Depleted… One of the causes of brain fog… or foggy brain? Or brain that is not worth a dime.

You don’t have unlimited brain power.

The brain’s thinking/creative function, also choices, are located in the frontal cortex. That part is the latest addition to the multi-layered brain.

That part needs the most fuel.

People who don’t understand how their brain work will not amount to much. Their brain power will be used for mundane stuff and not for something that actually creates value for them and the world.

Using an analogy that, maybe, everyone can understand, let me use some examples that are more obvious.

If you had a quota of electricity you can use to heat your house, you would, probably, allow your hallways, your porch, your basement to remain cold, and would only heat the rooms where you spend a lot of time… or you’ll run out of electricity before you run out of time.

Or not… and you’ll die.

And not knowing what is important is, therefore, can cost you your life.

If you have no energy to spend on important thinking “jobs” in your life, you’ll spend your life in a dull place, will make very little money, your relationships will suffer, and you’ll spend money you don’t have on stuff that you don’t need.

When I look at the people I can see, almost all of them spend their precious brain fuel on stuff that don’t deserve it.

And then they don’t have any left for stuff that would.

We are talking about your life.

Every time I take on a growth spurt project, like now, I am going through the same: I need to redirect my energies to activities that cannot be “serviced” with a faulty, weak, depleted brain.

So this question is something I am dealing with… this is not theory… this is reality.

What are the ways you could have more energy, brain power, to live a life worth living?

1. I said yesterday, and it is true here, it applies here. The first step is to plug in all the leaks…

I have noticed that connecting to Source, connecting to people, measuring starting point measurements, supplements, water, food list needs a lot of brain power. Why? because these are co-creative tasks… I need to stay present, I need to keep my mind empty, I need to put all power in this activity.

I have also canceled the option to get a strategy session for a buck… It is a serious leak of my brain power. So is everything where I need to connect.

Talk is cheap… says the meme, and as nearly all memes, is something that is conditionally true… or false.

Talk is cheap as in you don’t have skin in the game of talking… promising, explaining, arguing, pontificating, don’t accomplish anything, don’t create any value. Speaking from the mind isn’t doing anything in the world, other than leaks precious brain power.

Some talking generates energy, connects the dots, cements new knowledge, and that kind of talk is not cheap.

  • But, for example, talk that isn’t heard (no echo) is a leak.
  • For example, talk that is an attempt to teach pigs to fly is a leak…
  • Talking about trivia… is a leak
  • Talking about other people… is a leak
  • Talking about politics is a leak

Lots of leaks are associated with talking. Or texting.

On Wednesday, my shopping day, I hardly saw any closed lips… people are talking, talking, talking… especially women.

I even read a novel where the main characters were women… talking, talking, talking.

Talking may be the source of the gap between your performance and another person’s performance, grades, salary, or between you and getting a promotion.

Stop talking. Stop the leak.

Another source of a leak is how you eat, what you eat, what you drink, how much you sleep, how you sleep.

Obviously. You either provide your body of which the brain is part of, provide the body with what it needs to perform optimally, or you don’t. Same with the water your cells can use: coherent water.

Most of you leak energy around food. You put energy into wanting food that tastes yummy, that looks good… and it uses your energy, while the food itself reduces your energy as well.

Here, women lose energy this way more than men.

Caring much how you look, what people think of you, huge energy leak.

Most of you are not disciplined enough to plug the leaks, but you could reshuffle your activities, that the brain-fuel needing activities are scheduled for earlier in the day, instead, how you normally have them, later in the day.

I write my articles first thing in the morning.

And normally I don’t schedule anything that needs me to talk until after 2-3 pm.

Either way, I am running on empty by 4 pm.

If I can, when I can, I take a refueling break in the middle of the day.

2. Refueling

You can generate a little extra power for the day by reading in a certain way.

If you read for comprehension, or because you have to, or because the thing is easy to read, or is titillating, then you are using the energy or leaking the energy.

But if you read like I read, you are refueling. I read for refueling.

I also listen to my 67 steps for refueling. I don’t listen to learn something… and I may. I don’t listen for understanding, and I may. I listen for refueling.

Every time I read the way I read, every time I listen the way I listen, I add a tiny bit to my daily quota of brain power.

I am re-reading the book, Curious by Ian Leslie. 1 The book’s truth value is 7%, but if you read it the way I read, it will take you to a replenishing, delightful adventure looking at areas of life that you haven’t considered before.

The two kinds of curiosity he talks about are the unchanneled diversionary/diversive curiosity and the epistemic curiosity… the first sucks energy and provides nothing. The second is for knowledge, for depth, for fuel, for nourishment.

You probably leak an awful lot of energy through clicking on click bait… I call it gossipy curiosity… give you nothing but illusion. Uses energy instead of providing energy.

3. Unless you use it, you lose it.

Some exercises strengthen your brain’s thinking, distinguishing, pattern seeing ability. Some exercises activate the dormant knowledge you may have. And some exercises allow you to come out of Plato’s Cave where there is no thinking required, where you have no power to choose, to grow, to access anything that is not in the cave, like consciousness, like Source, like learning.

To the extent you live in the cave, to the extent that you won’t grow, won’t be conscious, won’t learn, won’t connect to anything higher… unless in your imagination, your fantasy, your desires.

PS: Brain enhancement chemicals (an awful lot are being sold nowadays) are like using kerosene in your car… burns out the gaskets.


PPS: what are your FAVORITE ways to leak energy? sex? drinking? talking? undisciplined sleep schedule? fantasizing? gossipy curiosity? reading the newspaper/watching the news/listening to radio/listening to music?


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  1. He also wrote another worth reading book: Born Liars.

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7 thoughts on “Depleted… One of the causes of brain fog… or foggy brain? Or brain that is not worth a dime.”

  1. My favorite ways to leak energy are sex, drinking occasionally, talking, undisciplined sleep schedule, listening to music, videos on youtube (that i might think are useful), FACEBOOK, obligatory time to relatives.

  2. Checking whatsapp dp’s
    Reading something important and then slowly drifting to something else without noticing

  3. wasting first part of day on menial tasks,
    undisciplined sleep schedule,
    internet curiosity.

  4. I am re-doing my sleep schedule, so I can have a longer “first part of the day”, that I can call truly my own… except this comment… lol.

    If you didn’t (I got up at 3:30 am today, yaay!) I will not be able to grow.

    You do most of your growth in the time you call your own.

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