I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday…

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I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday.

It was a huge let-down. Not because it was bad, but because it was truthful.

We have been acclimated, we have been trained, to expect that the good will always win. The other people can fight your fight. That there is hope.

There is no hope.

I could have expected that from Billy Bob Thornton, after his Sling blade movie. But I was still jarred awake.

And if I needed to be jarred awake, you doubly, triply need to be jarred awake.

Your understanding of the world, your world view has handed your life, your control, over to others… who use it to enrich themselves.

Your accurate vocabulary is so low partially because you are taught to think positive, you are taught to close your eyes instead of looking at reality.

  • They say love is better than hate… and maybe it feels better but it puts you to sleep…
  • They say try to be positive… and avoid negativity
  • They say hope is all you need… but hope makes you not take any actions to improve your lot

Being a realist is not fashionable.

And the world is going out in a handbasket. The branch is cut under your feet. You are giving guidance that renders you a pussy… a wussy, a sissy, a limp d*ck. Good for nothing.

The second season of Goliath is a most realistic slice of life: where all the good guys, and even some of the bad guys, are optimistic, expect the best, trust, and this becomes highly dupable.

  • People are good… really?
  • Bad things happen to other people… really?
  • Love is real… really?
  • What you see is what you get… really?
  • Your slogans are very close to my heart, therefore you must be a good person…. really?!!!!

Billy Bob Thornton, the only American male actor who I think knows how to act… plays an alcoholic trial lawyer. The odds are stacked against him… and he loses.

He is gullible, trusting, pulled by his johnson and his drinking off the path.

He shows that you need to stay alert, can’t use mind altering substances to guide you on your strait and narrow.

He does, you do, and Evil succeeds on Earth.

I am doing the darned best to wake you up, so far with hardly any result.

I hate that! so I am re-doubling my efforts, increasing my means, even though I know that it is wasted on you.

But what else can I do if I want to be able to love myself?

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