What you crave is experiences…

This morning I am looking at the tremendous difference between high vibration and low vibration. My head is spinning… wow.

One can say, that vibration is a number that measures how much of reality you see accurately.

  • What you see, of course, depends on what you know, what you can distinguish from everything else… accurately.
  • What you see, of course, depends on where you are when you are looking. How high, and how wide and how deep you look.
  • and what you see, of course depends on what you’ll consider as relevant… we’ll consider this your grounds of being.
  • and lastly, what you see will depend on your attitude aka what is driving the looking.

All these, of course, are nearly invisible for the looker. the person whose vibration we measure…

I am saying “nearly invisible” because unless you pay attention to what you see, to where you are looking from, to what you consider relevant and to what is your attitude… these factors are unconscious and therefore not seen. Invisible.

I have many gmail accounts.

Of those two are “junk” accounts… junk, because I only check them once a month or so. Otherwise I let the junk come in. The rest of my gmail accounts: I unsubscribe from everything I don’t want to see, don’t want to be distracted by. I choose to get what I actually want in my life. The junk? I only want to see what the lowest vibration does, what the lowest vibration people respond to. Seeing that gives me insights, as it did today.

The email that inspired today’s article was from Darius Barazandeh (what a name, eh?) and featured a few people. All fakes, all frauds, all low vibration. And depending on your vibration, meaning depending on all those factors I am mentioning above, you will eat it up, or you’ll see them for what they are. Crap. 1

My question, the question I am pondering, why cannot you see that you are being fed crap, that you are being deceived.

Student posts take me right to the answer:

The interplay of those four different ways you can see the world will pretty much tell you how much crap you’ll feed on.

So let’s look at those four in detail, shall we?

1. What you see, of course, depends on what you know, what you can distinguish from everything else… accurately.

The normal state of a homo sapiens is “for you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always.” You can’t see subtle differences, you can’t tell one thing from another, you are like a cat: unless it moves it doesn’t even exist.

We are born like this. And most of us stay this way. You have no distinctions, it all is a big foggy world out there…

One of the reasons this is so is that you move into the cave of your mind, and can only see the shadow of reality. Have you noticed that the shadow depends more on the surface that catches it than on the object that casts it? You can see the “everything is the same as everything else” right there.

In the cave of your mind you’ll always be like that: stupid. And you’ll do stupid things.

You’ll judge things by their shadow. The shadow of a program, for example, is an experience.

So in the cave you’ll be swayed by experiences. And your experiences will be what people tell you they should be…

The guy in the movie Matrix that craves the sizzle of steak will move into the Matrix, the cave, and will hear and taste the steak… that is really that glop… that he ate before.

Reality never enters the cave… reality is outside of the cave. And it is the way it is. Some of it is beautiful, some of it is ugly.

For example a part of ikigai 2 , “meaning” is the way light is in my house in the morning. Breathtaking and gives worth to life. Then the oppressive heat in the afternoon… ugly. But having beautiful mornings, splendid tea, great conversations… it is worth allowing the oppressive heat… life is all the good and bad.

People who live in the mind don’t have ikigai… in my experience. They crave stronger and stronger experiences to feel alive.

But experiences don’t make you feel alive… being alive allows for experiences… but there is no “being alive” in the cave, and you know it.

2. What you see, of course, depends on where you are when you are looking. How high, and how wide and how deep you look.

If you are looking inside the cave… of course you’ll only see the shadows of reality. But even if you aren’t in the cave, the view differs whether you are in the forest, walking, or if you climbed a tall tree.

One of my favorite stories I learned from Tai is the group of engineers that emergency landed in the rain forest.
They develop a cutting edge cutting method with their machetes… in perfect 45 degrees, as they are trying to get to the nearest village.

One climbs a tree and spots the village, and yells out: guys, the village is in the opposite direction…

The engineers, living in the cave of their minds didn’t look what direction to go… they only cared about the perfection of the cut.

If you never take the time to climb higher, look wider, look deeper, all your actions will be misdirected.

3. What you see, of course depends on what you’ll consider as relevant… we’ll consider this your grounds of being.

For the engineers being superior in using their tools is what is relevant. Being right, looking good. Being well regarded. Being superior. Not making a mistake. Not looking weak. Not looking ignorant.

FOMO… fear of losing out.

Having to, needing to, having to, and should.

The tail is wagging the dog.

4. and lastly, what you see will depend on your attitude aka what is driving the looking.

Fear, greed, envy

Wanting something for nothing.

Your world view

“I want what I want and i want it now!”

It’s wrong and it must be fixed… now!

You don’t seem to have any handle on your attitude. You don’t know that you are in control of it.

The only good thing I have seen from Esther Hicks is the methodology of raising your attitude through the 20 stages. It’s a good method. It is using your brain, words, to change who you are in the moment. It doesn’t raise your vibration, but it does change your attitude. It is time-consuming, the effects don’t last, but it teaches you that your attitude is entirely within your power.

And of course, your TLB… how much discord, ambivalence, hardship, discomfort you are willing to take for what you want. All in your power… yet you behave as if you are the tail and the attitude is the dog.

OK… what can you do?

In my experience, the biggest issue is you not even knowing that you can direct your attention. That is another symptom of the tail wags the dog.

Until and unless you learn, your life will not work, and you’ll hate it and yourself.

I use reading as a way to find your attention and to learn to control it. This is what I teach in the Reading course. And then use falling asleep as a second step: using the attention to get out of the mind, to get the Self out of the mind. Another practice.

I have found that unless you can direct your attention and can get out of the mind at will, you can’t grow, and I cannot work with you… because there is nothing I can teach you inside the mind that will make a difference.

The cave will always stay seductively attractive, so don’t think you are done.

Every single person around you lives in their mind… that is the meaning of homo sapiens: the race that lives in their mind. Sharpens the machete, cutting in the wrong direction.

But if you take the time and energy to learn to direct your attention and use it to take the self out of the cave… to where life actually is, you’ll be able to enjoy life, have ikigai, and accomplish stuff if you wish. there is no having to, needing to, wanting to, and should in reality. They are only in the mind.

Here is the link to register in the Reading course. I will open up the Sleeping course only to participants that show promise…

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  1. Darius Barazandeh vibration: 110. Truth value: 1%. Jarrad Hewett: vibration: 110. truth value: 1%. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters: vibration: 130. Truth value: 3%. Jill Mattison: vibration: 110. Truth value: 2%. July Satori vibration: 70. truth value: 1%
  2. =reason to live, the Kaizen version of Logotherepy, or our Western version of looking for meaning and purpose in our lives.

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