The fastest way to get smarter in every area of life… or how you are a one-legged person trying to win an ass-kicking contest

Why are you still a one-legged person in an ass kicking contest?

As I have said before, when your hydration is at or above 30%, you feel more solid, as if before you had been standing on one foot, balancing, precariously… and suddenly you are standing on both feet… stable.

You have more room for things to be “off”, off-kilter 1 , and less in a fixing mode, knee jerk reaction mode.

Once you have achieved that level of well-being, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, you should be able to notice when you are standing on one foot again.

You may not think it’s your hydration… but you should. Really.

So the question I am going to ask in this article: what can you do to get yourself out of hydration… of stability, of being intelligent?

1. your water may not be fully energized.

  • suddenly the water you use to energize is not energizable…
  • your filter needs to be replaced
  • the manufacturer changed the water, without making it public
  • your bottle is dirty
  • you added something to your starting water.
  • your setup reset or changed… disconnected, moved from the water to empty bottle space.
  • your bottle may be next to an electrical or electronic device that interferes with coherence

2. you are drinking liquid and not your energized water. this is mainly my issue

3. you think that making tea, lemonade, with your energized water is as good as drinking water.

But no… the cells don’t want your tea, your lemonade… they will only accept coherent water.

Same is the water you use to take your supplements…

same is if you make your water “alkaline”… you just made it not coherent.

Whatever you consider smart and intelligent is what got you to the low cell hydration and its consequences: scarcity state, not well, etc.

So if you continue doing what you did before, you won’t get energized.

This is the hardest for most people: changing their mind, changing their behavior, allowing themselves to feel stupid. Allowing someone else to tell them what to do.

Your intelligence:

Your overall intelligence, how well your understand, how well you observe, hear, process information depends on the state you are in.

When you are upset, overwhelmed, afraid, or don’t feel well, tired, you are able to do much less.

I normally notice when you, my client or student, turn to stupid, dense, foggy, non-responsive, slow… And then I measure your cell hydration. Every single time it has dropped, to under 10%.

You make your decisions, moves in life by what you can process accurately. Almost all upsets come from misunderstanding, or exaggerating the importance of something… and you spiral down from there.

We could say that the fastest way for you to raise your IQ is by keeping your cell hydration above 30%.

Being stupid is not good for you, and not good for your life.

Your health is almost secondary to your coherence: your health drops because of the stupid decisions you make while standing on one foot… reactive, impulsive and damaging to your health.

Your cravings, your binging, your drinking are all the result of your making decisions in an incoherent state.

If you are reading this article… expect to get less than 5% of it to go through.

If you have the Water Energizer Audio… use it, drink enough water to get coherent again, and read the article again.

How much water is enough? In my experience, two tall glasses of coherent water a day will keep you at steady 30% cell hydration. Two tall glasses is about a liter.

  • Depressed? Your cells are likely dehydrated.
  • Insomnia? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Moody? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Desire Trap? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Too hot? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Sweating a lot? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Argumentative? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Scaredy cat? Your cells are likely dehydrated
  • Procrastinating? Your cells are likely dehydrated

It is the widest area, most general self-improvement tool I have ever seen.

What prevents you from fully benefiting from it is why you need it.

PS: one more thing: if you jump from one healer to another, looking for a cure… you MUST get yourself properly hydrated. I have been removing energetic attachments by so-called distance healers… giving it away that you were stupid and getting stupider because of the attachment.

Do yourself a favor and get hydrated with Coherent Water made with my Water Energizer. You’ll see the difference… Unless, of course, YOU KNOW BETTER… as in stupid as the stupid does…

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  1. not aligned or balanced.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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