A hoax perpetuated on people is muscle testing.

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Why would anyone believe that you can simply test your muscles about any topic, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical: it boggles the mind.

I first noticed that simple muscle testing is totally and utterly unreliable, when I was trying to pick a hand position when I was doing The Healing Codes.

Eventually concluded that I make a better decision about that by flipping a coin, or just doing any odd hand position. This last one proved a winner: it turned out that the hand positions don’t matter… what matters is looking at the issue underneath the spiritual blockage.

If you think that this is a harmless hoax… you should have to talk to people who are no puffed up with pride how wonderful they are, how they have this archangel walk with them, or some other absolute untruth.

My second time to suspect that muscle testing is harmful unless it is truthful is at the chiropractor.

My chiropractor habitually muscle tested his clients and advised them to take Magnesium for leg cramps. I also muscle tested them and they lacked Potassium, not Magnesium.

Adding Magnesium destroyed their health… Yes, you need Magnesium, but you need a whole lot more Potassium in supplement form.

So either his muscle testing was stuck on Magnesium, my chiropractor’s, or he was simply lying. And if he was inaccurate or lying in this: what else was he lying in?

Your body can only answer things that are your body related. Not mentioning the fact, that the answer relates to that very moment. You cannot ask your body: is this butter good for me, and expect an accurate response. The body will answer the question: is this butter, right now, a good thing for me… But you interpret the answer as a future answer… the body doesn’t know about the future… The body is always in the present moment. Moment to moment to moment.

I started to get reliable answers to my questions when I connected to Source, and I asked Source, not my body. In that context my body became a sign language, the answer came from Source.

Source comprehends complex questions, and can answer a question about anything you can connect to.

Ideas is a tricky thing. Your level of clarity will be a strong factor there: you likely have low clarity with ideas… and therefore your answer, even if you connect to Source, will come to answer a question you didn’t mean to ask.

In my conversation with people I have been testing their understanding of words, and it’s disappointingly low. Consistent with the clarity numbers in the Starting Point Measurements.

But Sophie, haven’t you been teaching to become a seasoned umpire: it ain’t nothing till you call it?

Very good question. I have. But things don’t change with you saying what you are saying, only the interpretation. The ball doesn’t move on a different trajectory because the seasoned umpire said: ball. Same trajectory, different judgment!

You are free to say whatever… reality won’t follow suit. Only what you say about it… and your actions following the “speaking”.

For example if your rookie umpire, the resident umpire in your head says: I can’t, the seasoned umpire can override it, and say: yes you can and you will. And then you either will or won’t…

You didn’t get smarter. You didn’t get more prepared. You didn’t get more skilled. You respond to a different interpretation of reality… and then either succeed or not.

Your feelings will respond.

But if someone says: You are the best human alive. God walks with you. Nothing can harm you… and you consider that a sage saying by the seasoned umpire, you’ll get killed, you’ll get shunned, you’ll get lazy. And very very very miserable.

Back to muscle testing: if the muscle test says that your IQ is 500… or your vibration is 550… or some other measurable but hard to prove aspect, your behavior will change, and you’ll start walking as if you sh*t didn’t stink… and you’ll be sorely disappointed.

I have many students who practiced connecting to Source. I have found that one of them, ONE, can reliable test something that she can touch. Ideas? She cannot. Not reliably.

And if the question is dubious, Source answers the “this very instance” question, and even she, the ONE won’t know what question was answered.

I have found that the unhappiest people are the ones who have a big gap between their puffed up, delusional “I” and their real “I”. The two selves everyone has.

I have also found that the people who escape into their Plato’s Cave, the mind, and live out whole scenarios of life, are very miserable too. Because life happens on the outside, and every minute of every hour you spend with fantasizing, gets you more hooked on unreality, and prevents you from being in reality.

The main job of the seasoned umpire is to create your beingness, not to lie about where you are.

The moment you declare yourself, for example, to be generous, you have to start dealing with your miserliness, your competitive nature. There is no generosity outside of the strait and narrow.

If you do generous looking acts but are competitive and want to be above other people, your act will serve desire to receive for the self alone: you’ll want to be above the person you seemingly were generous with.

Parents do that. Spouses do that.

Real generosity thinks not of what you’ll get out of what you are doing, but of how you can allow another to shine.

The world we live in, the current humanity, is fake. And the number of people who don’t have an agenda is so small, I can count the number on one hand.

Please know that about yourself and about the people who you “hire” to be your seasoned umpire.

They will lie to you because it is in their self-interest. 100% of the time.

Honestly, because you are just like they are, you expect it, and you earned it.

What defines anything is its boundaries. Not what’s inside, but what is outside. The “not that”.

That is what you want to be masterful at. That is how you can increase your vocabulary clarity. If you add a thousand “yes” values to anything, like generosity, your clarity will still stay low. Only when you increase the number of “no’s”, the stuff that is NOT generosity, will you increase your clarity.

And because life seems to be truly behaving in agreement with The Anna Karenina principle, if you want to be more effective, happier, grow in all areas, especially physically (get healthier, have more energy, live longer), emotionally (react less and feel more), intellectually (see more and be more astute), and spiritually (be able to be in tune with all of it), you need to practice the “no” method.

Muscle test is the opposite… it takes you away from the strait and narrow… and ultimately leads you to deteriorate in all areas, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

I know you don’t like it. It seems like I am tearing down your delusions… the nice world you built for yourself in your head… But really, how is it working for you?

PS: Suddenly I get a lot of requests to muscle test people’s eating style.

Some time ago… about 10 years ago… I paid $97 to get my eating style from Human Design Institute. I still have the recording.

It was in the ballpark… but it wasn’t accurate. How do I know? I experimented with it.

The woman said: the eating style names have changed since 2007… that I was a Separator. And then he explained that I can eat any single food, as long as two foods don’t meet in my mouth.

That wasn’t accurate for my body. I cannot be well, even if I have an hour long break between two single ingredient foods.

I have, since then, muscle tested that the accuracy of the Human Design method is 20%, meaning that 80% of what they say is NOT accurate.

My eating style muscle testing accuracy is 91%. Meaning: there is a 9% chance that it’s not accurate what you buy from me. The error is coming from the categorization… there is a style they, the Human Design people haven’t considered.

I used to use only three categories: separator, cat and dog. It sounds so unsophisticated, but the results were phenomenal.

The Human Design categories are more sophisticated. If I combine the two systems, there are people who need to eat by their appetite, not by the clock, or by feeling hungry. Other people need to select food by taste, yet others by smell (the cat eating style). My hunch is that when a food tastes good to you, you know if it is right for you to eat then and there…

I am a strictly by appetite person. And I get sick, physically and especially mentally when I mix foods in my meal.

Interestingly most of my students are like me… Maybe because misery is most apparent for “MY” type of eating styles? Oh well.

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