When you are fixing something, the solution becomes the next, bigger problem

Human history has gone from problems to bigger problems throughout most of its 200 thousand years.

What is fixing?

Fixing needs something to be wrong. Wrong is a systemic judgment, cultural and personal. It is never true in reality… one could say: there is never anything wrong in reality.

Dying is not wrong, dying is dying. Being sick is not wrong, it is being sick. Being slow, ugly, lazy is not wrong, it is just being slow, ugly, or lazy.

This means that any and all fixing is working on something that doesn’t need fixing… so the fixing adds a new wrinkle to things that isn’t supposed to be there… the new wrinkle is not natural. It takes you further away from your natural state: joy, productivity, intelligence, wellness.

The straight and narrow, The Anna Karenina principle has no fixing in it… happiness, wealth, health are natural results of refraining from fixing. Allow things to go in the way they go. Aikido.

I can hear you getting up in arms, wanting to yell at me. Don’t yell just yet. Please hear me out.

Your laziness, for example, is most likely the result of fixing. You weren’t born lazy, and one day you decided to fix some situation and start behaving lazily… most likely what you said: it’s not worth it.

And the solution, outwardly, was working less, but internally you killed your spirit. The solution is the next bigger problem.

Or you decided, some day, that stingy is a good solution to having been taken advantage of, and now you are stuck with stingy. It looked like a good solution, but it killed all your joy, it killed all the activities that create flow, and now thing flows, including money, Including the blockage that is growing in your veins. And in your brain. The long term results of stingy is dullness, and a slow brain.

Or, alternatively, you could have decided to be loving, chipper, caring… because your environment treated you as someone substandard being normal: happy when happy, sad when sad, busy when busy, healthy kid. So you decided to fix yourself, and you became nice. And you killed your spirit.

Or you decided to be independent, and now you cannot accept any teaching, any love, anything that you don’t specifically ask for. I avoid you. And probably everyone else…

So what can you do if you are already deep into solutions that are killing you and your life?

In the Money Workshop we experimenting.

  • You experiment in ways of being that return you to wholeness… maybe restore you.
  • I experiment how to help you without doing the work FOR YOU.

So it is workshop both for you and for me.

The reason I choose to do this experimentation in the area of money because there I probably don’t have to teach you anything new.

  • If I picked health… you are so screwed up, that it will take years to restore your original healthful state.
  • If I picked love… same thing as health… years to restore.
  • If I picked fulfillment: you wouldn’t know what I am talking about.

So I do these experiments with money.

I ask some questions, and then gently nudge you away from fixing, and towards restoration of a life worth living… restoration of the human spirit.

Depending on where you are at, you’ll get what you get. If you do this exercise often enough, you’ll be, maybe, able to see the layer upon layer of fixing, and remove them.

Replace them with curiosity, generosity, love… or any of the 160 possibilities a human is born being capable of being.

Or not. This is what the experiment is about for me… Can you, can I help you to. Are you even interested? Or arrogant, all knowing, ungrateful, angry, resistant?

You reap what you sow. Really.

You can fake me, but you cannot fake Life.

Oh, the money workshop…

it’s at 2:00 PM, in four hours. Here is the link to register.

It is NOT a walk in the park…


It seems that your lack of ability to move your attention at will is possibly the linchpin capacity that prevents you from growing, and be able to direct yourself to stay on the strait and narrow…

So I’ll teach you a method to practice moving your attention the right way, instead of your mind, and what’s interesting to move you wherever it moves you… while you are a puppet on a string.

The method I teach to activate the attention, the third hand, is through reading in a particular way. And I will be teaching it in the Reading Class…

Maybe I should rename it: Activate your attention, activate your third hand, get out of the mind… What do you think? Please comment below…

I don’t have dates yet. But the price will go up was we are nearing the time. No pressure. It will be worth it at the higher price, Guaranteed.

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