Compassion, Morgellons, and the invisible world that can be felt

Often the only way you’ll notice your attitude when it goes away.

This is exactly what happened to me today. It started yesterday with a dull distaste in my belly, and today, as I was doing some research, it flipped… and I was left with seeing clearly that my arrogance and maybe condescension was an attitude.

It is hard to see oneself… but I got a glimpse of myself in this.

I am an experimenter, in spite of the support I get from Source.

I get answers, but sometimes I have wrong questions: questions that take me on a loop.

Health is the main area of loops… A loop is when you spend time battling windmills as if they were giants, like Don Quixote.

And then I find something and I get arrogant, and self-congratulatory, forgetting that if it took me years to find it with the tools I have, I should have some compassion, cut some slacks for people who can only get stuff from the visible. From the 1% of reality, from the Tree of Knowledge.

Life, reality, the world of energies is a lot more complicated than the Tree of Knowledge’s linear approach suggests. 2-bit, compared to the billion-bit complexity of the Universe.

Morgellons is one example where the two-bit explanations make it a mystical condition… It’s taken me four years to stumble onto a solution that seems to clear it up… so far it more than decimated the mites that cause it.

I’ll wait with the announcement of the cure some more days…

I also expect no one to believe me… but facts speak for themselves.

Nothing “mysterious” or alien about it, even if it feels like an apt explanation why it feels and behaves like it is from another planet.

The advantage of an empath who have honed their skills and knowledge for 70 years is that they don’t have to see. The invisible cannot be readily seen… obviously… duh.

But it can be felt. So, because I interface with reality with my feelings, I have an advantage. But it still took me four years! And thousands of dollars… ugh.

Another indication of this distaste/condescension happened after a conversation with a client with issues around going to bed on time, getting up on time, and altogether, having much to say about what she did, especially activities that harmed her integrity.

Integrity is a relationship between you and you… and without integrity nothing works. Life feels an imposition, life feels like drudgery, and it makes no sense, you make no sense to yourself.

When keeping your word requires you to have will power, you have already missed the boat.

The issue is in the invisible… and unless you have access to the invisible, your life will continue to be the way it is… or maybe even downward.

Not fun, and not accessible without some help.

About 40 years ago I read a short article in a women’s magazine about sleep deprivation therapy for bipolar disease.

70% of everyone, young, old, has some degree of instability and alternation between two harmful out of balance states of chemicals in the brain. At the time when I read the article, the number was 30%.

The difference is caused by the internet and smart devices. And… and it’s not accidental, it is actually causative… by Morgellons.

Why? How?

The main “feature” of Morgellons is the approximately 2-hour long itching at night. There is also a corresponding 2-hour period during the day, but you are too busy to notice. I am not…

Because the mites keep you up for two hours in the middle of the night, you start to go into manic state, or if you have a chance to sleep in, into depression…

So there is the connection… the sleep.

Also, if you search when this nightly broken sleep started to be heard of: my suspicion is that it also has a nutritional aspect… the “beta testers” I’ll recruit will test if it is just my experience or if it is how it is.

In my reading on the Internet, I have found that most people cannot separate different causes for symptoms. It seems that many people who have Morgellons (the mites) AND Lyme disease, which is, for most people, also several causes… more than just one parasite…

I learned in marketing that unless you only change one component, you need a very complex algorithm to analyze your results. this is exactly my testing/experimentation method: change one thing only.

I may still have synergy: that has to be tested in another step. This is why it’s taken four years and so much money to get to something that seems to be working.

I don’t have any of those… so what I found seems to be displeasing to the mites, and in fact kills them. If you have Lyme disease… deal with it separately. If you have bipolar symptoms: deal with it separately. Write to me if you need help with that. I know nothing about Lyme, but I know a whole lot about bipolar… Among others I managed to keep myself at an even keep for about 15 years now.

If you think you have the symptoms, I’ll speak with you before I accept you into the beta testing group.

PS: I am noticing that forgot to finish my thought on compassion.

Compassion is one of the highest vibration states, because to have compassion, you need to allow another to see you as you are, meaning: you need to become vulnerable.

And because man is man’s wolf, becoming vulnerable is inviting death… so it’s very rare that a human would even go near that.

What most people call compassion is pity. When you have pity, you place yourself above the person you pity, so your craving for power over others is satisfied. Very low vibration.

But what compassion really means is this: recognizing yourself in the other. Seeing that you have been at the same place and have gone through it successfully. And the willingness to lend a helping hand to help the other through the place where they are.

You see that if you search in your memory, you have no, or definitely not many examples of even instances of compassion… Am I right?

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