DNA tests for diets… are they useful, or are they a fraud?

Your DNA and your food list… The Ancestral Diet, DNA diet… a vibrational review

I started to research this area out of my desire to get more clients for health consultation.

Essentially when I do a health consultation with a client, what I do is muscle test

  • their nutritional deficiencies against a 90 nutrition list I swiped from Joel Wallach,
  • I test their food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances,
  • their optimal way to eat following the Human Design institute’s model.
  • their current health number (1-100) and their current cell hydration number (1-100)
  • and when I am done with that, I muscle test them against an about 500 food long list.

Now, what does this have to do with your DNA or ancestral diet, or DNA diet?

Maybe almost everything, but not the way that the commercial outfits say it does. Exactly the reverse: from your food list I can tell your ancestry.

I know a little bit about where different foods grow, where different foods are “indigenous” whether plant or animal foods. So I can tell, with 80% certainty where your ancestors hailed from where they lived… long time ago. At least a thousand years ago.

Anything more recent will not show up in your body’s food preferences, because DNA doesn’t change very fast.

So my food test would not be useful to find out who your father was who abandoned your mother… even though you share their DNA… somewhat. 50%.

This 1000 year thing also answers the question of the fruitarians who argue that originally, our ancestors were apes eating fruits… Not relevant. About 50 thousand years ago they left the jungles, and started to eat differently.

And then they started to go to different continents where they found different edible food, made their DNA change to accept it as food… and they could thrive with a food that just a thousand years before would have been poison.

So when you get back a list from one of these DNA testing outfits saying that you are, let’s say 50% Western European and 50% Far Eastern, do you now know what your body is able to process as food? Or are you going to be still in the guessing game?

Obviously, you’ll be in the guessing game. And THEY  are also in the guessing game, pretending that they have valuable information… They don’t.

But DNA testing is a lucrative and unquestionably an INDUSTRY with billions of dollars of revenue driven by your curiosity and your desire to be healthy and thin.

The results are dubious at best. Even if DNA testing could be accurate, the dietary conclusions are as accurate as flipping a coin, or worse.

Muscle testing is also misleading unless…

When you muscle test, the body interprets it as “right now” even if and when you want to define your diet regimen.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before I felt a desire to eat chili beans. It has muscle tested “no” for 18 months, but two days ago it tested “yes.” I ate the whole can. I felt like a million bucks: it hit the spot.

It’s been testing “no” again since then.

There must have been something in that can that my body wants, occasionally, and it asked for it.

When I test the long list I talked about earlier, I don’t ask the body. I ask Source. I connect to Source, I connect to you, and I ask, specifically: Source, I want you to suggest a diet that works on the long run.

Even with that, I have found that people’s diet needs to be changed at least twice a year, to adjust for the seasons, or four times in some climates.

What works in the winter won’t be natural for your DNA in the heat of the summer.

My diet has settled down somewhat, but it opts for a lot more vegetables in the summer than in the winter…

People, in general, are getting fatter. Even if they eat a seemingly healthy diet. And they don’t know why. It makes no sense.

So they turn to extreme ideology: blood type diet, another idea to define your diet by something that is not going to give you clarity, or the truth.

Imagine that you are blood type B. You inherited that from one of your parents. But your ancestors, dominant in your DNA, lived in the Far East. According to blood type B, dairy is good for you. But according to your real ancestry, milk will make you fat, and weak.

So no, not a good idea to trust any of these prepackaged diets based on theories that have no basis…

The healthiest of my clients/students are the people who live at the same place where their ancestors lived in the past 1000 years.

The least healthy are my clients who have moved to a different client, a different country, a different culture, and assimilated. Like me. But with the diet I muscle tested for myself, I went from being 44 lbs overweight, weak, and sickly (health number 5/100) to thin, strong, and health number 70/100.

Gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, fructose sensitivity, fructose intolerance, systemic yeast infection, allergies:

This is another issue none of those diets can deal with because it has nothing to do with your DNA!!! instead life style: the overconsumption of grains and fruits/fruit juices. Or the bottle fed babies. Or the pregnant/nursing mothers that didn’t have proper nutritional support.

So if it looks simple and easy, it is wrong.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. ~H. L. Mencken

This, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat is one of those complex problems.

And, between you and me, the more ads you see above the article listings in google, the more chance there is that your misery makes someone big bucks. So much that they have money to create fake testimonials, fake tests, fake everything…

I am looking at some price lists later in this article. I compare them with what you spend with me.

Depending on where you live (climate) I will ask you to book two or four sessions a year, or if you want, just get your report. I can test you remotely, because I can connect to you… energetically, no problem. The only thing you miss is being able to ask questions if you just want the report.

A full report, no call, is $150, whether it is the first time or the tenth.

So you can get your first report for $150, or $250 if you want to talk to me.

So far, except for one really sick person, everyone I worked with did well with the diet, gained energy and lost a lot of weight, effortlessly. I lost 44 lbs in an 18 months period. Why so long? Because I was experimenting while I came up with the right formula for myself…

Will the pounds stay off if you return to “normal” diet? No, they will come back, depending on how much of the diet you ignore and violate.

There are no restrictions on how much you eat on the diet: I eat a lot, but only certain foods, the foods that are on my list, and only the way my eating type allows. When I violate my eating type, I don’t feel well and I put some pounds back. That knocks me straight fast.

Here I some of what you can read on the internet about the DNA diet… pro and con.

EasyDNA – The DNA diet test offered by EasyDNA currently costs 119.00£ (around 164$) and will offer information about your ability to lose weight and process proteins, carbs, and fats, your need for certain vitamins and nutrients, and your response to cardio and strength training. Your test results will be available within 15 business days and the report will have more than 70 pages.

EasyDNA – Vibrational review: Truth value: 3%… meaning 97% of it is not true.

23andMe – If you want to go with 23andMe, the part of the final report dealing with your genetic health will have a subsection dedicated to wellness, which includes alcohol flush reaction, deep sleep, caffeine consumption, genetic weight, lactose intolerance, muscle composition, sleep movement, and saturated fat and weight. You can order the health-related reports only alongside 23andMe’s ancestry test, which amounts to 199.00$ total. The results are usually available 6-8 weeks after your specimen has been received.

23andMe – Vibrational review: Truth value: 1%… meaning 99% of it is not true, not accurate. A big fat story.

New Life Genetics – The company offers three relevant testing solutions, including its Sport & Fitness DNA Test for Men/Women (299.00€; approx. 367$) and its DNA Test for Weight Loss (229.00€; approx. 281$). These tests will help you discover the impact of your DNA variations on your health and fitness, provide scientific advice tailored to your genotype, reveal your genetic predispositions regarding skin health, body weight, and sporting ability, and show you how to lose weight in accordance with your genotype.

New Life Genetics – Vibrational review: Truth value: 1%… meaning 99% of it is not true.

Vitagene – For only 49.00$, Vitagene will provide you with a comprehensive diet report (tailored food list, obesity risk, gluten sensitivity, alcohol metabolism, emotional eating, cholesterol levels, weight regain after dieting, triglyceride levels, fat intake, lactose sensitivity, and sodium intake), fitness report (customized exercise plan, power vs. endurance exercise, muscle strength, muscle cramps, exercise behavior, blood pressure response, and wait response to exercise), and personalized supplementation plan.

Vitagene – Vibrational review: Truth value: 1%… meaning 99% of it is not true.

Orig3n – The company offers a solid set of high-quality testing solutions that cover your nutrition (149.00$), vitamins (49.00$), metabolism (49.00$), caffeine tolerance (29.00$), lactose intolerance (29.00$), hunger & weight (49.00$), and alcohol tolerance (29.00$).

Orig3n – Vibrational review: Truth value: 1%… meaning 99% of it is not true.

Pathway Genomics – When it comes to personalized reports, Pathway Genomics offers its trademark testing solutions, including PathwayFit (299.00$), FiT IQ (99.00$), and Gluten Fit (199.00$), as well as numerous other tests that can only be ordered by physicians for their patients.

Pathway Genomics-  Vibrational review: Truth value: 1%… meaning 99% of it is not true.

HomeDNA – Here, we have two excellent options, including HomeDNA Healthy Weight (119.00$), which can provide you with personalized recommendations regarding the best foods for your caloric needs, optimal nutrients and supplements, and best exercises, and Vitagene Health Report + Ancestry for 99.00$.

HomeDNA – Vibrational review: Truth value: 1%… meaning 99% of it is not true.

And more quotes from the web:


What is DNA diet? – Quora

A DNA diet is based on the nutritional needs of your body that are appropriate for your genetic makeup. Individuals differ in their genetic makeup with regard to their metabolism, absorption and transport of various macro and micronutrients as well as the production and efficiency of various enzymes produced by the body. A genetic diet or a DNA diet incorporates these inter-individual genetic differences in addition to other data points in customizing the diet. Taken together, the practice of of incorporating as much data as possible including genetic, blood and environmental data in customizing individual diets is known as Personalized Nutrition or Precision Nutrition.

The DNA diet is derived from nutrigenomics , which is the study of how our nutrients, diet, or even environmental factors such as toxins and chemicals interact with our genes and influence our health. Though it may not be possible to change your genes, you can use diet and lifestyle factors to influence how well your genes work, ensuring better health and lowering risk for diseases.

DNA diet: science or fad?

— Health — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

But if you think that the DNA diet may be for you, something that will motivate you and get you going on that weight loss plan, then give it a try. There are companies out there that will gladly take anywhere from $100 to $2,000 of your money to tell you the kind of diet you should be following to lose weight. However, I haven’t noticed that they offer any money-back guarantees.

I know of one particular woman who participated in a DNA diet test. Her results indicated that she needed to exercise at an intense level due to having a low metabolism and that the calorie distribution of her diet should be 40 percent from carbohydrates, 25 percent from protein and 35 percent from fat. The meal plan she was given was a basic 1,200-calorie diet that contained more vegetables than she had been consuming before. This plan seems pretty standard to me.

The DNA Diet is horse manure, plain and simple


I will adapt the horse manure phrase for this article… because it is far more polite than the words I would likely choose to describe the nonsense of the DNA Diet.

How to Spend $1,900 on Gene Tests Without Learning a Thing

MIT Technology Review

The problem isn’t the tests that tell you about your ancestry or whether you’re a carrier of beta thalassemia. Those are based in solid science. What’s drawing critics is how scrolling through Helix.com has quickly become a little like visiting the Sharper Image of DNA. But instead of air purifiers, bacon toasters, and other electronic gadgets that no one really needs, people with money to burn can spend $149 on a scarf whose pattern is personalized using their genes, DNA diet apps, or even genetically influenced wine recommendations.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “DNA tests for diets… are they useful, or are they a fraud?”

  1. Sophie, what’s the truth value of Viome? They evaluate your microbiome through a stool sample and make dietary recommendations based upon the results.

  2. 10%. I watched a long video to get educated. It works best for people who are actually sick.

    I have found that even if the findings are rich, the conclusions may be flawed. Made up by people whose knowledge is flawed, outdated, made up by some other scientist.

    Testing, learning from mistakes is a very long process… what my method does is eliminates the mistakes…

    Of course if the “patient” doesn’t keep their diets, nothing works. The reason it took me 18 months to lose the weight is because I didn’t, wasn’t willing to get rid of some of my favorite foods which kept me sick and fat. It didn’t happen until I adhered 95% to my diet… 5% is, it seems tolerable, but any more, and I feel sick and my weight goes up.

    I measured the founder’s health number: he is a client as well. 20%. Not bad, but not good.

  3. A friend of mine has a three year old boy with out of control eczema. They put a lot of effort into avoiding the things they know he is allergic to, but he still breaks out in hives all the time and scratches his skin bloody. Could your muscle testing help here?

  4. yes, absolutely. even animals can be tested and if they can keep the child’s diet, then he will be well.
    I can even muscle test if it is the detergent that he is sensitive to… you’ll be surprised to know that a lot of kids are sensitive to the detergent they use to was their clothes… or their mother or their father, or a pet.

  5. That’s so interesting on the chilli beans testing Yes for a short time. Could you explain how you had the desire.. was it a flavour in your mouth or were you walking past the tinned beans.

  6. the can, on an open shelf, had been talking to me for month. so I tested it at least once a week. but on the day when I got a yes answer, I knew it before I muscle tested it… Your body has a yes/no way. You can feel the “authority” in your stomach, in your chest, or just know. I think that I am an “I just know”, even through according to the Human Design Institute, I should be a gut person… but I am not.

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