Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?

Is brain fog the same as depression, or is depression associated with brain fog?

My assertion is that if you treat the brain fog, you also treat the depression.

Their overlap is 90%. And because brain fog is not emotional but all physical, the approach to treat it is all physical.

The human body is complicated. Not complex… Complex is still penetrable with the human mind, or with artificial brains. No. It’s complicated… not penetrable.

What different foods, different chemicals, different gut flora do and how they interact is complicated.

Trying to understand it is impossible. Not near impossible: it is impossible. Explaining, finding cures or fixes to symptoms is impractical and ineffective, and yet, this is the level of medicine and science… explaining, finding cures for symptoms, finding fixes to symptoms. Ugh.

So what can you do?

Simplify. That is what you can do…

When something is complicated, simplification is always a good step towards a solution. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” When you make it simpler your “premise” is false.

There are a few things we know. From observation. Not many things, but definitely a few things.

  • 1. If your cells are dehydrated, you’ll feel stupid, sluggish, and perform poorly in the world
  • 2. If you don’t sleep right, you’ll be tired, sluggish, brain fog, and often depression follows
  • 3. If you don’t poop you’ll feel off, foggy, and lethargic
  • 4. If you eat like everyone else, eat the common diet, you’ll be an underachiever just like them. And you’ll have problems with your sleep, your poop, your brain, your energy level. (This category includes a what to eat, and the eating style… also having the building blocks the body can use to build a healthy body, the nutrients.)
    5. If you use mood altering substances, brain stimulants, and you stop them, you’ll suddenly find yourself in withdrawal… Anything normal, anything befitting for human consumption, anything really good for you won’t do that… So avoid mood altering substances… including caffeine.

The strait and narrow method of getting well

This simplification strategy will use the strait an narrow method. With this method we eliminate what is harmful, what doesn’t produce what you want, and you’ll be, at the minimum, will be reasonably well. And mostly: really well.

Start with one thing, take it to where it needs to be, and ratchet it in.

That is a rule of life: when you achieve something, make it permanent.

Instead of what everyone else does: drop the ball and go back where you have been before you started, or maybe worse.

It will be hard, because of three reasons:

  • 1. everyone is pulling against you. The crab bucket syndrome…

    misery loves company. People, your family, your friends, cannot care, cannot love, cannot let you escape.

So don’t share. Don’t talk about it. Don’t ask for support, don’t ask them to understand. Just do what you need to do. If they tell you you are weird, then either lie, or just let them say whatever they need to say.

You are responsible for your well-being: take it on. It’s your job, and nobody else’s.

  • 2. The temptation to go back to doing the wrong things is as strong as for an alcoholic. Really.

Consider yourself an addict. Consider the rules of the 12-step programs, especially the first step: declare yourself powerless in the face of “normal” but that doesn’t mean you cannot do one day at a time…

Know that by the second part of the day you have depleted your will-power, so don’t get tempted.

Find an accountability partner who is in the same boat as you: trying to become a strait and narrow path walker: become a joyous, intelligent, productive human.

I have and will write articles on every phase of the strait and narrow.

3. Make sure you don’t expect unrealistic results in an unrealistic timeframe.

You got where you are… it will take about 10% of the time, without mistakes, to get out of the ditch.

If you are like everyone else, this is probably the biggest enemy: expecting fast results… instead of committing to “whatever and however long it takes.”

My most successful student has been doing the work on the strait and narrow for years. He started almost exactly five years ago.

But as long as he keeps it up, he’ll enjoy the life very few get to live: health, wealth, love and happiness, a life worth living.

It’s taken ME longer… I am older.

Neither of us is done. I still make dietary mistakes, and I still use mood altering substances. But I already feel better than I have ever felt before.

Today I felt that if this well-being continues, I’d love to live till a hundred… whereas a year ago I was praying for early death in my sleep.

What can I do for you?

I don’t specialize in illnesses. I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist.

I use muscle testing to get stuff known, and I use Source energies to support you on your journey for a life worth living.

I use the first step, the hydration, as the test if I should take you on as a client. If you cannot accomplish that, then you won’t accomplish any other step… you are too far gone. I cannot help you.

So your first step, the easiest, is to increase your cell hydration.

Follow this link to see if you want to become brain fog free…

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