High desire… it must be a good thing, right?

Desire vs ambition. What is the difference? Which one should you have?

For most people words mean something… approximately. Their life reflects this unclarity. Clarity is one of the most important determinants of one’s life… this is why I measure it in the starting point measurements.

I watched a guy who until his clarity went up to 3500, he was miserable.

Most people I measure have a clarity of 200-400. Puny at best, sh*tty life. Guaranteed.

Ok, desire and ambition. Let’s agree what the words mean… energetically.

Desire is 100% desire to receive for the self alone. Wanting something for yourself but not being willing, not even considering doing work to get it. If someone else has what you want, you envy it, you are jealous of them… but to match the work they did… hell no.

Ambition, on the other hand is a willingness to work, to sweat, to do for one’s own fulfillment. The higher your ambition the more you can accomplish the faster.

Desire takes the energy away from ambition…

Desire is mainly a mind thing: if you can see it, if you can imagine it, then therefore you should have it… without work, without sweating for it, instantly… or fast. Desire makes you a zombie chasing mirages.

Nothing ever gets accomplished in the mind. The mind is the stupid, unrealistic, unreasonable part of the brain. It is Plato’s Cave… engaging with shadows.

The part of the brain where you plan your actions is a totally different part… and ambition is using that different part, not the mind.

In my work with people desire is the greatest foe. Managing it, lowering it, preventing it from stealing the “show” is hard work, and I have to be careful not to awaken it.

Some people, some soul corrections are more prone to high desire than others. Envy, jealousy, withholding their energy so no one else really benefits.

“I want to get more than what I give…” wanting to win all the time.

Being willing to see this tendency is hard and heartbreaking to this type of person. I want mine and I want yours too…

As employees they rarely work out: they are perpetually dissatisfied, and judge their employer: they don’t see why they aren’t the one calling the shot…

My last conversation with my brother when I told him that is why he was unemployable made him not ever want to talk to me again.

There is no innocent desire. All desire is desire to receive for the self alone…

Ambition, on the other hand is generous. It is able to share, it is able to gift, it is able to give value… in fact what gives fulfillment is the giving of value.

But it can flip to the stinginess of desire if the desire number is high.

You want your desire number not higher than 30%… or it will eat your lunch.

The difference between ambition and desire

an article by Dr Krish Ranganath in Nigeria, Africa

Ambition & desire are two seemingly similar ideas but in reality are concepts that have a world of difference. Ambition is the desire for achievement, while desire in its most raw form is just pure greed and avarice. While it is perfectly reasonable to be ambitious it really does not bode well if we are too desirous of something.

Oftentimes we get confused with the philosophy of the Gita (Hindu Holy book) desireless actions. We think that this basically means going through life in a mechanical way without any ambition. We then start to drift aimlessly in life.

Ambition is very important in life. It is the chief motivator that propels us to be achieve great things, It makes us want to do better in life. However pure desire is bad. Desire for power, wealth or fame is extremely bad and in fact can tempt people to use dishonest means.

Ambition is never affected by evil thoughts. Ambition is pure. It is the driving force which makes us do things, to get better in life.

Ambition propels us to great heights while craving or wanton desire can really result in a person’s downfall.

So while we should be ambitious we should really avoid greed and avarice.

There are techniques to curtail the desire… mostly by involving the thinking, planning, comparing, reasoning part of the brain.

Every time you can see the end result without seeing or planning the process is a hook into you to raise your desire, to hook the zombie chasing mirages.

Most every product seller uses the technique of showing how happy, how rich, how beautiful you’ll be if you buy their product. And none of them shows the blood, sweat and tears it would take if you had the ambition. The number and depth of skills, the knowledge, the stamina, the diligence, the consistency, the time it would take if you had the ambition.

Desire buys the stuff you can’t use. And you are a sucker.

I have been asking questions to sneak in some reality into my buying decisions… estimating the time investment, estimating the return on investment, the speed of return, the difficulty of the process.

And really looking if I have enough ambition to give to what I am thinking of buying.

So far 90% of what I looked at turned out to be not worth buying. And the 10% I still bought: 90% of that wasn’t worth buying… the results were disappointing, especially when you compare how much work it took to make it work as directed.

I have more ambition than most.

You can have ambition for money, for your health, for your emotions, for your spirituality, for fulfillment.

Most people who buy my products find that they lack the ambition to use them. It makes me feel bad…

I am not alone to have clients like this. For example when I was a Landmark Education participant, the time and effort investment required of you to accomplish anything from a program, was higher than most people were willing to invest.

Boggles the mind.

PS: Lots of quotes, lots of memes are translations. Translators are people with a higher than average clarity about words, but not high.

The Spinoza quote is an example. Or maybe in the 17th century, in the Netherlands, ambition was desire for power over others. I really don’t know.

In one favorite movie/book of mine, Karacter, a Dutch movie, the two main characters, father and son, are on the two extremes: father: desire to receive for the self alone. son: ambition. Ambition to achieve.

Clarity is not easy to come by… The lack of clarity is what makes the world this Valley of the Shadow of Death…

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