The Path To Enlightenment, raising your vibration, begins with training your attention

path to enlightenment is mastering your attentionThe Brain That Changes Itself Needs You To Teach It First to perform the new action by doing it hundreds of times…

In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge, a medical doctor, deals with the physical activities, and problem solving abilities of your brain.

In that he says, and shows with valid examples, you find out that the brain demonstrates a certain plasticity, as far as how you can see, feel, or move your body.

What no one is talking about though is what differentiates a human being from a robot or an animal: changing your attention, changing your consciousness also depends on your brain’s ability to change itself.

When, in the cases Doidge shares in the book, they diligently, and consistently practice a certain “move,” the brain accommodates it, as in changes itself to give it priority over other uses of the brain.

All higher functions of consciousness depends on your ability and your brain’s ability to move your attention at will.

Attention is not a mind-function: attention has nothing to do with your eyes, or with your thinking.

Hand-eye coordination in target-shooting is closest to it: you see the target, but your attention is not on that, your attention, that comes from the back of your self (the eyes are in the front!) is what is the difference between a good shooter and a poor shooter.

Most of the mischief that has been done with humans over the past centuries is taking their attention away and replacing it with eyes, imagination… thus the higher consciousness of the self, originating with the attention, has atrophied, and useless, until you revive it and start to train it and use it again.

Your brain will need to give up territories currently used for imagination and thinking about stuff… and it will take practice.

When I ask people to move their attention, at this point, they understand this: look at something else and concentrate or focus on it.

Looking, concentration and focus are all mind-stuff.

When I put my attention on the Tangerine Spot to connect to Source, I can have my eyes open, move my glance over the trees, the sky, the plants, the furniture, my attention isn’t going with it. My attention stays with the Tangerine Spot.

The first thing you need to learn to raise your vibration and raise your consciousness, is the distinction between focus and attention. And I don’t mean understanding, I don’t mean being able to tell them apart, I mean learning, in practice, and practice and practice and practice.

The first activator I have ever created was the Unconditional Love Activator.

Without it none of this work would have ever happened, because my vibration would be still as low as it was then.

The Unconditional Love Activator is the activator that sets you free, and starts you, in earnest, on the path to enlightenment.

But there is a caveat, and that is: Unless you are connected for a whole 40 minutes, aware, conscious, and connected, with your attention on your tangerine spot, the activator doesn’t fully deliver its effect.

Until then you’ll still be an attention seeker, approval seeker, failure fearer, puny and terrified for no reason, ego driven, small. Low vibration.

Just as you cannot learn karate through karate because your preconceived notions about karate (see the Karate Kid articles I have written), you cannot connect to Source by learning to connect to Source: you need to practice the moves by themselves, especially the move of moving, staying, controlling your attention.

The Buddha learned to control his attention through putting his attention on his breathing. He could afford it: he was a prince, and he had nothing else to do… You are going to need a lot of different ways to practice moving and staying your attention, while you are doing other things.

What no one seems to get that it is not breathing that causes enlightenment, it is the superior control over your attention… that YOU control your attention and not your mind, and not your environment.

Same is with yoga: people think that yoga is positions. But yoga is a practice that teaches you to control your attention, in situations other than yoga.

When you pass an accident on the highway, is it YOU that controls your attention, or is it the accident?
When someone pushes your buttons, is it you, or the buttons that control your attention?

These and such questions are at the heart of the matter of both raising your vibration and enlightenment. It all pivots around your ability to control your attention.

Fake gurus that rape or sexually abuse their disciples are not able to control their attention: it is their gonads that do… That is why their vibration is so low… and that is why they are fake.

No audio, no paraliminal, no magic bullet can do it for you, because this learning MUST change the brain, and that can only be done with practicing, actually doing it.

That is the bad news.

The good news is that the practice doesn’t take time, and can be done while you are doing other things.

Some of it you can learn how to do through the Slip out of the mind videos, but ultimately there is a lot more to it than watching and doing some practices with videos.

You need to learn, so to say, shoot from the hip, and for that you need a lot more and a lot different practice.

I am teaching the students in the Path To Enlightenment Coaching Calls. That is the only place I teach this… You need to be on some of those calls, at least once a week, and then do your practice between sessions.

The more diligent you are doing the practices the faster your brain will change itself.

I am also looking for some computer game type exercises… I’ll make them public when I find any.

Oh, using the HOE in any form helps you stay the course.

PS: when I was looking for pictures for this article, I found thousands for enlightenment, for breathing, but scarcely any for attention… now you see why the vibration of the planet is so low.

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