Laura Knight-Jadczyk, cassiopaea, ouija board, channeling… Lions, Bears and Giants, Oh My!

laura-knight-jadczykI am halfway through listening to an interview with Laura Knight-Jadczyk, prolific alternative history writer, blah blah blah.

As you saw from my previous article, I am reading one of his books… I was researching why Moses is depicted with horns… and that is how I got to her.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s personal vibration is 200, and the truth value of her whole teachings, tens of thousands of pages in eleven books, not mentioning her interviews, etc. the truth value of all that is 190.

Not high, not high at all.

And at the same time she says truths that are 100% truth, but those nuggets are mixed in with total bullcrap… and it takes someone with no preconceived notions to sort it all out.

So, how come that for someone with insights like hers, ability to think, remember, and connect to all of knowledge stored in the Zero-point field… the collective memory of all generations of humans… how come that someone like that scores only 200 on the vibrational scale, and how come she disseminates pseudo-knowledge, mind candy, garden variety popular garbage?

It takes tremendous amount of courage to stay obscure, to refrain from popularity.

According to her stories of her childhood, all she ever wanted is to know and to be popular.

She has pursued both, with a vengeance, but unfortunately to all of us, the two are mutually exclusive.

SP 97723 DIEZ LAURA  34The majority is always wrong, and they won’t accept you unless you make them more secure in their opinions, unless you tell them that they are right.

The desire to be liked, well thought of, accepted, is the concern that people anchor their whole lives around: it comes from society, a Parental Disapproval Symptom, and it is “designed” to keep humanity the same, enslaved, and clueless.

It doesn’t happen often that someone with a great mind escapes long enough to actually see and think through difficult things, difficult to see, even more difficult to think through.

But to tell the truth that the insights and the capacity is available to all, that you didn’t have to be chemically enhanced, that you can connect to All-of-it at will and see it for yourself… you don’t need mystical anything, ouija board (a kind of “reading the mind of god” device).” width=”450″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

Entities, evil or good, don’t exist outside of the mind of humans… so anything that teaches that they do, must be low vibration, low truth value, because those are duping devices.

I will watch this video, still 90 minutes to go (sigh) and read the book till the end, and will keep you in the loop.

I will decide if I want to post the video I am watching as well… probably not… but who knows. Why not? I don’t know if I should trust you to do your own thinking.

Stay tuned… follow-up to come, soon. 1

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  1. Some notes from the web:

    The Dark Side of Laura Knight Jadczyk &

    [Editor‘s Note: This url was sent to me anonymously. I read of Laura Knight Jadczyk and her web site from the articles I posted at from Montalk between 2002 and 2004. I found Montalk’s articles both interesting and compelling. They seemed to ring true. Montalk was associated with Laura’s group when they lived in Florida and was crediting much of his info from their channelings. A few years ago, I got an e-mail form someone who told me about some very dark things concerning Laura and I started to wonder if all was well in Cassiopeia Land. That may have been the reason I stopped posting Montalk articles at my site. I can’t recall exactly, but the info must have been sufficiently convincing that I thought it better not to promo the Laura material. This 2004 article seems to reinforce that view.

    Anyone who’s getting info through a Ouija. board is a dummy amd shouldn’t be trusted. The other behavior outlined here seems to be typical of the cult mentality that often overtakes those who set themselves up as prophets of Dark Things to Come. The Doom & Gloom backdrop is really a big tipoff as far as I’m concerned. I was suckered into buying ZetaTalk and the 2003 Nibiru Death Planet Flyby scenario from 1995 right up to May 2003. It’s fairly obvious now that the promotion of Doom & Gloom is a big part of the Illuminati’s strategy to keep up locked down in fear. Sorcha Faal, Steve Quayle, the TV evangelists/ Armageddon /End Times crowd, etc– Doom & Gloomers one and all.

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