Be Happy again: Does, listening to the Unconditional Love Activator on the train, activate Unconditional Love?

attain your freedom through the use of the Unconditional Love ActivatorThank you Sophie
my usage after hearing the first 40 mins of the sleepy time audio yesterday night and today on the train: I felt very energized and also, my “need” and “desperation” of seeking validation or that clingy-ness to be liked is drastically reduced, it’s still there the approval syndrome, but i feel better about myself.

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Hi Kate. your email teaches me that you don’t understand how activators work, so here is a little refresher:

There are five generations of activators. Out of those we still use three.

The Unconditional Love Activator, the one that is in the Sleepy-Time is a second generation activator.

The second generation activator is a series of commands, words, sentences, that sound like affirmations, but they are not.

I connect to Source on the third level (that is the level where I can command and wield energies) and download these commands into your six levels of your being: your conscious, your subconscious, your ego, your soul, your cellular level, and your history level.

Traditionally and optimally you, the recipient, needs to be connected on the second level to fully receive the commands.

A student of mine asked if he could get the same result if he used the activator while asleep, so I muscle tested, and it seems that you can. But you still have to have the words reach your ears: it is best to use the audio loud enough that while awake you can actually understand the words. This is not a subliminal recording: I don’t believe in subliminal audios.

A “normal” second generation activator has between 8 and 13 commands, but the Unconditional Love Activator has 40 (give or take a few).

Because our conditioning by Parental Disapproval, Societal Disapproval, religion, it is very difficult to replace all the current commands with regards to Unconditional Love, so it takes at least 40 honest to goodness download (unresisted) for the commands to fully take, and for you to become a free person. And even thereafter, you will need to repeat it, indefinitely, periodically: the world argues against every command in this activator.

So when you use it on the train, or sitting up, you will, for a week or so, experience a certain cleansing effect, but it will come from your conscious mind fancying itself with the new ideas coming from the commands. All illusory: your behavior and attitude won’t change permanently: for that you need to be touched and activated on all five levels of your being.

I recommend against using this activator unless you are connected, fully, on the second level, or unless you sleep.

Don’t skimp on this, don’t take it lightly.

Any result worth having is worth working towards.

Your personality, the one that has kept you unsuccessful, unfulfilled, unhappy, will, of course, want you to do it your way: you’ll get NO results, I can guarantee it.

This is not instant medicine: if you believe in instant healing, then please stop reading my articles, stop buying my stuff: I can’t help you, no one can help you.


Now, if you use the Sleepy Time Unconditional Love Activator for 40 nights, this is the kind of result I can guarantee you:

You will experience freedom for the first time. You won’t try to please people, earn your keep, do things because you are supposed to.

You will have, suddenly, access to what YOU want to do with your life, what pleases you, what is important to you.

You will feel loved, valid, deserving, and freed up.

You won’t treat people (significant other, children) as your properties that owe you something, or that you owe them something. You will be able to interact with people as individuals as deserving of their individuality as you are, as deserving of their independence as you are.

You’ll stop controlling people, stop manipulating people, stop judging people: you will just leave them be… because you’ll start to getting a life, getting a life of your own with things to do of your own.

You’ll have made the first and crucial step towards becoming a human being.

The Sleepy-Time Unconditional Love Activator is enhanced with the HOE long range and the Water Energizer. You can use it therefore to infuse it in your water and drink it throughout the day, but you’ll have to hear me speak… can get really annoying, so I do recommend you getting those energies by themselves: both are silent (the HOE long range and the Water Energizer).

During the day just use your Avatar State audio activator that you have been using: you still need them. You’ll notice that they will start to work better and faster at raising your vibration, of course depending on your actions…

Once you finished your 40 nights, you may want to use it once a week or once a month… or if you like it and if it works well for you, forever.

If you know you want it, if you know you’ll use it, you can buy it now:

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “Be Happy again: Does, listening to the Unconditional Love Activator on the train, activate Unconditional Love?”

  1. Sophie – I’ve been playing Sleepy Time all through the night each night on a loop, but the other day I heard another student say they play it one time through (the first 1 hour and 36 minutes of their sleep time) each night. Do you know if there’s any benefit to playing it one time through each night vs looping it over and over all night? (If the benefits are equal, I’m going to switch to one time through because I’m not used to sleeping with headphones and the relative discomfort wakes me up on and off through the night.)

  2. Kathryn, more is more… I made the sleepy time repeat the activator part 5 times… What I had in mind with it that at least one of those activator sequences will reach you while you are sleeping and therefore in a hypnotic induction mode.

    If you are sure that you are asleep at least part of the hour and a half, then one time is ok.

  3. Dear Sophie,

    I have been playing the Unconditional Love Avatar State Audio all day for about a week and a half, and the Unconditional Love Sleepytime when I go to sleep, and several times as a waking meditation. I cannot tell if it has been effective, but I am not worried about it too much.

    I am looking to get to a solid foundation of being to build my life on. In some ways, the unconditional love of the creator or Source seems like it could be what I am searching for. Something real and true and reliable to build upon. Please share your thoughts.

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