The 4 stumbling blocks to Intelligence… the empath’s view

Intelligence is what makes you able to

  • navigate the treacherous world of humans,
  • see things for what they are, be able to
  • compare things even if they aren’t in front of you, and
  • find what is more primary and what is secondary so you can do things in order, and lastly accomplish things.

If we look at it with our strait and narrow method, where intelligence is that narrow body of water separating two lands, then any spot we find on land isn’t intelligence, and any spot we find in water is. 1

Intelligence 2 is a number. Numbers are easy to see, easy to compare. I am not talking about IQ, who knows what “they” are measuring… What I am measuring is the full use of your brain and body to live the good life, health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

The number shows to what degree you can create and live the good life for yourself. And this article will attempt to point to the missing at the root level… so you can start there, instead of where all those books and articles out there tell you to start. So you can succeed.

Here are the four linchpins that unless they are present, your intelligence is lacking… and you won’t live the good life.

1. navigate the treacherous world of humans… what can you do that will make that not successful or not possible?

Being alert and aware comes to mind to invert… So being in your head, not out where other humans are is a great way to be not intelligent.

If you make up your own stuff about what is important to other people, and act accordingly, then you are not intelligent. Reading articles, reading books about it… Ultimately articles and books don’t tell you to test their theories, or sharpen your tools that help you decipher, observe, and adjust your behavior so you can be intelligent.

This is the biggest issue that makes you and billions of others unable to be intelligent. In your relationships, in your work, you are not aware, you don’t pay attention, you think that what you think in your head has any relevance to your life.

And you are wrong. People are not things, and they need to be observed, watched, or you’ll be in trouble.

I had an incident yesterday that woke me up. I was walking my stairs, and this guy just started his seven climbs workout. I waited for him. We started to talk… even though I saw that he wasn’t into talking.

And he asked how I was… and I answered… another strike against me, and because I was stupid (not intelligent) I peppered my answer with four letter words.

I felt his inside cringe… but I continued. Now it turned into a confirmation testing, instead of just being stupid.

Then I left him and walked home. I felt like a pariah, and for the first time in my 70 years, I physically felt the cost of not controlling my mouth. This is the start of behavior modification: the insight.

I vowed to learn to speak without curse words… And settled in for the long haul. (important: not hoping for an instant change in a behavior that has been around at least 60 years!)

Most people interact with people based on decisions they made when they were little, or teachings from adults.

Rigid and scripted… covering up natural and intelligent behaviors, appropriate to the other or the situation.

You may have invented to be always fiercely independent… and now you are a one-trick pony… lonely and miserable.
You may have invented to be always nice… and now you can’t say no, cannot say what you mean, because it made you unable to be normal.
You may have invented to be fearful and cautious in life… and now you are like a stiff tiny thing… unable to be intimate, unable to stand up for yourself… not intelligent. Not at all.

2. See things for what they are

The second most important way you are not intelligent is thinking that the way things are is the way you see them.

If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But there are hundreds of other tools, but you don’t see them. It would take you to give up knowing how things are, and to look to see how they really are.

Never happens, does it?

And this makes you really stupid, really unintelligent…

I see this in your behavior on my sites, in your behavior with energizing your water, doing everything you do. Boggles the mind that you don’t see it… but, of course, I have my own issues in this area.

Human arrogance tells us that what we see is what we get… except that not always.

I am dyslexic, and as a dyslexic person I see even stuff that you see maybe accurately, like what card is in front of me, or what’s written on a piece of paper.

I have developed the habit to question what I see… by saying: It ain’t necessarily so, so I don’t get stuck knowing.

But you don’t have a habit to stand corrected. Your entire self is invested in being right, knowing what you know, and take no correction, no adjustment, you keep on seeing what you have decided, and you refuse to be appropriate to what is… to see things for what they are.

Taking correction is a symptom of intelligence. Taking correction is rare because it takes humility: the willingness to consider that you don’t know something, or what you know is wrong.

When humility gets a chance, it will make you look wider and deeper, so you can get the bigger picture and see things more accurately, instead of seeing what is in your mind as the only way.

3. be able to compare things even if they aren’t in front of you, and find what is more primary and what is secondary so you can do things in order

If you fail at this, if you cannot compare things and see the “order of things”, what needs to get done first and what second, what you cannot see cause and effect, when you don’t see what depends on what else to be true, you are going to be a big fat failure, because in spite of all your actions your results will be nil.

Unfortunately this requires to be able to use your brain as intended. This cannot be done in the mind… and if you live in the mind, you are rendering yourself wholly unable to do this step.

It doesn’t even matter what your brain is capable of… it’s like a tractor that sits in your driveway, never driven.

Schooling, projects, courses are the best ways to activate this behavior. In my accountability program people do things that exercise this ability… because without this you won’t be able to get from A to B.

It requires thinking… rigorous thinking. Not easy. You’ll feel your limitations when you do it… and that is a good thing. The brain, thinking, is like your muscles: unless you challenge it, it will atrophy.

4. Accomplish things

People are busy, and nothing ever comes out of it. You don’t have the tools, you don’t have the path, you are just doing things with the wrong tools, no rhyme, no reason, no plan, no results.

I won’t hang out with this one… this is a result of the three…

I have been talking about expanding myself, and becoming an influencer. I have been looking for help to publish my articles as the backbone of some kindle books.

In that context I received an email from a student. She suggests that I create a program to awaken capacities in your DNA.

Her feeling is that the most important capacity, the linchpin capacity that once activated will make growth all possible, is the capacity to allow.

The bad news is that each soul correction has its own linchpin. You pull the pin, the construct falls apart…

Which means that one size doesn’t fit all, doesn’t even fit most.

And yet, some practices, some new behaviors can be done by everyone, and get ready for their linchpin to be pulled.

Removing the three major mistakes that keep your intelligence low could be the first things you need to do.

If you look, the common issues in all are two things:

  • 1. you need to learn to move yourself out of the mind, at will. This involves and is done by activating your attention and operating it like a third hand. You can’t do it? Nothing else matters. Really.
  • 2. you need to be able to put your whole existence on a different grounds of being… where there is nothing wrong, and nothing to fix. Can’t do it? not much else matters…
The current humanity (what you don’t want to be!) lives in the mind and is guided by the fundamental “truth” that things need to be fixed.

It’s everywhere, in every area of life.

The emphasis of humanity is not on living but on fixing.

And this is how we destroy the planet, and this is how we are not intelligent.

If you are not intelligent, you cannot be happy either.

Your happiness depends on your relationship to your life and your relationship to yourself. And neither can be nurturing, if things are wrong, you are wrong, they are wrong, life is wrong, and need to be fixed.

One way ticket to unhappiness. Guaranteed.

I know, I know, everything talks about so many seductive things, and you already know…

If you do… please do yourself a favor and don’t argue with me. Your arguing comes from “something is wrong and it has to be fixed”…

My point exactly.

Oh, one more thing: the method I teach to activate the attention, the third hand, is through reading in a particular way. And I will be teaching it in the Reading Class…

Maybe I should rename it: Activate your attention, activate your third hand, get out of the mind… What do you think? Please comment below…

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    • –I am an empath
    • –I am an architect…
    • –I am an independent thinker…
    • –I am a business woman and
    • –I am a musician.

    All of these are fueled, or made possible by intelligence. The kind of intelligence that you need, no matter what you want to do with your life.

    But the most important part of intelligence: knowing what is the order of things is my weakest… even though without that intelligence, without that capacity fully functional, nearly all I do is spinning my wheels. I have been working on that capacity to open fully for the past 10 years… Now it’s 90% open… Those 10 percents are missing for me to be fully intelligent.

  1. Definition of intelligence

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