The greased chute… or what is the fastest way to lose your vibrational frequency?

What is the fastest way to devolve… the greased chute 1 to lose your vibration? To move yourself to the horizontal plane

  • Sometimes I write articles to solve an issue for myself… Tai calls this chess-like assiduity… 2 lol.
  • Sometimes I write articles to address and issue one or more clients are dealing with… and help them solve it for themselves. Because, remember, when things don’t go well… there is something that you don’t know/don’t see
  • And sometimes I write articles to prevent an issue for a client, and issue that is predictably coming.

This article fits category two and three… Some clients are struggling with an issue the other clients are about to encounter…

The issue is devolving. Greased chute to hell… Not a happy issue, is it?

So, let’s get starting.

To see that, we’ll need to examine what are the main differences between the horizontal plane and the vertical plane.

Apart from all the capacities… that we’ll look a little later, there are certain attitudes, behaviors that are quite visible.

Hurry is one of these.

There is never any hurry on the vertical plane.

If you look at it through the Martian’s eyes 3 , we may see someone doing things fast. Someone running. Someone’s hands moving fast.

We don’t see hurry. We think hurry…

  • The moment hurry comes in, smooth goes out the window.
  • The moment hurry comes in, incoherence comes right on its tail.
  • The moment hurry comes in, you are in stitches, tense, and chunky… uncoordinated. Breathless. Stupid.
What is underneath hurry? What makes hurry so dangerous to your vibration?
  • There can be greed… But what is greed? It is a sense of lack. A black hole. A hunger.
  • There can be fear… the fear of losing out, missing out. The fear of not having enough time. The fear of death.

And underneath that is the root: there is something wrong. Wrong with me, wrong with you, wrong with it.

The root: there is something wrong notion triggers the “wanting to, having to, needing to, and should” forceful “levers”… and make you hurry.

Without addressing the foundation, you are only polishing apples… you are only dealing with the symptoms.

Surprisingly the most telling score is your vocabulary/clarity score in your Starting Point Measurements whether you will see things as wrong or you will see things as A is A.

It’s not that you don’t know more than 200 words, for example… it is that every word you know is inside some systemic judgment, right/wrong, good/bad, should be/shouldn’t be.

The pressure to go out of the “zone” where you are doing what you are doing without hurry, where you are coherent, etc. seem to come from other people… spouses, parents, lovers, bosses or things… like flood, tornado, deadlines… etc.

But ultimately it is not what happens that gives you the quality of your life. Instead your attitude about it.

Your attitude on the root level.

If your life is based on “there is something wrong with you…” then you’ll be the dog that is wagged by the tail.

People will know how to push your buttons… and you’ll react like a zombie.

Totally predictable, totally automatic.

As long as you point to outside of yourself as the cause of your misery, you are a dog wagged by the tail.

The foundation not addressed will be still working. Playing hide and seek won’t help. Ignoring won’t help. Pretending won’t help. Lying won’t help.

I notice people don’t even want to use the word lying… lying down is customarily changed to laying down… bad English, a telltale sign that you can’t face reality, that you can’t face the tiger.

When I test your willingness and ability to 4 summon adult capacities, I am referring to your willingness and ability to face the tiger. 5

The more you can see and face like you’d face a tiger, the more you can move to the vertical plane. The more you are able to act as an adult.

Adult means: being able to use yourself fully, without being impeded by memes, and voices, and urges, and marker feelings, and all that… Live fully in reality, using all your capacities for life. Aware, calm, collected, beautiful.

My level of access to my adult capacities is 70%, but today it’s 50%. It’s still much-much higher than anyone I have ever measured, but I am still hasty a lot of the time, I assume stuff to be true, make mistakes, don’t look before I leap. And this number gets lowered with my health number and my hydration number: when they drop, so does my adult capacities number.

My “mistakes I made” number, my Six Sigma number is normally negligible… Except for the past week…

But in the past seven days, since last Wednesday, I have broken expensive stuff, I have dropped stuff, I have made more mistakes than I normally make in a year. I also feel sick, have numbness in my limbs, and headaches keep me from being fully present.

So it’s time to find out what is happening…

The energy attacks continue, so it’s not that. The weather is OK, so it’s not that. I am eating what I always eat… or am I? Let me look…

I shop every two weeks on Wednesdays. Last week I bought 10 President butters, almost $4 each. Expensive.

I use it for my tea, and cooking. And since last Wednesday I am having stomach problems, including nausea.

I muscle tested and it’s because of the butter. Too much? Yes… then I muscle tested the butter… and it says “no”. Seemingly the same kind of butter…

I muscle test my stockpile, the seven packages of butter I bought to save, so I don’t run out. They test yes. WTF? same package, same store.

The newly bought “French” butter is made of A1 milk, made in America… of American milk, the kind that kills people, causes heart troubles, diabetes, mental issues, a real killer.

I have heard of wine forgery. Artwork forgery. But butter forgery? Yes. I have also seen lamb forgery.

The package says one thing but the contents are not that.

I feel my body tensing up. I am aware my foundation saying: something wrong, or it’s wrong. Of course it’s wrong. It’s criminal.

But there is a difference between it’s wrong, and there is something wrong.

I can deal with “it’s wrong” because it’s a lie. And because i don’t have to be a victim of it. I don’t have to try to fix it. It is what it is. People trying to make unethical, criminal buck.

Can I be OK with that? What are my choices?
  • 1. I resolve to be more alert, because I am responsible for my choices
  • 2. I swear vengeance against them

The second choice will take me straight down the horizontal plane.

Is it worth it? No. Will I choose that? No.

So what am I teaching here?

In essence I am teaching to go and look at the root level, as often as you possibly can.

And endeavor to live on the vertical plane where there is nothing ever wrong.

Don’t just visit. Live there.

I have people buying the “nothing wrong” avatar state activator audio.

But they never even contemplate looking how they are deciding that there is something wrong.

Unless you declare yourself CAUSE of everything, include your “grounds of being”… in this case “there is something wrong”, no activator can help you. I can’t help you. Coaching can’t help you.

Now, specifically the issue some of my clients are dealing with: a sudden change in the number of “things to do”… namely summer break in school.

Or the opposite: from a relatively easy schedule suddenly you are now asked to handle a whole bigger load.

Both are states of an ess… an evolutionary stable strategy, to a place where you don’t have the tools, don’t have the presence of mind, don’t have the SYSTEM that can absorb a big change like that.

I have been going through one of these myself… I am asked to handle a whole bigger load, by having invented the double my income project.

Interestingly enough, dealing with increased load is less dangerous than dealing with decreased load. Dangerous in terms of entering the greased chute to hell.

Why is that? Because the load needs to be handled, so eventually you’ll figure it out.

But when suddenly you have nothing that you need to do, the chance that you’ll drop all your plates, is tremendous.

The organizing principle disappeared. The necessity.

So what are you supposed to do?

My suggestion is that you invent a new organizing principle. We can call it context. Backdrop. The kind that has nothing to do with what you HAVE TO do, NEED TO DO, or SHOULD DO. Not even with what you WANT TO do.

Something that you CHOOSE TO do. Or become.

My accountability program with currently two participants, is brilliant.

You promise (in the morning or the night before) four things you’d do that day. Preferable four plates you’ll inject energy into, four plates you are already spinning, in the areas of health, wealth, love and happiness.

And then you come back in the evening and you report that you did or didn’t do what you said.

The other people in the system are your accountability partner.

People can double up/pair up, and form friendships. It seems to be working brilliantly.

Most people have no one in their lives they can consider partners, no one with whom they can share themselves,  what they are doing, and not be judged, not be advised, not be controlled.

So for most people this is the only place where they can be themselves.

I am an active participant on that board: I both listen to their promises, and coach them when i see a reason or opportunity to coach them.

That is my favorite activity nowadays: I see movement there, whereas most other areas: no movement… other than wanting to impress me.

I don’t like it when you try to impress me. I find the “in order to” and the inauthenticity hard to tolerate.

If I could choose what to do for a living, I would choose to run and moderate a mastermind type program, where people use the system to hold them accountable.

But if you are not up to something, you’d be a poor match… And most people are not up to anything, or not really.

So this “dream” is distant at this point. My new project is designed to get more people into my sphere of influence who are up to something worth being up to.

And there is another wrinkle: unless you can have a created context active in every area of you life… you’ll devolve the accountability forum into a have-to. A straitjacket… And that is the worst thing you can do.

  • You can contact me if you are interested.
  • You can refer other people who you think would be a good match.
  • You can raise your hand that eventually you want to be a good match for the accountability program. I’ll keep an eye on you inside that context.

And if you wonder what the heck I am talking about when I talk about an invented context… you can email me, or comment below. But don’t do it before you search my articles…

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  1. the greased chute works without YOU noticing that you are going down. the movie Temple Grandin shows how it works with cattle…

  2. assiduity: constant or close attention to what one is doing… the ability to think something through. It takes more glycogen that most people have… Three minutes is this needs as much energy as a whole 8-hour shift in a coal-mine… I read somewhere.
  3. we use the Martian so we get rid of the interpretations and look at only what is visible, sans interpretation.
  4. To what degree you have access to your adult capacities
  5. Face the tiger points to a story I taught a few times. It is so essential to my teaching that it is now in the “terms”

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