginning of this article, you cannot get water from a rock… you have to get out of your mind and into reality, where all the good things live.

And that is your challenge.

Everyone wants to improve their financial situation without humility, consistency and intentionality. And without work.

But unless you say “If I want to be honest with myself…” and start to nudge and nudge and nudge the missing capacity, YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Doesn’t that sound very negative? But reality is a cause and effect phenomenon.

Unless you grow, you don’t.

The next Money workshop is this afternoon at 2 pm NY time.

Just want to listen? Not in my workshops, sorry. As soon as I notice you are not participating, I’ll remove you from the workshop.

All growth is active. All my energies are interactive. You don’t want to do? I don’t want you because I cannot make a difference with you.

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  1. Some of my coaching conversations to illustrate how I attempt to cause growth….

    Yeah. some people’s world view is that they can do a campaign, and then just hang out. And you can, but it is the style of Sisyphos… starting over again at the bottom of the mountain.

    This is why I talk a lot about spinning plates. At least daily energy infusion, energy injection is needed to keep the plates spinning. All the plates. And a Michael Jordan will speed the plates up at least occasionally, but will intend every day.

    The dude talks about 1% increase. So I have been observing myself, and I can see that even 1% increase is hard… even in just one area. At least for me… And unless you see how to get better in all four areas, unless you see the things that increase them, you won’t.

    Unless you live like Babe Ruth played, pointing over the fence, you cannot create consistent, steady growth…

    I see, for myself, a non-slipup in health… but no growth opportunity other than not going backwards. I cannot see, yet, how I could get even healthier…

    I see, for myself, a path to increase in business… yaay.

    I don’t see emotional or spiritual path to growth… I am looking, but so far haven’t seen.

    Michael Jordan saw, a direction in the area of basketball.

    What do YOU see?

    And another student, another conversation:

    I looked at your health. Spring coming, I think we need a retesting… a follow up session.

    You ask me what would make you more humble. But humble is not a doing. It is a being. And if someone else tells you what to be, then you don’t change, you don’t grow. There is no skin in the game…

    Here is a question: how much better have you gotten in health, wealth, love and fulfillment in the past week? in the past month? in the past 3 months?

    And how will you get better at in the next week, next month, next three months? In health, wealth, love and happiness?

    When you get better, do you build on it, or do you allow it to go back to how it was before?

    These questions will guide you. Or not…

  2. Capacities can be expressed or locked in your DNA. I have written about this before…

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