Manifestation… what is it really? What can you manifest?

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I got an email from a student of mine this morning.

He was sick, lying in bed all day, listening to the Money Workshop he could not come to.

I think he got the workshop better than the people who were participating in it.

He got that the secret to create your life is in being able to say, like the seasoned umpire: “It ain’t nothing till I call it”

The participants were too busy looking at their life… that looking rendered them, at best, a journeyman umpire, who says: I call it the way I see it. But if you scratch the surface, if you watch them act or not act, they honor the situation as something real, something solid, something physical: so they are really a rookie umpire: “I call it the way it IS”

We are born with the abilities of a seasoned umpire…

Just watch children play. You say “make-believe” but they don’t say that. They create the scenarios, the box is the boat, and then the box is the fortress. The broomstick is the gun, then the broomstick is the horse.

They have no fear calling it.

In the excellent movie, The Knights of the South Bronx, the youngest member of the chess team has no problem seeing the chess pieces as cougars, and hunters, and knights…

School, parents, “educate” that out of us… be reasonable, they say, and you become dull and slavish.

I remember when in the Wisdom Course we needed to make collages on our Seemings… how the world occurs to us, how we occur to us in the world.

I remember how jarring it was to say “I seem to be not liked by people”… or “It seems that my mother doesn’t like me” or “It seems that I am alone”.

I had to lie for a while. I had to force the words out of my mouth… for me these weren’t seemings… they were the truth. They were solid, unchangeable, and that was that.

With practice and with the collages, I started to see that I can go from rookie umpire (I call it the way it IS) to at least a journeyman (I call it the way I see it).

And if you see it one way, maybe it looks different from another way… I could massage what I saw so that life can become more open to my input.

I also saw, that there was one “thing” that definitely wasn’t fixed in all those pictures, me.

I could see that I could call myself a winner, I could call myself a lovable entertaining clown, I could call myself a leader, and I could follow suit: become that.

That part of my reality was wholly under my control. And that began my journey upwards, to the place where I could speak butterfly language, the language of gods, the language of creation.

You may be on the rookie level in all areas of life. But remember that as a child you could… which means that dormant the ability is still there.

An atrophied ability is not gone, it is just weak.

And it may be weak because of false beliefs false prophets are teaching you. Or they are teaching you the thing you need to know, and when you misunderstand, when you misinterpret the teaching, they don’t call you on it.

I am talking about the manifestation teachers.

If you paid attention to what the god-ability, what the butterfly language can do for you, you can create where you have power… with yourself.

You can create yourself, you can create with your language. The seasoned umpire language.

It ain’t nothing till I call it.

But no one, I repeat: no one can create stuff from thin air.

It is not the nature of reality, it is not the nature of the universe.

Even in Harry Potter, the witches and wizards in that book can only work with what is.

You can manifest yourself… and you can manifest that reality is not fixed. It is you calling it makes it seem fixed.

That is what they should teach you, because that gives you all the power you need for a life that is glorious.

That is the first thing we’ll learn in MY butterfly language course… that reality becomes fixed when you call it.

The second step is to enter seeming, interpretation, story, you will see what you added to it to be fixed, dark, and not so happy.

And the third step is to choose what to call it… and what to call yourself.

Society, the culture, likes you with your fixed view of reality. They can talk you into anything, especially fear, and stinginess, and handing over your power, following a guru, learning to manifest, and other happy horse shit.

I am interested in turning you on to freedom. Turning you on to your power to call it.

That is the Human Being way… the gods’ way, the butterfly way.

And it’s OK if you remain a caterpillar… you call it… you live it.

You have free will to call it what you want to call it. Really.

PS: As I was looking for suitable images for this post, I suddenly saw that “they” tell you to manifest what you desire, what you want, not the who.

You can manifest the who… that is the nature of reality. But manifesting the what… that is sorcery. Even the Biblical god didn’t do it.

The Biblical god used what was and called it… like the seasoned umpire. It never created anything from nothing… because there are physical laws that say: it is not possible.

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