Democratize… Or how do you reproduce your misery with every action you take

You read articles and blog posts because the title sounds interesting.
You watch videos because you have heard of the person who made it.
You sign up with a coach or a teacher because what they say resonates with you…

If something isn’t working, there is something that you don’t know

Here is a very important piece of knowledge: if something resonates with you, if something makes sense that it will either lower your vibration or will keep you the same… at best.

Your mind is interested in keeping you where you are. It is in ess, evolutionary stable strategy, and will direct you to people and knowledge that doesn’t upset the apple cart.

What is new, what you need if you really want to grow, isn’t going to appeal to you that much, or not at all.

And even if something appeals to you, you’ll bring it down to your level, and effectively make it worthless… guaranteed.

Catch 22, eh?

The world is full of wannabes 1 , and there is only a minute percent of all people who are actually accomplishing anything worth accomplishing.

They are not very different in their IQ, in their efforts, maybe not even in their skill level.

The main difference between those who are producers and those who are “also ran” is their willingness to ignore the mind. The willingness to ignore the trend, the mainstream, the memes, the “truths”, the popular.

The popular’s truth value is 7%, meaning that it’s 93% trash, untrue, worthless. Horrible, isn’t it?

And then add your bastardizing what you read, that takes another 90%, and you end up with .7% valuable knowledge, and 99.3% trash.

93% of what you know is wrong or worthless. This is true if you know a lot, and this is true if you know only a little.

This is true if you are a doctor, if you are a philosopher, if you are a marketer… from outside of the handful of unusual people who don’t follow the crowd.

Obviously there are a few people… But even most of their knowledge is mostly worthless or untrue, by the way.

If you read the story of Sam Walton, or Jeff Bezos (I am not a fan of biographies, not even autobiographies) you can see to what degree they make wrong decisions, do stupid things that made a lot of sense to them.

We know very little of what there is to know, and the tools to penetrate new knowledge are counter intuitive, meaning counter mind. They make no sense. Are weird. Look like a waste of time. Look like wrong… Look like it’s not worth it… Look like it could never work…

The tools to penetrate new knowledge come from the invisible…

Here is a little rule of thumb: If something isn’t working, there is something that you don’t know. And that little something that you don’t know is NEVER in what makes sense. That little something that you don’t know is in the invisible.

70% of the time it’s a world view thing. As in “what you know is just ain’t so!” bummer, eh? Because abandoning, chucking, acknowledging that what you have been so sure of is not true is painful. It is! For everyone.

99% of my work with clients is to purge the invalid, inaccurate, damaging world view. And only 1% teaching something new.

This is one of the reasons I am not afraid to publish nearly all my stuff for free. Because you cannot benefit from any of it, unless you let go of what you base your whole world on… The untrue stuff.

In effect, I could give you everything I have, pour my brain into yours, and you would remain the same.

Because unlearning takes effort, takes courage, takes humility. And a relationship to pain that is not TLB 1.

It doesn’t matter how many times you read what I say, you’ll still hear what is already in your head… and you’ll nod.

I didn’t say that.

I workshops I hear people diligently nod, yes, yes. yes.

But when I ask them to say it back to me, they can’t. They may repeat it as if they were reading it… but it doesn’t come from them, it is reading my words. Tree of Knowledge.

A truth repeated is a lie. Even the truth I teach. When you just repeat it, when it is not your conviction, it is a lie.

And you bought the right to remain the same. Wretched. Low vibration. Undeserving.

Because you get what you want you need to deserve what you want. And the way to deserve is to set your life on truth, not b.s., not popular fallacies.

The world is a mighty interesting place. People want to teach others and earn their money from that.

People don’t want to do… Now why?

Because doing would reveal that what they know is b.s. Half truth, quarter truth, 7% truth.

So it is a feeble tool to make money with. But you can sell it to unsuspecting you… who will buy it if it is packaged the right way. If it is positioned in the right way. If it has enough authority, enough raving testimonials, and if it is presented in a way that you can see that it will work. Except that 99% of what is offered for sale doesn’t work.

But YOU buy it. Because it is based in your current world view… which we have already established, got you to where you are… reading this article.

If you were happy, wealthy, healthy, you would not be reading this article. Unless, of course, you are one of those people who like to repackage other people’s stuff and sell it.

Plenty of those. But truth repeated is a lie…

In the book I am reading now, a guy has been working on an invention for 14 years or so. It isn’t working. Then another person says: let’s take a walk to no place in particular. This is setting the view of the guy to open up to unusual, to new. The next thing, this second person say: Why don’t you try a different approach?

The first person, primed by the walk to no place in particular, changes his approach, and makes the invention work in a few days.

This is how switching mindsets, switching world views happens… you just look at things differently and they change. Always.

If they don’t, then you didn’t switch the mindset, didn’t switch the world view, and you’ll still will reproduce the same life you are having.


Because on the seed level nothing changed.

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  1. aspiring or wanting to be a specified type of person

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