God Doesn’t Have A Thumb or Will You Dance?

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god doesn't have a thumb I am never made to watch a movie that is not what I need to watch.

It also could be that I am mono-maniac, that I have a one-track mind… who cares, right?

Today, in the middle of the day, I was taken to the movie “The Girl on The Bridge.” It is a french movie from 1999. On the surface it seems to be about luck and about two people, unlucky apart, lucky together.

But if you look again (how many does that, eh?) you see that it is a Divine Togetherness… I know I made that expression up, or was it channeled?

In the movie a man and a girl connect. The girl (you?) try to have the connection and have the habits from before. He gently guides her until she, slowly, learns that they belong together.

He, in the movie, is also an out of luck knife thrower, but with a tiny leap of imagination, you can really get that Source is also dependent on you… oh, you didn’t know that?

Your connection to Source is two-way, when it is established. You get what the Vessel wants and needs, and Source gets what Source needs: a strong connection in which your experience, your use of the light you get, allows Source to fully experience itself.

You see, one way to interpret reality tells a whole different story than religion, or any other mystical tradition that suggest that you worship the divine.

In this interpretation God needs you. God created you, but God cannot experience life, cannot experience growth, joy, passion, danger, hatred, anger, jealousy directly, only through you.

It cannot experience brilliance, thinking, discovery, invention, being on the cutting edge, integrity, humility… non of it… except through you.

God doesn’t have a thumb

God doesn’t have a thumb. It cannot open a can of tuna… but it is not like a cat, except it needs you, just like your cat needs you, and more.

God is just undifferentiated energy without you. And that is not fun.

So who do you need to be in this relationship? Well, for one, not who you have been. Who you have been, since the incident with the Apple from the Tree of Knowledge, is disconnected, smug, and selfish.

Hands off, you said. Get away from me, you said. Except when you were in trouble. Then you prayed, but to who, you already forgot.

It is lonely for God. Lonely and funless. It is like watching love on the screen: it is not his love, just a shadow-play of it. It is like reading of excitement: hollow, like the echo.

But once you connect, it is like dance. After a while there is nothing else but the dance. No leader and no lead… just the dance. And it is heavenly.

And you have been passing up on that. Isn’t it time you started to be available to dance?

God doesn’t have a thumb… will you oblige?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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