What if nothing will happen in 2012? What if it is just like the y2k scare? Urgency vs. Emergency

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2012 5th night 11th hour urgency or emergency What if nothing will happen in 2012? What if it is just like the y2k scare?

Great question. It depends.

In this article I will examine what it is that you can do to prepare to 2012, whether there is going to be a calamity or not. I am using new, unfamiliar distinctions, so if you are not prepared to do any work, stop right here and leave. Bye.

Now, for those of you that are willing to pull yourself up by your hair or bootstrap, this may be one of the most important articles to read… If anything is not clear, just comment below. I’ll answer all questions personally.

If you go out and buy supplies, and fret, and go into a panic: you’ll hate yourself, you hate all the people that predicted this thing that didn’t happen.

On the other hand, if you understand that this “scare” could be the biggest gift to you, then you will be grateful. You wouldn’t have it any other way.


Most of us, humans, will not do anything unless we think that otherwise we’ll be harmed. Many of us, humans, don’t even do what we need to do then… Recognize yourself? Lol.

Why is that? Because our whole system is set on automatic, and the setting is set such that there is no permission for change unless it is an emergency.

What would you call a person like that? Zombie? Automaton? Machine? I will call him Effect. As opposed to Cause.

What would be the opposite of a person like that? What would being Cause look like?

I am going to recount how I got to being Cause myself.

In 1986, in a seminar, I heard the phrase: I have something to say in the matter.

I didn’t know what that meant, but I heard the kinds of shifts that point of view created for people. They got unstuck in areas where there had been no hope for any change.

The took control of situations where the odds of winning seemed miniscule or non-existent.

I would assert that that is the cornerstone phrase of a person who is Cause.

Later that year I learned that a powerful person acts like a powerful manager: they cause urgency and they cause breakdowns.

How do urgency and breakdowns serve you?

Urgency, like a deadline, cause you to be creative, cause you to handle something that, in the normal course of a day, you would allow to slide. Urgency causes a quickening (pun intended), brilliance, connection, cooperation, and results.

You can be a powerful manager in your life and cause urgency.

What is the difference between urgency and emergency?

On the surface they may look the same, but the fundamental difference between them is that in urgency you are the cause and in emergency you are not.

Urgency is a matter of declaration.

Source said: You need to be able to download to a million people in a minute by next June… now, that is urgency. At the time I was able to download to one person every 6 minutes… Talk about challenge. Talk about urgency.

I completed the first phase, from start to finish, in 23 days. 7 billion people. Still too slow and it almost killed me.

It’s the system, stupid… I need to work on the system. And so will you.

What is the system you need to work on?

Here are some of the rabid system-programs I see that will need to be overwritten

  • Tomorrow… or soon…
  • I can’t
  • I don’t know how
  • Let me ask someone who knows… read some more, take some more classes, learn some more techniques
  • the grass is greener on the other side
  • it’s his fault
  • Let’s just have fun!
  • They are out to get me…
  • why me?
  • because…

There are more, but this is where I am at in preparing the second phase activators.

Remember that at some point it will all be done with just one command, but we are at the phase of gathering system information.

You can join the work and start the work where you are.

I will get the information. You can also send to me your insights, observations. But even if you don’t… I am not an empath for no reason!

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