How do you energize your environment, how do you energize yourself?

wake up ready for lifeI have a habit of looking at what people search for to get to my site.

One of the questions that people ask for is how to energize their environment. I could have guessed that from the number of people that are using all the trivortex and other gadgets… (and after my article are now getting rid of them…)

The Energizer audio is a simple audio recording of myself while I am downloading the Energizer energy. Because the energy works through the audio as well, the audio energizes whatever is around the audio waves, whatever is touched by the audio waves, water, your water-containing body, beverages, fruits and vegetables, your pets, and your environment.

tired all the time, wake up tiredI used to be tired all the time, and even with the energized water, I had a lot of aches and pains, and tiredness, one could think that maybe because the environment wasn’t energized.

I have not been tired for quite some time. It started a few days after I started to play the HOE long range… the audio recording of myself downloading the 40 Bach Flower Remedies as energies (38 of Dr Edward Bach’s and 2 of mine, for precision’s sake)

If you asked me to choose what caused my tiredness to disappear, the Energizer audio or the HOE long range, I would bet on the HOE long range, but I could be wrong. Muscle test agrees with my bet… by the way.

no need for the snooze buttonWhy would the HOE long range take away your tiredness?

You see, you can be tired, you can be miserable in any environment, your internal state is more important than the environment.

One of the things that causes a sense of tiredness and lack of energy is resistance, a tightening up of the innards or the muscles… for an emotional reason.

I haven’t been resisting anything, and my guess is that the cause of that is the HOE long range. It is long range because it works not only on me, but on people I need to deal with in my life: my landlord, my neighbors, my clients, my driver, my family.

They all used to stress me out, at least some of the time, and nowadays they are themselves calm and nice… it is hard to tell if I changed or they changed.

life-is-goodThe only thing that is changed is the fact that the HOE long range is running in my apartment 24 hours a day.

It is an almost silent audio, you can hear me breathe… and you can get used to it, it doesn’t interfere with other sounds. This way you can do whatever you do, and you only notice the effects of the HOE: more positive outlook on life, less impatience, less anxiety, less fear, less anger, less possessiveness, or as in my case, all of these have been reduced by 99%… it is almost that I am not human… It’s nice.

By the way, this is why I included it in the Sleepy-Time Unconditional Love Activator: when you sleep, when you dream, your mind still works and you still resist… and then get up tired.

With the HOE long range included in the Sleepy-Time, you are relaxed and relaxed and relaxed, and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. You wake up ready… you wake up and you are awake.

You don’t know why, you don’t know how, but your attitude to yourself, to life, to others, to what you are supposed to do, be, have changes, and your life becomes happier, smoother and more satisfying.

Your barriers seem to fall away, you can love more, enjoy more, care more…

more energy, more pizazzYou have more energy, more pizazz, eat less, and feel sharper and more intelligent.

But it’s not physical… it’s your mindset that is changing, and that’s vibrational, consciousness.

If you buy just one activator from me, make it the Sleepy-Time Unconditional Activator. Or if you have the daytime version of the Unconditional Love Activator: use it at night, on auto-loop and pay the HOE long range as well, on another mp3 player.

You’ll experience what I am experiencing. Guaranteed.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How do you energize your environment, how do you energize yourself?”

  1. Hi Sophie, that’s great news, thanks!

    Which daytime version should I play on loop at night, the Connected Version, The Original or the Unconditional Love: Avatar State Audio? Last night I listened to the Original in bed, then left it on loop through ear-buds left on the floor. But I didn’t notice any difference this morning.

  2. The original version (this is the 5th time I am saying this on this blog!) needs to be heard for it to do anything. It is an old type activator: it has statements that need to be heard both on the conscious and the subconscious level, or it won’t do anything. Also, don’t forget, that the real magic comes from the combination of the Unconditional Love Activator and the HOE long range.

    Continue doing ineffective things, and you’ll continue to see no results.

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