Unless you know what you learned, you didn’t learn anything

The last joke I heard before I left Hungary has stayed with me… and it’s very apropos today

Here is the joke: What are the two paths for Hungarian intelligentsia?

Answer: alcoholism. The other path is impenetrable…, in practice there is no second path.

This article is about humans, about you. And it tries to establish that in fact it’s possible to penetrate a second path… an evolutionary path, to become a human being, even if 99.5% of humanity isn’t interested in that path.

So let’s see how that applies to how it is today…

There are two schools of thought: the two paths… You really either choose the one or the other. There is no compromise…

  • School of Thought 1. Increase your desire, eliminate blocks to what you want, and what you desire will come to you. All you need is a person who can help you “poof” eliminate the blockages and you’ll be bathing in money, love, and popularity… if that is what you want. 3
  • School of Thought 2. You need to deserve (earn) what you want… by becoming worth a damn. You need to create value that you exchange to what you want. To create value you need lots of skills, lots of knowledge. You need to excel and when you stand out (that is the meaning of excel!) then you’ll be able to earn what you want.

In the first school of thought

In the first school of thought, you are directed by the passive mindset. The “poof” person will do it for you. And when your blockages disappear, money, love, popularity will flow to you.


Pure magic.

Worth paying for it. Worth mortgaging your house for it. Because the return on investment is: you give a little, and then you get multiple of your investment back. Who wouldn’t want to go for that kind of investment, right?

In your imagination you are already spending that money. Private jet, check. Seaside mansion, check. Liveried staff, check. What else could you want? What else anyone could want?

And the “poof” person is raking it in. Millions. Billions. YOUR money…

And anyone who tells you you need to do anything else deserves to be frowned at, because you know. You know how the world works. How the world responds to desire…

The second school of thought

The second school of thought is for suckers… really, what were they thinking? Expecting you to work, to apply yourself, to do things for nothing? for learning?????

They even intimate that you should find a mentor, or opportunities to work for free, just to learn stuff.

No way will you do anything that doesn’t have an immediate return. Work for free? Who do they think they are?!

Develop skills, become so good they can’t ignore you? Dream on sucker… I am already good enough.

OK, you get my drift… maybe… that I am mocking the adherents of the first school of thought.

They are the moochers, looters, the second handers of the world. The 99.5% of the world. The ones that live in their dreams, but wake up with their hands in the potty.

Of course the charlatans that take advantage of the stupid dreamer belongs to the 1/2 percent… because, truth be told, you need to belong to the second school of thought to have developed the skills that allow you to sell all the hogwash they are selling. Mucho mucho high level skills.

99.5% of the buyers of the 67-steps program are adherents of the first school of thought. Tai, the creator of the program, manages to pull of something really hard: to speak as if he were speaking to the second group, and yet attract the first.

I am observing my students in my Reclaim program.

Their job is to listen to a step of the 67 steps and pull out, for themselves, the principle or principles of the step, and what it is they need to DO so the principle can be alive and operational in their lives.

How well is it working, you ask?

How well is it working for me? For them?

Let’s ask a different question, shall we? Something that is not about how I feel or how they feel…

How many times (percentage) do people write back to me with quoting the principle, and saying what it is they need to do to be able to have learned from the step, to have the principle alive in their lives?

I would say zero. Zero percent.

Now, why is that?

Unless you know what you learned, you didn’t learn anything!

My hunch is that the culture of the mind says: you heard it you got it.

That there is no need, EVER to double down on something, to identify it, to learn how to do it, or how to undo an unproductive mindset or habit.

The culture has been winning, hands down.

The culture of internet memes… everybody say ooh, and ah… and no one considers acting on it. As long as you said your oohs and your ahs, you are good to go.

So while in the 67 steps Tai was dancing on the razor’s edge, he is coming out, every month, with a new shyster program promising the sky to people who will not be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

So let’s talk about opportunity, shall we?

An opportunity is to make a big step almost instantly. A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. To take advantage of a new software, a new program, a job offering, a date, meeting your best match.

The saying says: opportunity favors the prepared mind, but that is a lie. Opportunity favors the prepared person.

Prepared? you ask.

Yes, prepared is the one who has made themselves a match to the opportunity way before the opportunity arose.

  • Charlie Munger was already a high achiever when Warren Buffet invited him into his firm. It was an opportunity for him that he could take advantage of, because he was already skilled in the thing Warren Buffet wanted him to do.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was already an accomplished body builder when Joe Weider got a glimpse at him at age 20 (?). Arnold had been already an amazing body builder… not just hoping to be.

But what about you? Are you prepared for opportunity?

The 67 steps program, supported with coaching, is an amazing opportunity to ferret out what is your strength, what is your weakness, and start working on both so when an opportunity comes you can be a match to it.

So far only two people in the program are developing skills following the guidance.

The rest… they haven’t left the mirage of the first school of thought. They haven’t left the idea that listening to a step, listening to a webinar, reading my articles is as good as building a skill, abandoning a bad habit, or attaining real working knowledge.

Dreamers… who unless they wake up and smell the coffee, they will wake up to the smell of the potty with their hand in it.

Life responds to action: it doesn’t respond to wishing. Or desire. Or dreams.

And please abandon that reading this article once, or even a thousand times, will surely make a difference.

Unless something in your behavior changes, nothing changess. Really.

If you find yourself nodding… stop now. Buckle down, and ask yourself: what is the principle(s) I am spelling out in this article? What action(s) do you need to take to have the principle operational in your life?

And then take that action. From now till eternity.

Oh, you thought it was enough to do it once? Hell, that is another mirage… Get rid of it. Life doesn’t support that idea either.

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  1. The most popular pages on my site are about matching your vibration with the vibration of what you want... money

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpZx-WSulb4

  3. The most popular pages on my site are about matching your vibration with the vibration of what you want… money

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpZx-WSulb4

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Unless you know what you learned, you didn’t learn anything”

  1. Ok, here is what I got out of the article: do things that help improve myself / my skill set now, regardless of whether I need the skill right now or whether there is a reward. When I read or learn something new, I need to work until I can grasp the principle of that learning and then change my behavior to apply it.

    Working from inside out, seeking to bring value to the world, instead of looking at what comes to me from outside.

    Am I getting close?

  2. You are getting closer, Sandra. But… what are you going to do, so this learning is not only learning about, but IS learning? What action? What action that will permanently effect your behavior?

    Yesterday I had a call with a person whose “about me” score was like yours: 99%.
    I suggested that she starts a spiritual practice where she, the moment there is an input: speaking, writing, audio, she looks at the source of that input, and sees it. It is normally a person. So for a split second you see a person. And you took your attention/focus off yourself.

    It’s ok to return the attention where it normally goes: yourself. But now you have broken the “only myself” trans… and started to move your world view to myself+the other person.

    Eventually, if you do this at least 10 times a day, your “about me” score will get lower, and you’ll be closer to being a person than you are now.

    99% about me score makes you not a person but a reaction machine. Desire to receive for the self alone machine.

  3. That’s great – it’s a challenging step, but it’s something I can do. I see you as the one who gave me this useful task. Thank you!

  4. Oh, I can see that this practice also helps with seeing the big picture, gratitude and seeing value.

  5. secret #2: don’t jump ahead. the moment you KNOW what you’ll see, you can safely stay in your mind and imagine looking… but not looking at all. Please… Here is, maybe, why things are not moving for you.

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