What is your biggest barrier to raising your vibration?

The foundation of your being needs to change to raise your vibration.

We could say that raising your vibration is raising the foundation of your being, the foundation of your existence, the height from where you observe life.

Your foundation is set by your culture. Your culture also sets what you can hear and what you cannot.

What you cannot hear is what is higher than the level of your foundation.

You hear something… but by the time it becomes conscious, it is translated to the level of your culture. How? By hearing it in the mind, Plato’s Cave.

To the naked eye, you sound kind of stupid. A is said, and you hear B. Your actions will be based on B. And your results will also be based on B.

I have been experimenting with people who appear to be stupid. I have found that their hearing is blocked. Blocked by culture, blocked by the delusional self, blocked by needing to maintain the status quo.

It’s not a conscious behavior. Changing conscious behavior is relatively easy.

The behavior is NOT conscious. You don’t even know what is your culture, you only see it’s part that is outside of the water, the 10%, the obvious.

So how do you change something that is not conscious?

I do not believe in the subconscious mind. It is a construct that puts the onus, the responsibility to the hand of others… and also the power to make a change there to the hands of experts… not you.

I don’t believe that life works that way.

It makes your life a slavery: slave to science, slave to doctors, slave to government, slave to hypnotists, slave to energy practitioners.

This means you count for nothing… and I hesitate to accept that…

In the 33 years of my engagement with transformational self-actualization, I have found plenty of stuff that I wasn’t conscious of. None of it was good news, by the way.

Thank god, I have curly kinky hair. When I was little, my mother would comb my hair and tear half of it out each time. I am exaggerating, of course. And when I whined, she said: No pain – no gain.

It became a meme I live by. So when I get unpleasant news, and it hurts, I know that the gain is just around the corner.

My TLB grew as a result. I welcome pain. And because I welcome it, I grow from it.

So growth is on the other side of pain. The pain of self-disgust… lol.

Your culture and its foundation is stupid, limiting, and making everyone of that culture stupid. Finding that it has given you the life you have lived, and you have been unconscious about it is painful. You want to throw up.

But that pain is the price you pay for raising yourself above it… if you will.

I have three types of students:

  • 1. remains unconscious and hates me, argues with me.
  • 2. dabbles in looking at the truth and runs back to how it has been
  • 3. has the courage and ambition to lift themselves up.
  • The ones that hate me leave. I don’t even have to kick them out.
  • The dabblers occasionally become courageous. Occasionally. Not often.
  • And the ones with the courage and ambition are my heroes.

The challenge is: the truth is hidden from your view.

You see the ripples in reality (maybe), but that is seeing the shadow inside Plato’s Cave… you can’t see the source of the shadow, so you guess at it.

This is, by the way, how scientists work… make educated guesses from the shadows. 93% of them are wrong guesses. Even big name scientists, like Einstein and his Theory of Relativity is only 7% truth value… go figure.

So because the truth is hidden, it occasionally reveals itself when you least expect it. Certain exercises, certain practices, can help.

More often than not you can see it on others… and with a question: Am I like that? you can get a glimpse.

The purpose of meditation, done well, is to reveal these invisible, unconscious aspects of your reality, so you can deal with them, change them, remove them, do something about them.

But people have a Tree of Knowledge concept about meditation. Meditation is a process where you can look and see, because the mind is disengaged.

I have tried Milton Trager’s Mentastic for the past few days. I have found that I instinctively do a lot of the movements what he teaches, but I have found that I do equal amount of forcing… I wasn’t conscious of that, and now I can do something about it. I also see why my exercise class is so incredibly effective to make me ageless. And why the BodyFlex breathing made me tense and hurt more than it helped.

I have found that people have no idea what it feels like to be in the mind, listen from the mind, and what it feels like to be out of the mind.

If you are in the mind, in Plato’s Cave, you took what I said, or what you read, and immersed in untruth, unreality, and you now have none of what you heard, none of what you read. And have no idea that you don’t.

You are so unaware, that you even do my Amish Horse Training Method, or the memes method, or the Playground Method inside Plato’s Cave… with the mind.

If you are not seeing results, now you know why.

There is an exercise I have, thus far, assigned to 100 people. All 100 did something different… so they never learned the distinction: in the mind/outside of the mind.

It’s the color exercise. The color in the cave becomes a word. The color in reality is wordless.

I don’t want to write out the exercise again… read up on it.

Further mentions, explanation, instructions of the color exercise:

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is your biggest barrier to raising your vibration?”

  1. question: which theory of relativity?

    there were two, general and specific..one, general relativity, Einstein got the nobel prize for and “seems” legit (particle and wave, the double slit experiment), the other, specific relativity, is what he is famous for, it’s where one finds the “e=mc2”, that has serious consequences, like nuclear bombs.. i definitely “feel” the gravity thing is still up for grabs.. and feel free to rip me a new one (how else am i going to get the excess sh*t out?) for focusing on something the article is not even about, or that i’m trying to show off something.

    i want to know the answer to this because it’s something i wonder, think, and feel about (doesn’t everybody? lol), on a fairly regular basis-gravity and what it really is, the principle-ness of it, blah blah blah..

    it’s a favorite rabbit hole of mine. anyway, since i still live in my mind and thus don’t trust my muscle testing (in fact i don’t even bother, i’m still trying to hear the voices as voices, been how many months and seems like there is no progress, or even regression, not worried or upset, just an observation)..

    i rely heavily on your muscle tests, to guide my thinking about reality, and choices i make (food list)–taking it with a grain of salt, i’ve read enough of your articles to know things “change”, things being the quality of questions you are asking and the quality of the test and things change in general..

    i take your truth value stuff seriously to help me with the “a is a” thing, to guide me to see the world differently, b/c i’m well aware, from your articles, your personal guidance, and my own retrospection on my life results, that i don’t see much and what i do see isn’t clear or straight-up wrong, all guided by extremely powerful marker feelings..

    yup, i can feel cave fear as i think about sending this..

    please do answer the original question about which theory, or is it both?..so a little truth can go a long way – that a theory with only 7% truth value can have such a real and lasting impact on our world..

    oh, the horror, the horror..

    lol.. i waited a few minutes..and now it’s fine, maybe even for the best, if you don’t answer my mind’s burning question about the theories of relativity.. it’s just cave-mind candy..

    maybe i’ll start looking for this in the color exercise..

    this mental jack-off stuff i do.. just had a little insight about the color exercise..

    of course people are doing it wrong..for the reasons you say, all in the mind..

    new insight-i’ve been connecting (with source) more, just first level, and that really seems to help with the word/mind thing, it’s there, but just as an oscillating structure, not really real.. problem is, once i see something mind/ego takes over, because i am then carried away from connecting by the excitement/pride/fear of forgetting/whatever overwhelming marker feeling pops up with the realization that something was seen…

    so next step for me, stay connecting thru the insight/the realization that something i was looking for was seen..

    omg how did i end up here? wondering now about oscillating structures and marker feelings, if i were to see/know the marker feelings as oscillating structures then i might be able to disentangle myself just a bit from their power and be able to stay connecting thru it..

    i know how you don’t jive with my all over the place at once style..and

    i’m sending this comment anyway, because i’m a miserable cave-dwelling moocher that wants some of your priceless feedback/guidance on my journey into the light of reality.

  2. Oy Lydia…. I didn’t even know there are two theories of relativity, so I don’t know. I’ll ponder that for you.

    and also considering the marker feelings an oscillating structure… interesting, but I have to build that structure to look at it… I’ll let you know.

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