What is the most frequent beingness?

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The most frequent “who” aka beingness I encounter is stingy. Much more frequent than greedy…

Your stinginess can be seen in everything you do.

Everyone wants something, and very few are willing to do anything for it.

One of these things you want, for example, is the experience of being in the flow. I also call it “hitting your stride”. Hitting your stride is that state where things go smoothly, you are your best, and things are humming. Heaven. Bliss. Wonderful.

But… unless you have invested enough energy to have a stride, you won’t be able to hit it.

And if you are part of the minority that has some expertise, high level of functioning, it still takes time and faith or trust to get into the groove, so to say. To hit your stride.

And both conditions need you to be the opposite of stingy.

Stingy is withholding energy, love, care, with the intention to keep more.

Surprisingly one can be stingy with one’s self. How does that work?

One self withholds from the other self.

The expression: cutting your nose in spite of your face applies to stingy: unless you can be generous, allowing, live in abundance, you’ll hurt yourself by hurting yourself or another.

Inventing-the-wheel style living: when you have to put your dirty little hand in everything to feel like you are someone…

I noticed that around my energized water… this morning. A change.

I have been energizing my water for years now. I just checked: I bought my five gallon container six years ago.

But surprisingly I just hit my stride with energizing my water this past week. Where it’s a habit that requires no thought from me now.

I fill up all three with fresh coherent water from the five-gallon container, and open the faucet of the filter to refill the large container. I have the faucet connect to the container with a food grade plastic tube I bought at Home Depot. I never remove it. I don’t have to futz with it.

I set the timer to five minutes, after five minutes I set it again to five minutes. I need a timer or I’ll forget the process, and I’ll have the big container full and the extra water will overflow… go on the floor and into the lower apartment. Not good.

It takes about 10 minutes to add the gallon or so water I use every day to the container from the faucet.

No intellectual input needed from me. No variations. I don’t have to think. I have coherent water all the time.

Now, did you notice I didn’t say: I have to charge the water? I don’t. Unless there is a strong northern wind, or a storm from the north… the water is charged by the six fiji bottles in the five gallon container.

I suspect that you are doing mental gymnastics with your water… and your results are not consistent, and this whole “energizing your water” takes a lot of attention. Your error rate is high.

You haven’t ever considered creating a system, a habit, that allows you to do other things.

I call this stingy. Stingy with yourself.

You remind me of a dog who during fetch, runs and catches the stick or the frisby, brings it back, but doesn’t want to give it to me so i can throw it again.

It wants it all for himself… Cutting his nose in spite of his face. Like you.

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