What is the truth value of your knowledge? How true is what you know?

Your starting point measurements paint an accurate picture of you… 1 But here is something it won’t tell me: can you ask intelligent questions? I am learning in my strategy sessions that indeed you can’t.

Questions that no one is asking are very telling. They are indicative of the direction I want to go.

When everyone zigs… I prefer to zag.

Why? Because the masses are always wrong. Not only in details, but more importantly, in the direction they are marching.

This, the masses, include all the trends, all the popular stuff, loved or hated.

What is popular, what is on people’s mind, is of course manipulated. Manipulated by powers that benefit from your ignorance.

I am not saying this to insult you. If you feel insulted then you’ll hate this article. Why? Because feeling insulted indicates a low vibration, low TLB, high delusion state. So be kind to yourself and stop reading. You’ll feel better.

In this article I will look at the technique of thinking: inversion, and why you are unable to get principles, distinctions, and other fundamental elements of thinking that unless you have them, you are delusional, ineffective, and nearly always wrong.

The technique of inversion is my favorite since I first learned about it in the 67 steps. Simply put: instead of the shotgun method, where you are asking: what shall I do… for example, you’d ask: what shall I not do. 2

So all the people (teachers) that warn you not to engage in what you don’t want, instead keep your eyes on what you do want, are doing you a disservice.

Why? Because what you don’t want is obvious, what you don’t want is mostly clear, what you don’t want is talking to you loud and clear: your signals (feelings) speak a clear language.

What you do want is vague… foggy, and fraught with desire-trap… like a morass, like the swamp, like the siren’s song. Deadly. Always. And at best just disappointing.

Leo Tolstoy in his novel, Anna Karenina, observed astutely, that “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” 3

When you look at a forest with its many trees, how you recognize the path is by the lack of trees on it. River is a lack of dry land.

Incidentally, this was the first thing I understood when I first did a Landmark Education course, in 1985… That the only way to accurately define anything is by what it isn’t… by its boundaries.

I made most of my life decisions this way. Where to live. Whether I should marry or not. Whether I should do one thing or the other.

In observing people, the undeveloped thinking brain will always go to guessing: the shotgun method.

Your upbringing, your education made you more interested in “yes” than in “no”… and that shaped your life… and ultimately lead to a life where you have no power.

With every question that gets a “no” answer, you are delineate 4 and refine where the path, where the river, where your “yes” will be.

The way this game is played in Hungary is this: one person (or a group) decides on an answer: a famous person, an object, or maybe a book, a play, a musical piece.

The one person who asks the questions is out of the room in the meantime.

When this one person comes in, their task is to delineate the answer. Is it a living thing? Is it a person? Is it an animal? Is it a plant? Is it an insect?

Every time a “yes” answer comes, the person thrives for a lot more “no’s”… if he is intelligent. Starts guessing if he isn’t.

School, your family, your civilization has taught you to start guessing… instead of eliminating.

The reason 93% or more of anything published is b.s. because your scientists use the same shotgun method… the first yes, and they write a book. the first “yes” and they are now guessing.

Living life as an experiment is a life lived inside that game of inversion. You strive for quick “no” answers.

In business they say: fail fast… fail your way to success.

Failure is a “no” answer. The more the “no’s” delineate the “yes”, the faster you succeed.

Of course the shotgun method is what YOU use. In everything.

The issue is this fundamental unwillingness or maybe inability to separate the wheat from the chaff. The important from the unimportant.

To be able to do that, you need to use the same inversion method: find and identify the unimportant, the irrelevant, the incidental, the accidental, the b.s., the seemingly important… and what is left is probably the principle, the important, the relevant.

In most things you read, watch, there is nothing relevant… but you cannot find it unless you can tell the difference between relevant or irrelevant.

Detectives, good ones, don’t jump the gun… they keep on sifting for the relevant. True to form only 7% of detectives do that. Also only 7% of doctors, coaches, teachers, spiritual teachers, scientists can see what is relevant.

But the fact that those people don’t or can’t tell their ass from their elbow doesn’t mean that you cannot either.

Inverted thinking is a skill. And as any skill, it can be learned, and it can be taken to mastery.

If you need one spiritual practice that has the potential to make you a smart cookie, this is the one.

Instead of talking about the weather, or about other people, use every available conversational time you have to play this game. Make sure you are the person who asks the question.

Being the one to answer is nerve racking once you get better.

Make sure you pay extra attention to eliminate large categories first. No guessing…

You succeed if you can stay at a level of 1:20: only one “yes” answer to every “no” answer.

It will also train your TLB… your twitchy little bastard score.

Report back to me… I’d like to know you are playing.

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  1. The truth value of your personal knowledge, (average:  2% truth value! It means 98% of what you know is wrong!) is indicated in your vocabulary number… your clarity… It can be translated to a truth value. My truth value is 70% and my accurate vocabulary is 4000… so do some math… lol.
  2. You can get all my webinar recordings, you can come to any workshop of mine… I always teach what isn’t useful, what is harmful, what needs to be eliminated. The last example was my Money Attitude Workshop… I may start it again if there is enough interest. I am also interested in a health attitude workshop… eliminating the ineffective, harmful attitudes around your health… Let me know if either tickles your fancy…
  3. The principle says: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
    It is the principle of the strait and narrow… Strait is another word for narrow… it is not straight… as in a straight line.

    The principle applies, or can be applied, to all human endeavors, money, integrity, enlightenment, health… And yet almost every human I know goes the other way: looking for good ideas to add.

    The principle simply said: avoiding/eliminating/abandoning what doesn’t take you there is the fastest way to get to the strait and narrow.

  4. de·lin·e·ate
    verb: delineate; 3rd person present: delineates; past tense: delineated; past participle: delineated; gerund or present participle: delineating

    describe or portray (something) precisely.
    “the law should delineate and prohibit behavior that is socially abhorrent”
    map out, define, specify, identify
    “the aims of the study as delineated by the boss”
    indicate the exact position of (a border or boundary).

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