How accurate is your knowledge? What you read, see, hear, and say…

Most everything you read on the internet, in books, on youtube, is b.s. Not true… a lie, or not the whole truth.

What do I mean by b.s.? I simply mean that they have a low truth value.

They can be a lie… misdirection, misleading, made up… etc. Not necessarily with a malicious intent… the speaker/writer is looking to say what they say in the mind, in memes, in books, in other people speaking, not in reality.

Unless it is your truth, experienced yourself, it is not truth. Truth repeated is a lie… Talking about flying isn’t flying. Talking about sex isn’t sex. Talking about integrity isn’t integrity.

1. My latest discovery of B.S. is the sway technique many people teach to find truth.

  • The mind says, common sense says: if you lean AWAY from the object, then the answer is no. Just the opposite is true.
  • Same thing about gut feelings: your gut does nothing with a lie, but signals (discomfort!) with a yes. Flies in the face of the mind, doesn’t it?
  • They say: muscle test, and they say: your body answers. But your body has been duped. Your body craves sugar that kills it. Your body is not innocent… it wants what it’s been having. It is under the tyranny of the mind.
So what is answering your questions when you muscle test?

What answers the questions must be outside of the sphere of power of the mind, and thus memes, and Dark Side, and social media.

  • It isn’t your soul: it is inside, squashed… :-(.
  • It isn’t your Self… it is largely non-existent. You have an inflated delusional self, your precious “I”… but no Self, or not really.
  • Is your attention outside? yes
  • Is your consciousness/Witness outside? yes.
My hunch is that it’s the Consciousness/Witness that answers the questions… but for that you need to be aligned to All-Knowledge, or at the minimum to Consciousness.

I have been experimenting, and when you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, this connection automatically gets established. If and when you speak… no connection… inaccurate results.

2. Everyone talks about health, nutrition, sugar, global warming,

but I have, thus far, read in one article one of the most harmful aspects of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere: plants use CO2 like we use Oxygen. And with the increased amount CO2 the plants grow faster, get less nutrients from the soil, they are sweeter.

Result: your animals, yourself get sweeter, and you get less nutrients in your food.

10-20 years ago it was impossible to get all your nutrients from food. Now it is nearly so, that none of your nutrients come from food… it’s not there.

At the same time it’s nearly impossible to avoid sugar: everything is sweet… I have started to experience hypoglycemia after I ate one pepper. 10 grams of sugar. In one pepper.

For someone with sugar metabolism issues, that is a fast way to get into the sugar yo-yo again.

3. Videos on youtube, videos that expose the evil conspiracy against you and your health abound.

But their truth value is low. here is one I just listened to. It’s truth value is 10%. Why? because of narrow cone of vision. Not necessarily the speaker’s, but his sources.

Narrow cone of vision is the middle name of every American… Seeing causation where there is a correlation, and the real cause is outside of that cone of vision.

Specifically here, for this video: If most of our Calcium overload is from milk… wouldn’t it be useful to pull in milk into the picture? But no, narrow cone of vision is maybe the middle name of Human (narrow cone of vision) Sapiens.

4. Memes… I am running into these memes that attribute b.s. to people who are credible… and if they actually said that, it must be true.

First off: truth repeated is a lie. This applies to anything you repeat. The bible. The Torah. Whatever someone said or wrote… they don’t become Tree of Knowledge, aka truth unless it is your personal experience.

That is, largely, about 1% of the things you say. But that means that the 99% of what you say is utter lie, untruth, partial truth, or b.s.

And you are too lazy or too dumb to know.

That, compared to 7% of truth value, or books, for example, makes the 7% a whole lot. But it isn’t.

Dr. Joel Wallach’s stuff (not the multilevel marketing stuff, the theory) has 30% truth value. Why? Because he personally cut open thousands of dead animals, so it’s his personal and somewhat accurate observation.

While the famous and money grabbing health gurus,

  • Dr. Eric Berg (truth value: 5%),
  • Dr. Oz (truth value: 10%),
  • Dr. Mercola (truth value: 10%),
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson (truth value: 5%),
  • Dr. Darren Weissman (truth value: 3%),
  • Dr. Daniel Amen (truth value: 10%),
  • Dr. Axe (truth value: 10%).
Being an influencer is the dream of all the money hungry people.

Because when you hear something of the mouth of an influencer, it strikes you as the truth. Why? Because of a cognitive bias, a cognitive shortcut that allows you to be mentally slothful: if he said it it must be true… but you see that swaying the unsuspecting, mentally slothful crowds is relatively easy… and then they can tell you everything they want. Because you’ll buy. You’ll swallow. You’ll take it for truth what they say.


A week ago I started an experiment. My premise was: if Magnesium softens the muscles… would taking more of it help my sore rock hard calves to become soft again so I can walk with less pain?

I have been taking a whole lot more Magnesium. And I found out that I didn’t know much about Magnesium, and that has hurt my health. The experiment is not over, I’ll run it at least three weeks: too early to tell.

But watching the videos on youtube I saw that almost every topic has a proponent who uses the topic as their one tool… a fit all hammer… and everything looks to them like a nail.

And to boot, even what they say about their “topic” is low truth value.

For example all fancy shmancy formats of Magnesium test “no” for me. I have found that clients I have tested, myself included, respond “yes” to Magnesium Oxide… and “no” to all the citrates, and gluconates, and other fancy formulation.

I friend who had horrible arch pain when he walked was taking 400 mg of Magnesium in Magnesium Citrate form. I gave him my own Magnesium Oxide bottle, and after two weeks he has spring in his steps, and a smile on his face.

What actually got softer? Why he hurts less? I don’t know. I only know that he is. If I made up reasons, that would be lies… because I don’t know. I will not specialize in Magnesium… lol.

And I am not an authority… thank god.

I muscle test everything. As soon as I say it. About 20% of my hunches, my theories are b.s. says Source. So I immediately inform the person I talk to is that what I said wasn’t true….

When you say things that are not true because they are not true, or by virtue of them being Tree of Knowledge… your integrity suffers.

And without integrity nothing works. NOTHING.

It is near impossible which of the Starting Point Measurements is the most important number… that if you could change it your life would start to work for you, not against you.

But integrity is definitely up there… because without integrity nothing works.

The higher your meme/Tree of Knowledge score, the lower your integrity. The higher your desire number, the lower your integrity. The higher your “about you” number, the lower your integrity. The higher your “inauthenticity” number, the lower your integrity.

And if you just stopped spouting things you heard, your integrity number would start growing. Really.

And your life would start working.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How accurate is your knowledge? What you read, see, hear, and say…”

  1. yay! i’ve been waiting for you to address this issue of the salt form of a mineral and it’s bio-availability for humans.

    i am wondering what is the truth value of this guy/his website: dr. lawrence wilson, his website is

    a lot of the stuff is way out there
    but the mineral stuff, especially the complex relationships between the 40 minerals that they measure, and it seems to make sense, but from you i’ve learned to question what “makes sense” b/c it’s usually not true..or maybe a better question..
    this mineral hair test and analysis of the results that they do, is it valuable/useful? you do something similar.. but they’re also checking for the toxic mineral load as well..

    another question.. could humic shale be a possible useful general all-purpose mineral supplement for humans?.. all the minerals there come from ancient plants, so they might be in a form that humans can use.. but those also came from a time when humans weren’t around, so we may have never evolved with those forms of minerals, thus may be totally useless or even harmful.. e.g. too much selenium in the wrong form can kill a human.. humic shale is probably one of the best all-around mineral (not humus/organic material, which is a totally different yet absolutely necessary part of soil dynamics) supplements for soil.. so maybe better just used as a soil amendment..

  2. Dr Larry Wilson: truth value of his stuff: 7%

    everything you ask after this guy: the question comes from tree of knowledge… the mind… and there is nothing to test because you ask from already knowing: no curiosity, no innocence, nothing.

    Humic shale: humic shale tests as a scam. I mean the things they claim about it. Including Dr. Joel Wallach… scam

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