From My Correspondence: What’s Next? Am I a Genius Yet? Is There Anything More I Should Do?

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How to make the best of the Activation Of The Original Design

From My Correspondence:

I have been looking at your site. I am not to sure how it works. Do you help people to lift their vibrations, or have you done it already when you activated the countries and it is now up to each individual to take it further?

My answer:

Paula, I am a coach. And now I include in my coaching custom activations, which will obviously raise your vibration.

The first phase activation took people to max. 299.

I am noticing that it is not high enough or not specific enough to break through the “no desire, no thank you” barrier.

I have tested the first part of a new activator specifically to dig out desire from under an avalanche of fear.

It works.

The whole desire activator, my hunch, will be bigger, but for now this is where it’s at.

This is a monumental task, but I am up for it.

Thank you for your question,

Will every single person’s vibration rise to 299 because of the Activation of the Original Design?

Answer: Theoretically, yes. Practically: I don’t know.

As I am working with people, Pioneer or just a client or a relative, I notice that people don’t allow their body and their psyche time and room to adjust to the new vibration, and thus they suppress it.

Let’s use a bodily illness as an analogy: How you do anything is how you do everything, so if this is how you handle illness, this is probably how you handled the activation.

Imagine that you have a full blown flu. You decide that you will continue living as if nothing happened, and work, party, and sleep just a few hours. You take medicine. Whatever the doctor prescribes.

You may survive. Your body may decide to hang in there, but some important things happen:

You didn’t ask, you didn’t encourage your body to learn and gain from this experience. You didn’t allow your immune system to go for the invadors and wrestle with them. You didn’t allow your heart to not carry double burden. You robbed your body’s intelligence from a very important learning experience.

As a result your body is dumb and from now on it will leave it to you to protect you… after all you trained it well. Except that the immune system is also the one that should kill the always present cancer cells, that should remove the always present poisons, but YOUR immune system is now trained that you will do the work, but of course, you don’t even know there is work, let alone know how to do it.

Every little chill, every bug going around is starting to make you sick, and now cancer is growing in your body, un-opposed. In fact, you are rotting from the inside out, and you don’t even know it.

But you will know it. And it will be too late.

Now, let’s look at the activation: the activation is like a serious bout with illness. It is new to the body, and it needs to incorporate it into itself. It needs to learn to use it, to expand from it, to learn to see more, feel more, love more, achieve more.

But not your body. You didn’t allow it any room, any time, any chance.

Your vibration got stuck at a lower level. Permanently.

Lots of people got stuck at 295. Even more around 240-250.

And some went all the way to 299 and slipped back. They probably got scared, or maybe they didn’t acknowledge Source?

I am here to give you what you need. What you do with it is your choice.

Is there anything you can do to go back and do it differently this time?

I think so. You can ask for another activation. It’s 3 minutes. I’ll see if I can make it downloadable on the internet.

That way it will be cheaper.

And this time you can help your body to take you to 299. So you can have choice about your life.

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  1. Vibration of 299 compared to the 140 or under where you were before, is a genius maker. It gives you choices you didn’t have before, solutions you didn’t have before, a path that you could not even dream of before

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2 thoughts on “From My Correspondence: What’s Next? Am I a Genius Yet? Is There Anything More I Should Do?”

  1. Are you still offering “3 minute ” personal activation to those under 299 ?

  2. no. in the meantime it has become clear that raising your vibration is a transformational process and no one can do it for you.

    That must have been in a really old article… lol

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