Where did evolution take a wrong turn? Can we go back and take the right turn?

Lots of questions are coming up… Is it possible to be happy, to have ikigai, purpose, and joy if you live in your imagination?

What is the main difference between animals and homo sapiens?

The only differences I can see are

1. homo sapiens (modern humans) live in the mind… thinking it’s reality
2. homo sapiens have conscience
3. homo sapiens live like anything different from what they want is wrong.
4. homo sapiens have usury relationships, win-lose, zero sum.

I have written a lot of articles about living in the mind, and have courses to help you spend at least some of your time outside of the mind that is like a cave…

But I haven’t written about conscience. 1

Conscience, in Hebrew, is the same word as the name for a compass that shows true North.

And that is what conscience is supposed to do: point to a way of behavior that is befitting for a human: the crown achievement of evolution.

But at some point a fly fell into this soup… and conscience has devolved into a punishing device.

Conscience is why nothing works without integrity… your will punish yourself, one way or another.

I have no claims to know how exactly evolution works, I can only make deductions from what is visible and what is not readily visible, but I can get to a lot of truth through muscle testing.

OK… here you go. I’ll tell you what is Tree of Knowledge and what is Tree of life…

It starts with knowledge from Kabbalah: Tree of Knowledge. Kabbalah says, or at least my Kabbalah teacher said: Life wants more life. The truth value of this statement is 100%… Life wants more life. 2

Life wants more life

And the mechanism of evolution, at least the instigator of evolution, the Selfish Gene, comes from books, Tree of Knowledge.

The idea of protein molecules in the primordial sea, it organizing, and then combining itself with self-replicating elements of life is only 10% truth value.

That there is such a thing as the Selfish Gene, is also 10% truth value.

But these are the ideas everyone who considers evolution a valid model for life have accepted as true, more or less.

I am not a creationist, and creationist ideas have less than 1% truth value… and yet.

There is intelligence to the “design” of life. Innate intelligence. And foresight.

Life doesn’t seem to be reactive. It seems to think ahead, plan ahead. You can see that in humans: they have unexpressed capacities, and the hidden compass: conscience. Unused potentials.

The current direction the human race has chosen to ignore the capacities, and use conscience more like a stick than a carrot. Ass backward…

It is dangerous to say that there is an intelligent design, because both intelligence and design has been designated as conscious acts by sentient beings, according to the current knowledge of humans.

So the moment I say: intelligent design, or Original Design, people hear that I am saying: there is a god, or there was a god… which is not what I am saying.

Life itself is intelligent, and if it is true that Life wants more life, then Life has designed humans to go in certain ways… and then humans made a wrong turn, by themselves or by deceit… and now human life is against Life.

My personal opinion that the peaceful Neanderthals would have been the path towards becoming a human being… but the predatory “modern humans” killed the Neanderthals off.. (this paragraph is a 70% truth value… wowze! lol)

In the Original Design you were going to be guided by curiosity, the desire to fully use your capacities, and conscience.

The kind of beings that populate a society where people get along, and where no one uses another, no one exploits another, no one makes money destroying the planet…

Obviously this is not the reality we live in… because we are not living by the Original Design.

We have made a wrong turn.

You cannot get back to the right path from where you are. It’s like telling a mature tree to grow oranges instead of apples… it’s not going to work.

The question is: can you get back to the point where your species made a wrong turn. And truthfully, this is what my “Great Adventure” is about, to see: so Source can see too.

So far it seems that some people can… I could, for example.

The issues are simple but hard. And it’s hard for me to create practices to actually cause it.

Understanding is the enemy. Understanding is a “mind” thing: you drag what you hear into the cave, and digest it there… but it becomes part of the culture we want to eliminate. So understanding is out.

It needs to be experiential… and become muscle memory. Instinctual. Automatic. Not needing choice… the only choice.

Everyone and everything is against you, discouraging you from going back so you can start on the right path…

Why? It makes them feel less than you. Inferior to you. So they force you to stay in the chicken coop.

Miserable, unable to have a silent mind, unable to be present to reality, unable to see that there is nothing wrong… ever.

Everyone has a different main sticky point they need to let go of. The Soul Correction is supposed to show what it is.

For example, for me it was taking myself out of the picture. Looking at the world as it is without me. Seeing that I matter to me, I may matter to a few people, but I really don’t matter as much as I imagined I should.

I needed to make it instinctual that life is not about being smarter than others, knowing more than others, being more useful than others. In business these things may matter, but in life you need to interact with life, with life’s measures, and become the best and the most you can become with what you have. The being better than the next person is puny… that you are better of going for the big game: life.

Once I started to let go of that: life started to support me. Even with life’s support it’s taken me decades to be where I am today.

One of the issues people with a similar soul correction have is their hero complex and other delusional mind-constructs that make remaining the way you are more attractive than going back so you can get to a more evolved version of yourself.

Because letting go of the delusion takes you to being “nothing special”. And one of the desires human have is to be special. More special than the other person!

As long as you are hooked on being special you are as ordinary as it comes. It is the most ordinary thing to want to be special. Being treated special. Being thought of as special.

Being ordinary is calm, collected, and a silent mind.

The busy mind asks: Am I special enough yet?

Someone who has the courage to be ordinary isn’t asking that question. They use their precious glycogen (or whatever chemical it is that you need to operate your brain and create, solve big issues). Someone with the courage to be ordinary will use their precious glycogen where it produces results, where it is worth spending it.

Smarter people are only smarter because they don’t fritter their glycogen on puny worries, on stuff that doesn’t matter, on feeling special or what other people think of them.

The more you worry about what doesn’t matter, what won’t matter, the less you’ll have, and the less you’ll accomplish in life.

Even if at some time earlier you got to a place… you can change any time.

In either direction.

I have seen people getting into “relationship” age, and spend all their glycogen on worrying about relationships. Or children. Or their weight. Or what they have. Or some other mundane b.s. not worth worrying about.

The more you surround yourself with people the less energy you’ll have for anything that needs energy. People will suck you dry.

I am not talking about some special partnership type relationships… I am talking about most relationships.

I am including spouses, I am including children, parents. They want to feed on you. Really.

If you want to accomplish anything in life, be alone, or be with a partner. A partner who also wants to accomplish something. So they won’t suck you dry and you won’t suck them dry.

A special friend, an accountability partner, a special coach or mentor.

Obviously you cannot learn much from my articles. Articles teach “mind-learning”, understanding, and keep you in the mind.

I use coaching, workshops, courses to move you from one path to another.

Your Starting Point Measurements show you where you are most off, what are your sticky points, where you can most effectively unstuck yourself.

My coaching program is always open to people who show promise.

I also have an almost free workshop series scheduled to start on June 23. On falling in love with yourself… and its connection to Conscience and integrity.

In these workshops I’ll help you start your list of where you feel guilty, where your conscience tells you you are “wrong”. And I will give participants an opportunity to sign up to use me to support them, ongoingly, so they can succeed.

Many of the crucial behaviors that robbed me of my self-love were also invisible to me. And I was lucky: I had some credible people point them out to me. (I have written about those: lying and gossiping were my invisible to me behaviors.)

My hunch is: you need support. Because left to your own devices you created the life you have… and will continue doing the same thing the same way… and when you read this article again in a year or two, you’ll realize that you could have gotten ahead but you didn’t. You remained the same: not loving yourself, not loving your life.

OK, here you go:

The first workshop will be on Saturday, June 23, at 4 pm. That is 10 pm in Europe, and 6 am on Sunday in Australia

Pay $1 through this link. If you haven’t gotten your Starting Point Measurements, then you’ll have a chance to get that on the payment page.

Another thing, a training course, trains you capacities to use your attention at will, and to move out of the mind. I call the first course the Reading Course, because we’ll use reading to distinguish and make the use of attention instinctual.

The second course, the Sleep Course will go one step further, and use falling asleep as a tool to get you out of the mind.

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  1. conscience: an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.
  2. This doesn’t mean what I see people want: getting more out of life… The problem is the word “getting”. It is an entitled saying. A truth value 100% saying is: You earn more life by putting more into life, investing more into life…  I can feel you cringing. lol

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Where did evolution take a wrong turn? Can we go back and take the right turn?”

  1. thanks for your feedback on my last two comments, in recent articles..very helpful, once i got past the usual initial stings..used a curious and allowing context to explore my “jealousy” in all its facets, places it shows/ed up my life..an interesting rabbit hole–

    [one thing i may have learned..feedback on this please, if i am wrong about this i need to know, just like when i was trying to weasel out of owning my jealousy..for some reason, i decided the next time jealousy (or whatever super-intense marker feeling) was triggered i would focus on what the body is feeling, (just letting mind do its thing, it definitely wasn’t going to be saying anything i hadn’t heard a million times already), allowing the marker feeling to rage, and making the experience about being curious about how it’s affecting my body-heart rate, temp, breathing, tenseness, whatever, allowing it, not trying to change it, just collecting data.-

    i let the mind run, focusing on the body..omg..within a minute..the actual words of one of my memes revealed themselves, i just happened to “overhear” what my mind was doing, while trying to focus on the body..it is so weird, i’ve done it twice now..

    the two are related- “wo/men shouldn’t be like that”..”that” being? think harvey weintstein et al and their “victims”..

    once the marker feeling passed..i had a good laugh..uhh, they are “that” way..which oddly, now gives the power back to me, i get to decide how i want to behave,

    but hmm, problem is part of me wants/demands to be a self-righteous victim..

    just because the meme was identified definitely does not make it go away..i’m just now noticing how often it gets triggered and to what degree, by what..i just try to keep my focus on the body..

    i am sort of creating a circuit of what i focus on..attention-gravity (the weight of my body)-belly/breath–tangerine spot…please feedback on any and all places i am going wrong with this line of thinking, thank you..]

    anyway, so the “jealousy” rabbit hole was ultimately coming out to, omg, what you just said in this article..wanting to be special, the only one that gets attention/external validation), in a manner mostly dictated by my soul correction: stop fatal attraction, which i’m in the process of renaming for myself, its something like-stop creating dramatic/adrenaline-fueled situations for the sole purpose of getting to be a “special” victim that now has the right to complain endlessly to/steal attention from any/everyone..

    so on that note, i am so stoked you have created this integrity course..barring my soul correction wreaking havoc on my plans, i will be there next Saturday..

  2. It’s not a bad way to force yourself to be outside of the cave/mind, what you are doing. Observing the physical experience, so you can catch what the marker feeling is triggered by. I like it.

    Pst, if you call it integrity course no one will show up! lol

  3. The “being special” thing has been popping up again for me too. This article and the previous comment are very helpful!

    About the webinar on Saturday: I won’t be able to participate, but can I sign up and listen to the recording later? Will that still be helpful?

  4. Being special, or wanting to be special are two major ways people render themselves “never do well”.

    The recording will be useful. don’t forget that this is a series where I am experimenting on how to teach this topic: a topic I have never taught before, so by listening to the recording, you will be a lot more savvy by the next webinar.

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