There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy.

There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy.

Good and bad, dark and light, are moral judgments, also called systemic judgments, or black and white world view.

What is prompting this topic is that today is Day or Power, which means a huge energy influx from the Light… the Energy Source of the Universe.

Energy dissipates, and for the world, the universe to keep on going, it is getting a twice a month energy infusion from where it has all come.

I am not saying this is the truth, but by all measures, this seems to match my experience, and my muscle testing through Source, also known as the Zero Point Field.

OK, lots of people will argue… it’s ok. You should argue.

Days of Power is an immense power download, and its use depends on the recipient.

Just like with anything, you’ll use what you get, you’ll use what you have for whatever you’ll use it for. And you’ll accept what matches you.

About 60% of humanity is fully “occupied”, wholly dominated by the desire for the self alone… the evil, according to Kabbalah.

Desire for the self alone wants what it wants at the expense of another or others.

All news in news media document actions of desire for the self alone. What is newsworthy is a tiny fragment of what is done from desire for the self alone… your envy, your gossiping, your arguing, your wishing someone harm won’t be featured… not newsworthy.

But it is there, nevertheless.

My Nemesis, the Wicked Witch of the West

My Nemesis, the Wicked Witch of the West, is following my writing, and is probably also on my mailing list… so she knew I was going to be vulnerable today, because of the huge energy influx of the Days of Power.

She doesn’t have her own energy, but she can stir and direct energies, and it seems she can direct this neutral energy, the Day of Power and hit me with that.

And Source can’t protect me today.

The Witch specializes in damaging people’s hearing… wholesale. Tinnitus, persistent high pitch whistling in the ear… driving people to distraction, maybe even suicide. I am pulling attachments and pins from my ear today every few minutes.

And I have my exercise class today… so I am concerned. Every movement hurts. But in my “conversation” with Source we have come to the agreement, that I won’t be reactive today. Moaning is OK though… I’ll do a lot of moaning today… lol.

If it is my time, I’ll get killed or maimed… But I don’t think I will be. It will hurt… I am sturdy, I can take it. But I won’t resist… and what actually kills you is your resistance. 1

It’s next day now. I survived yesterday. The sky will close in an hour.

It seems I get to live another fortnight… lol.

Now, here is the attitude I have been trying to teach you:

If you can be with what you don’t want, what you don’t like, what is painful or scary with your eyes open, maintain your awareness, maybe even increase so you can get the most out of what can be seen, you’ll learn a lot, grow a lot.

There is nothing to learn from smooth, nothing to learn from good, nothing to learn from pleasant. But when the sh*t hits the fan, when bad things happen, you can get to a whole new level of consciousness, a whole new level of awareness, a whole new level of learning.

Yesterday I went up a few notches… saw connections between seemingly unconnected things, and my understanding of our universe has gone up a lot.

My hunch is that the truth value of my teaching is going up with it…

All the people worth admiring got to where they are through pain, effort, difficult decisions, no exception.

My favorite people are on the autistic spectrum.

Spectrum is a stretch, a distance, a line, a field… 2

The autistic spectrum 3 contains all the people with similar brain irregularities. It is organized by the ability to function in society. High functioning of the autistic spectrum can earn a living, can communicate, can tolerate other people. The Dyslexics are on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum. Slightly less high functioning are people with Asperger’s Syndrome 4 .

I am dyslexic with a hint of Asperger’s…

It takes an immense amount of effort to be able to live in society and be able to do what normal-brain people do. Read, interact, and not get killed or mocked, or whatever normal-brain people do to weirdos, like people on the autistic spectrum.

One big advantage of being on the “spectrum” is that you are less bothered by what people think about you. Or what you want…

In the best cases a high functioning autistic person will sink their teeth into something that normal people cannot do, because the normal brain isn’t very good for it, and pursue it. Being like a dog with a bone… lol.

It can be said that autistic people create the body of knowledge that can take humanity further into the mystery of the universe.

They are born with the naked tool, and they spend all their time sharpening the tool.

All their time.

How do I know? I did.

I am the dog with a bone… Not interested in being petted, not interested in much outside of penetrating the mysteries of the universe.

I invent methods that allow others to follow me, I invent methods that make it possible for them even with a normal brain.

My method of checking every word in the built in dictionary of my kindle, every word I have only an approximate clarity about, has raised my 3000 accurate vocabulary (my level of clarity) to 4600 in about nine months.

Yes, it makes reading slower. Yes it could interfere with following the story. And no, my reading is just as slow/fast as it was before. And I can get the story a much deeper level, and maybe even enjoy the wordsmith aspect of good writing.

While I am sharpening my tool.

There are many empath on Planet Earth. Hardly any spend any time and any energy sharpening their tool. They either suffer from feeling other people’s feelings, or cash in on it like a sideshow performer on their peculiarities.

I am clear that there won’t be another me, or it’s not likely, for at least 500 years.

If you know about them… they weren’t fully dedicated to penetrate the Universe.

Because fame, followers, making a buck are a distraction.

For example, Rabbi Simon ben Jochaï, the main author of The Zohar, spent, according to the Kabbalah Centre, a decade in exile, and spent every minute of it penetrating the mystery of the Universe.

But as a celebrated Rabbi, he didn’t have much time or attention on that… the day to day, the teaching took his time.

Another legend about Rabbi Simon ben Jochai is that on the day of his death he “downloaded” all his knowledge, and the day accommodated his desire to not leave with his knowledge…

The Buddha got distracted, for example, and stopped sharpening his tool once he started to teach.

Modern day gurus never even started… they repeat the words they learned, all Tree of Knowledge.

So my goal is to live long so I have long to do my work.

I use teaching, I use writing articles, to test, and to penetrate.

And I am happy.

I only take on students and clients who will be of use for what I am up to.

One of my purposes is to test out which capacities are most essential to take someone on the level of human being, the next evolutionary level of human.

The capacity of being able to see widely, to see the connection between seemingly unconnected things is a strong contender to be one of these capacities.

The current civilization is plagued with a narrow cone of vision and a short-sightedness that is causing their actions of “evil”… Every trigger, when seen in a wider context and a context in time, stops being a trigger for desire for the self alone acts. All desire for the self alone is cutting your nose in spite of your face… ultimately damages you.

Inside. And once you are damaged, it becomes harder and harder to return to wholeness, where the two selves can embrace. Thus you hate yourself, and you hate your life.


It is hard to see that all people are in the same predicament… not just you.

Maybe dyslexics have some exceptions. Maybe.

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  1. Some people, I heard, can stick a knife or a pin in their body and not get very damaged… If it is true, it is because they don’t resist? Muscle test is undecided about it… lol
  2. spectrum: 1.a band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength.

    the entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.
    noun: the spectrum
    an image or distribution of components of any electromagnetic radiation arranged in a progressive series according to wavelength.
    an image or distribution of components of sound, particles, etc., arranged according to such characteristics as frequency, charge, and energy.

    2. used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points.
    “the left or the right of the political spectrum”

  3. a range of conditions (from autism to Asperger’s syndrome) characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.
  4. Asperger syndrome was generally considered to be on the “high functioning” end of the spectrum. Affected children and adults have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors.

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