Healing and the Placebo Effect


I wrote this article four months ago... The update is from today...

I have always wondered how the placebo effect looks in the domain of energy healing.

I got really lucky today: a close acquaintance of mine had a healing experience with a healer. I know this healer, personally, and haven't thought much of him. His vibration is low, 170, and his whole being is low. I sat next to him once and I was literally repelled by his energy.

The patient, I also know him, has a mix of awe and contempt for me, love/hate, very interesting. He has been suffering with some physical pain, and I have been suggesting all kinds of ways to heal it, but he has had zero confidence in me.

He visited this healer and had a healing experience. Mystical, dramatic, flashy.

He feels healed. Muscle test says there was no energy coming from the healer, and in fact his healing experience was before the healer did anything, anything at all.

So what the heck happened that his experience matches a healing?

My hunch is that he released something long suppressed by going to this person. The treatements he had tried up till now were all Western medicine. What I did doesn't matter: I only do co-creation "healing" and his lack of trust and confidence guaranteed no participation from him, and no healing from me.

He has refused my Heaven on Earth. He has refused my energized water. And he has refused any energy I would be willing to give him.

He was, from time to time, humoring me, but my sense is that him accepting anything like that from me would have given me a leg up, and he wasn't OK with that.

He prefers to be the giver, the healer, the spiritual being in our relationship.

He didn't have that restriction with the other person.

Very interesting experience. I have learned from it a lot.

Update: The healing experience was just that... no actual healing happened. He has had an operation since then and that hasn't helped either. My emphatic examination shows that the pain in his wrist comes from his elbow being held at a wrong angle... operating on the wrist will never solve that issue.

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