Making the invisible visible! how do you do that?

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Making the invisible visible

is this the same as making the unconscious conscious? Maybe… let me ponder that!

But let me tell you when and how I was first introduced to the invisible… because truth be told, because the invisible cannot be seen, I completely ignored it till then.

I was at a Peak Potentials course. I think it was the Wizard course.

In one session we got a homework for the break: to look between things… to look at the space between visible things, like trees, like ants, like the clouds.

A whole big new world opened up for me…

Of course, the space between things that no one pays attention to is just one kind of invisible… but I was hooked.

I have spent the last ten years going deeper and deeper into the invisible. Result: the truth value of my world is now is 70%. I enjoy my life, and when I don’t. I know what invisible snagged me, and how to correct it… fast. My level of integrity and authenticity are at the same level… I have managed to get well physically, which is a miracle, because it didn’t look like I was going to live this long… etc. etc. etc.

When things float in your head, they are part of the invisible domain.

You don’t really see what is there, you only have some clue by the marker feelings… the feelings/emotions that they trigger.

Making that visible can make the difference between conceited, delusionally 3 smart, and actually becoming worth a damn in the world.

My main methodology of making the invisible visible, is following a principle: “It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.”

The main purpose of having and living by this principle is to take me out of my mind where I am the smartest person, to reality where much of what I say doesn’t make sense to most who listens.

It made so much sense in my head, but once it comes out, once I say it, once I write it down… it often doesn’t make sense. And I can’t even explain it.

99% of what is in your mind is hogwash, or nonsensical.

Even after you read book after book, article after article on a certain topic.

And keeping them in the confines of your mind never alerts you to the reality that those are thoughts that when made visible don’t make much sense, there is no rhyme and reason…

This is normal. I mean, by normal, is that is the nature of the beast, that is the nature of learning. That is the nature of Tree of Knowledge.

Until you make it yours, until you make that invisible mess of fragments visible, you cannot make them a coherent whole.

It doesn’t mean you are stupid. It is a process that if you avoid it, you’ll feel sooo smart, and your results will be so stupid.

The tools of making the invisible visible are auditory or visual or the combination of the two. I am advocating mindmaps in this article…

I am really versed in writing articles… taking what is inside and forming coherent sentences.

But writing a short article is easy. Writing a book, or course, or writing a thesis are a whole different task, because of the length.

So what are the tools for those?

I have found that mindmaps are the best tools to organize the thoughts… but them in logical order. This is not how they are in the mind…

In a mindmap you can also see if the stuff you know makes sense, if anything is missing, if it leads the reader to the conclusion you want them to arrive to.

A mindmap is mainly a tool for the person who is making it. It’s the making it that is really the tool.

All the main elements of a theory, for example, are on the “board” and you can examine their veracity: is this true? You can examine the veracity of two or more statements: are they saying the same thing, is there a conflict.

But for most of you, mindmaps will show the holes in your theory, system, or process.

The mind has no problem with jumping. A mindmap does.

I have seen the mindmaps of many processes made by many marketers. Marketers love selling their mindmaps, and because they look like magic, they look like a real map, wannabe marketers 4 love to buy them.

But marketers are liars: they sell the sizzle, not the stake.

  • I know a marketer whose main selling tool is making a mindmap for a person who they want to sell… a mindmap of how to go from where they are to millions of dollars richer.

And this marketer, knowingly or unconsciously, makes assumptions, and jumps, and sleight of hand… and the unsuspecting prospect buys it. That is their whole strategy: sell the idea that it’s easy, a piece of cake, to get from where they are to where they want to be.

But when you make a mindmap to make the invisible visible, for your own use, you immediately see that there is a mischief. That there are jumps in your “system” that you say nothing about.

Here is an example: let’s say you want to be an Amazon seller.

So your mindmap says:

  • step 1: I’ll find a popular product and put it up for sale.
  • step 2. I’ll sell it
  • step 3. I rake it in… meaning I’ll bathe in money I made.

Hey, it seems to have no holes… You are smart, you see that thousands upon thousands of sellers have made it rich on Amazon… and you are sure that you are smarter than most.

One of the most telling moments on Tai’s 67 steps is when he compares himself to another dude who is a billionaire. He says: “I may not be as smart as this billionaire dude… Maybe he is twice as smart as me… So instead of a billion, I’ll make half a billion.” lol… tragicomic.

He says that, and hundreds of thousands of people buy into his programs, because it makes sense to the ignorant: you have an idea, you make it, and you sell it to google/yahoo/facebook for billions of dollars.

The thoughts in your mind make sense, and you feel brilliant.

I may be only half as smart as that dude… so I’ll make half of what he made. Just like Tai says.

But if you took out that thought out of your mind, if you made that thought visible, you would see that smart is not enough.

Because the moment you attempt to look at the how… you’ll see that you have no idea, you have no skills, no knowledge, you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Empty…

You search your mind and there is nothing there.

Is this good? Well, it’s a hell better than finding out “mid-air” that you don’t know a darn thing about how to land, how to direct yourself, how to use the wind, when you are jumping out with a parachute…

Experience is very expensive. You often pay for it with your life, your well-being, your family’s well-being, your financial well-being.

Warren Buffet says, and I am paraphrasing: the secret to a good life is to make less mistakes than others. Mistakes are good teachers, if they are other people’s mistakes.

Joel Salatin has one rule for his apprentices: you are not allowed to make mistakes.

Impossible, you say?

I say: bring the invisible into the visible, and start examining what is missing that unless you take care of it, it will bite you in the arse.

Most people don’t do this. They try to add the missing stuff midway… try to dig a well when they are already thirsty.

Or alternatively, they never move. They never do anything. They never look at what the process would be, and start to fill in the gaps in their knowledge, in their skills.

There is a saying: Success love speed… and it might be true in the mind… but what does it mean?

When you bring the invisible into the visible, you started starting. You look and see what’s missing. You find someone who is an expert to help you see what you need to learn so you can succeed.

But start you must… or you keep on living in your mind… in the cave of the mind… Complaining that the world doesn’t give you what you want.

  • That you don’t like your job.
  • That clients are stupid.
  • That you don’t have enough customers.
  • That you can’t become a real estate mogul.
  • That you are fat.
  • That you are bored.
  • That your friends are really your enemies.
  • etc.

While you are good, and smart, and all that jazz.

Unless you start taking out the thoughts and put them on paper (digital paper is OK) so you can see what you have, what you can make with it, you’ll never amount to anything. I guarantee it.

And this is true in all areas of life: health, occupation, relationships, and life satisfaction.

  • You’ll find out that you don’t understand even the things you thought you understood.
  • That your thoughts are not as profound as you thought they were.
  • You’ll find huge areas of delusional thinking.

And that is the goal. That you see yourself closer to how you are, so you can do something about it.

PS: Everything I teach is designed to make the invisible visible.

The workshop starting this afternoon, and going on for the next few weeks, will deal with one of these invisibles, and attempts to make it so visible that you can’t ignore it any more.

Integrity… the relationship between you and you…

If you are brave, come to this workshop. Why brave? Because courage is needed to see what you are not seeing.

It’s the work you need to do to achieve the result the Unconditional Love Activator was designed to do. They are the dynamic duo.

PPS: If you ask and organize your mindmap by the questions WWHW… why, what, how, what if… you’ll see the holes… you’ll see how little you know… but that little may occasionally be enough.

You’ll find that the stuff in your mind won’t respond well to those questions… that the organization of mind-knowledge doesn’t like organization, doesn’t like testing, doesn’t like anything that has anything to do with reality.

The harder it is, ugh, the more you need to question it. Because the harder it is the less you can connect to other people with.

And never forget: everything you ever wanted comes to you through people.

And this is my struggle… connecting to people… two way.

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  1. delusional: characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument
    based on or having faulty judgment; mistaken.
    "their delusional belief in their superiority never wavers"
  2. wannabe: aspiring or wanting to be a specified type of person.
  3. delusional: characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument
    based on or having faulty judgment; mistaken.
    “their delusional belief in their superiority never wavers”
  4. wannabe: aspiring or wanting to be a specified type of person.

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