The history of medical science reads like a detective novel, or a conspiracy book.

Each century has its own favorite scapegoat-like cause of disease, a thing they blame everything, and each turns out to be not a comprehensive reason, or not a reason at all. 1

And then, or course, people make fortunes on telling people what to think, what to be scared of, what to try to prevent, pay to have cured… and no one is the smarter.

Especially not the general public. 2

People who rock the boat, people who yell that “the king is wearing no clothes” get put to jail, get killed, get ostracized, and life goes on the way it went before.

OK Who am I  and why you may want to listen to me?

I am not a doctor. Not even a medical researcher. I don’t play either on television.

Yet I am in a unique position to penetrate truth a little more than either… because of my special relationship to Source, which is my name for all knowledge, the hum that records all knowledge, the hum that goes through all… even the interspaces of the Universe. 3

And because of my highly trained, highly honed ability to sense and interpret the sensation accurately. 4

I am the experimenter, the doubter type: I don’t believe anything I haven’t tested myself, haven’t found accurate through scientific thinking, thoroughly… it’s just my nature… obnoxious for most.

I don’t toe any party line… And I am lucky I don’t have to. I live on the bare minimum, and I am happy. Being free to be myself…

I don’t try to stand out, I don’t care if I am known, acknowledged, appreciated, at all. I do my work, and make the pittance that I need to eat, sleep, and have internet.

I keep a very strict diet so I have no need for doctors and for insurance: I am well. Last time I saw a doctor was 19 years ago and it wasn’t a good experience. It cost me half my brain… maybe I am exaggerating… maybe it was only one quarter of my brain I lost. I write about this in my 3500 articles…

OK, enough about me! there are a few discoveries I want to share with you.

I am scared, but this time I won’t let it stop me.

About four years ago I discovered that there are microscopic mites on me, and I am not the only person with that.

I spent a lot of time, hundreds of experiments, and thousands of dollars I could have used for other things, mapping these suckers out, testing what could eliminate them, observe them, their life cycle, their nature, their schedule. All through awareness, observation, and my senses.

Two years ago I lost my favorite niece to these mites… she died.

I felt they are intent to kill me too… but nothing I tried worked, nothing stopped them from multiplying in my body.

I have been an insomniac since I was a baby… About six months ago I learned about taping my mouth shut for better sleep. It has effected my sleep, I sleep better and longer. I don’t get sore throats. And I noticed something interesting: the mites trapped under the tape bit my lips and caused something eerily looking like a fever blister.

I muscle tested a lot of questions, and concluded: they are mite bites… The mites burrowed into the skin… and the lip-skin behaves different from regular skin. It responds with bubbles filled with fluid.

I wondered if there was a herpes virus at all… and muscle test said there isn’t… neither on your lips nor on your sexual organs.

In fact, muscle test insists that there is no such thing as viruses.

Now, obviously I have no proof for this statement, but I tend to believe Source more than I believe medical “science”…

The only question that I still have on my mind: why do people have fever often, when they have a “herpes” outbreak.

I have asked Source about that the other day. Can the mites carry other microorganisms that they inject into your as they bite you?

The answer was yes. Bacteria, mainly, that cause inflammation and trigger the immune system that fights with fever.

These mites have a weird life cycle, 5 and they bite… itch… and can cause you to be miserable, to not be able to sleep, to get paranoid, have stomach, liver, and sexual problems. 6

Their effects imitate bladder infection, yeast infection, they cause acid reflux, and a host of other problems. They even penetrate your eyes…

Nasty little buggers. Yeah, little. Microscopic size. 7

Finally about three weeks ago I stumbled on a combination of stuff (chemicals) that seem to be able to eradicate the mite population… slowly, but surely.

I will have beta testers… all individually interviewed so I don’t take anyone unsuited for the “job”. I need testing. Why? Because I don’t know to what degree my diet matters. Because I get re-infected every time I take the community van to shopping. I need to know people’s lifestyle, their environment, etc. For the testing to bring valid results.

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  1. Humors — blood letting, spirits, bacteria, viruses, genetics… never lifestyle, nutrition, no… they don’t make money for the “in” crowd, the doctors, the specialists, etc. And in our day and age, the alternative doctors crowd is doing it as well… lying, cheating, defrauding. Ugly story.
  2. It used to be that the general public had the common sense, the animal sense, to know what food is, and not eat stuff that isn’t food. But not any more. The overall intelligence of the general public has gone down, the overall health: ditto. If we consider intelligence knowing accurately, the working knowledge of what there is to know, every hundred years this number has gone down gradually, and during my lifetime that number, that measure has gone down 30%, three centuries worth. That 30% is both sexes, but the most painful and harmful effect was women losing their knowledge and sense of what is good for a human, for a husband, for a wife… the knowledge of healthy cooking.
  3. And awful lot of b.s. is written about the zero point field. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Everyone claims they know something. But truth be told, you know a little bit and build it up to be everything with words. Because you and your readers have no way to know what is true or not, because neither you nor your readers have been trained in thinking… And no one ever says any more: this is an unproven theory… not philosophers, physicists, not doctors, not woowoo people with their woowoo theories that you fall over because they are sooooooo beautiful. Theories are not the truth. What I write is not the truth either, until it is proven.
  4. I call myself an empath. But there is probably more to it. But I have what they say about clairsentient people, and it is all woowoo. I avoid woowoo. Anything with aliens and angels and b.s., forgive my French
  5. anal itching anyone?
  6. vaginal itch, even slight bleeding, cervical cancer, unexplained pain during sex.
  7. One mite causes itch on half of your back… it is never where it really itches…

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