Raise your vibration? It’s a Hero’s Journey

Raising your vibration is a lot like a hero’s journey: you grow through trials and tribulations. This article sets the three challenges you need to conquer to raise your vibration. It’s an adventure. At the end it is a life worth living.

katara water benderIf you are here, I know a thing or two about you.

One of the most important things I know is that you are smart. That you have earned to be here. You have tried a lot of other teachers or gurus or methods or tools to get what you want: more energy, better decisions, more love, more peace, a sense of meaning in your life.

There is no way to throw a dart and get to the right solution, every mistake you make, every wrong turn, wrong decision, believing false promises, falling pray to money-sucking gurus or cults have caused you to get here, zig-zag.

The more often you have been disappointed, the more hopeless it seemed, the more of your funds were eaten up, the smarter you have become, and the more ready you have become to actually see your way, do your work. You haven’t given up. Good.
what really mattersIn your society-induced craving for security and safety, you probably hoped, every time, that it was the right turn, that finally you found your straight path, that you were handed a map to follow, or that someone gave you a magic potion, a magic board, a magic spell, and you would find yourself transported to the right place at the right time.


Trust me, there is nothing more boring, and less satisfying for a human being than security and safety. Following a set path, and succeeding at every turn takes adventure out of life.

If you play chess and you can only play against someone less skillful than you: you know that it’s boring. Same with tennis. Same in swimming, running… winning is only joyful when you play against someone equal or better.

6931903779_2ac4137009_bBeing human means finding your own path, the hero’s journey, for each of us. Without that search life is empty and hollow. You find yourself as you find your path.

You got to this site, to reading what I say, through a winding path, and that makes you more suited for my work than the rest of the people. You have proven your mettle, and you have found the methods that will take you through the hero’s journey to where you want to go: earning your success, earning your peace, earning your fulfillment.

I know you can do it because you are here.

There are no accidents in life, and you being here isn’t an accident, even if, from your point of view, it looks like an accident.

Heros JourneyWhat should you expect on this hero’s journey?

This journey will have several assignments, several challenges.

Each challenge will be completed with the help of some energetic tools… (and coaching if you want to go faster).

challenge one: face your emotionsYour first challenge

(approximately 40 days)

Your health:

You’ll need to become someone with energy to spare. You cannot even consider entering the journey without getting healthy first.

I am not talking about fixing you, I am talking about returning to health. Cells vibrated, nourished, and no additional toxins entering your body through food or drink.

If you follow the instructions you’ll get there in 40 days. Guaranteed.

How do you get started? You get your numbers so we’ll know, you know, where you are standing. It’s a comprehensive set of facts about where you are now.

Your vibration, your soul correction, your current level of intelligence, your health number, your hydration level… Get it here

I’ll send your facts to you in email.

Your second challenge

You will to look at your life, at the wrong turns, mistakes, errors, horrible things that you have done, or you allowed to be done to you.

This may take a little time. Allow yourself to grieve. Feel your feelings. Weep, cry, yell, run… just stay with it. Not in public, not at others, no, in your privacy.

Why? suppressed bad feelings keep you suppressed. You can’t suppress only bad feelings: once you suppress anything, you suppress everything, and all the good feelings are suppressed as well. No love, no peace, no satisfaction can be felt: they are suppressed too.

Here are the energetic tools for this leg of the journey…

  1. The HOE long range, or the Heaven on Earth remedy will help you be with the feelings that you feel, like a safety net.The HOE allows you to feel and let go… you won’t suppress and you won’t hold onto. Feel what you feel and be done with it.
  2. The Harmonize your vibration will energetically take you through the journey through memory lane: you may be able to take this trip without much conscious effort.
  3. The Unconditional Love Activator Infusible version will remove the false, society built foundation for your life, feeling wrong, insufficient, unlovable, stupid, a misfit.
  4. The Water Energizer will start to change your body chemistry, so your cravings, addictions, edginess, aches and pains will ease or disappear, gently, almost imperceptibly… the Energized Water will wash them away.
  5. Get two free weeks in my Reclaim coaching program. Two weeks are enough for either of us to see if you are indeed ready for the hero’s journey… The third leg.

Get a package deal: you can get each piece or you can get all four. Save 35%

Your third challenge

We’ll talk about this when you have completed your second Challenge.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Raise your vibration? It’s a Hero’s Journey”

  1. Hi Sophie, first off, thank you for not giving up on those like me. Ok, a couple of questions: (1)How long do I need to infuse the Unconditional Love activator in water (unless it’s the same time as the water energizer)? (2) I seem to recall something about the Harmonizer not working for people who used it to raise there vibration and then there vibration dropped. Forgive me if I’m not clear on this. What am I missing on this issue? (3) Is there an exercise for helping to notice and ‘feel your feelings’. My suppression of my feelings is to the point where I don’t know that I’m suppressing them, at least I don’t think so. I think I’m a bit retarded in that area.

  2. if you want to use the Unconditional Love Infusable to also energize your water, you need 36 hours in the pitcher. Outside of the pitcher? I don’t know.

    OK. I looked it up: that is not the infusable version you have… so don’t do it. But you have the Water Energizer. Energize your water fully. Your current hydration level is 7%. And your health is at 5%.

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