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The opposite of clarity is best expressed with this statement: “for you: everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…” This is the condition of the current humanity.

Here is another type of brain fog: the too much information type.

The brain can be overwhelmed too… and pulled under.

This is, actually, the state most people are in. Drowning in stuff, that is neither useful, nor needed, nor fun.

One can compare it to a frat party every day. You are encouraged to drink to your fill, then maybe, hopefully vomit and do it again.

Black out, rape someone and don’t even remember, lie, cheat, follow the leader.

Have no time to think for yourself, to have any self-awareness… puppet on springs… a life not suitable for a human.

Just like with drunks, the first step is to dry out.

Hard. Why? Because your body is now dependent on outside things… there is nothing where you are… everything that fills you is crap from the outside.

The main ways you recognize this state on others or on yourself is that there is a rush, a hurry, a scramble… you can see it, you can feel it… it feels as if they were rushing you.

Calm, collected, restful, content, fulfilled is impossible in that state.

What creates this kind of brain fog?

  • Culprit #1: desire trap
  • Culprit #2: the internet, especially your smart phone…
  • Culprit #3: the desire to escape your emptiness, your empty life, the annoyance inevitable with having “other people”
  • Culprit #4: living in the cave where right/wrong dominates the “culture”… and what is wrong needs to be fixed… fast, instantly, now.

There is nothing ever wrong in reality. In the cave everything is either right or wrong, good or bad. In reality things are exactly what they are, neither right, nor wrong, neither good, nor bad.

This kind of brain fog is always the result of you living in the culture of the mind, in the cave.

Everything feels urgent. Everything feels like it is pushing you. The horizontal paradigm of living.

You can live in the horizontal paradigm, and you already know what that feels like.

Or you can transition to the vertical… but how?

The main difference between the two paradigms is you. On the horizontal there is pretty much no you, other than a body in the midst of bodies… afraid of being judged, annihilated. Where you either win or lose. Where you are either right or wrong. Where you either look good or you don’t. Where you explain, justify, struggle or lie down and let others trample you.

It’s all about that. We can call this paradigm the paradigm of “or-ness”… or the paradigm of judgment.

The result of the “original sin”, the result of eating from the tree of knowledge… the result of humanity having moved into the mind.

The paradigm of the mind, the paradigm of Homo Sapiens.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death…

Ugly, miserable, can’t end fast enough… and yet, you cling to your misery, cling to the hope that life could be good… It isn’t. It cannot be good on the horizontal plane.

So what about the vertical plane?

There is nothing ever wrong on the vertical plane. Things may feel bad… things may hurt… things may look ugly… but they are not wrong, they are the way they are. A is A. ugly, hurtful, harmful…

On the vertical plane things have shades of gray… nothing is reduced to the same as everything else… things have a name uniquely addressing what they are.

Those words are not judgments, they are a linguistically different format: they are assertions. There is clarity.

There are things that you don’t want, but they don’t need to be fixed, they can be eliminated, they can be altered, they can be indicators of what’s the next action step.

While the horizontal plane is the plane of someone with a hammer who looks at everything as a nail, on the vertical plane there are many tools that are a perfect fit the task ahead.

Life, on the vertical plane is an adventure, makes sense, and is often joyful.

So how do you get to experience the vertical plane?

In my experience, the Avatar State Audios, the vortex type energy, take you there.

Is that a 100% solution? Of course not.

In reality everything is co-creation. If you are like a sleeping child, no energy can lift you into the vertical.

If you insist that there is something wrong… if you feel justified… no energy can lift you into the vertical.

Will you co-create with the energy? I don’t know.

Surprise me!

I recommend the “nothing wrong/nothing to fix” as the best fit for this task.

Page link:

And if you need a 24/7 solution to play the audio, you can buy the speaker and the chip I have on the same page.

The effect of the audio is only while it’s playing, only when you hear it.

No one can take you permanently to the vertical plane… it took me 30 years… and I used my own motive power… not an energy.

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