Shall I become popular, or shall I choose to do the work no one else can do but needs to be done? You either do one or the other…

I am still looking at how to become an influencer… 1

It’s not really my ambition2 I am much more comfortable doing my thing and barely be noticed. But it seems that in today’s day and age, unless you do a lot of hoopla, loud, self-promotion, partnering up with high visibility people, and other fashionable strategies, becoming an influencer is impossible.

I am still looking if I really want to become an influencer or not.

I learned about becoming an influencer from Tai’s free video on trend stacking. 3

A trend is, in this context, something that is becoming a fashion more and more. Something that has reached the masses and now they are jumping on the bandwagon. Popular…

My body is responding to this idea with massive indication that this is not my path. And yet…

And yet… increasing my sphere of influence, 4 even just doubling it would mean I can work with more people.

Judging from the past, each additional 100 people deliver, on average, one person who can and is willing to do the work to become worth a damn.

I am actually happy with what I have, who I have… I am not too busy, and I have the perfect environment to go deep and map out knowledge… probably only for the next generation of intelligent life… in about a billion years after this generation destroys itself.

I am not pessimistic. I am a realist. There are no signs that this trend, destroying the planet because people believe themselves blameless, and highly intelligent and spiritual, while criticizing others but doing nothing.

I don’t see that this is going to change, that it can change.

Just ask the people who are in training with me, if it is easy. It is rewarding, but anything but easy… And you are looking for easy.

The five sentient beings that survived the last time the Planet crashed and burned are not humanoids. Billions of years old?

I have no proof that they exist other than the energy broadcast from the frozen poles of the Planet. This pretty much tells me that the last genocide was from overheating. And this is the same place we are heading now.

But for the next generation of intelligent life, the work I do with my students will be available and they, hopefully, won’t go the same way as we have… they may go towards the human being route.

Judging from the anger and animosity of the five… the five surviving sentient beings, they are not “good” people, and they are not following the Original Design… where the only evil is: desire to receive for the self alone.

How did they survive?

I am using the examples from the book, Seveneves, 5 read it if you want to know more… it’s a fascinating albeit very long book. But it depicts a possible earth-life destroying scenario with three patterns of survival.

What is most interesting though is this: none of those patterns managed to move people towards the next evolutionary level where they are not possessed by the evil: desire to receive for the self alone.

Probably visionary, I’d say. Unless someone with a different “world-view” interferes, trains you, you probably cannot change into someone who you are not… no matter how much lip service you hear or perform about love, about “we-are-one” and other happy horsesh*t.

It’s is not the way to change… saying nice-nice…

Change is brutal, about as brutal as birth… going from a 4-star environment to an environment where you have to do the breathing thing, the eating thing, the moving thing… Oh my!

Some of you still resent it… lol.

So back to the original topic: becoming an influencer.

My first thought was to publish a lot of kindle books and do it that way.

I found out that no one is generous enough to partner up with me on that: it is a lot of busy work… and I don’t really have time for it… But without someone who does it for the love of it, AND who is vibrationally on the level, this is not likely to ever happen…

So what else can I do?

I can write the books…

I bought a course to learn how to write short and sweet books, about 30 pages long, fast from my favorite teacher, Robert Plank.

I have done some parts of this course, and I knew I can trust Robert to teach a good process… and he did, except for one thing.

I am not able to just talk into a recorder… I need someone to listen to me.

But who would be willing… listen to me drone on for an hour or more, talking about something, without any interaction.

This was weeks ago, and I have been stuck. An uncatchable ball… A barrier I could not go over, could not go under or around.

Until… until yesterday.

I have a client/student who is developing himself to become a world class idea machine…

We had our coaching call yesterday afternoon. I was ready to hang up, when he said… one more question? OK, I said. And he asked if I considered creating those books through webinars…

And, of course, I haven’t.

I could be ashamed for it, I could be sad about it, but I am happy about it.

Nothing beats having a client/student to surpass the teacher. Nothing.

Writing books, creating course through webinars

I still have to create an outline, I still have to speak the book… but I’ll be speaking to an echo… Echo is what I hear back when I speak, that does two things:

1. I can hear how what I say lands
2. I get my energy returned to me… so I don’t have to go empty.

  • Of course many people are black holes. Also many people muffle what they hear…
  • Many people are like a dog: they get a bone and they run away with it.

But if I get enough people on the call, 4-5 people should be enough, I can have a call that can be turned into a book… I think.

  • Here are some topics:
  • Reading to train your attention
  • Sleeping to train you to get out of the mind and to strengthen your attention and TLB
  • Agelessness… the attitude, the food, the hydration, the movements
  • The invisible microscopic mites epidemic and the solution I have tested and it’s working
  • Spiritual practices that make a tangible difference in how you live your life
    and, of course, a lot more

The webinars can be recorded and can be part of a podcast program, and they can also be transcribed and become books… or booklets.

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  1. influencer: MARKETING a person or group that has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others: The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative
  2. ambition is a desire for a something, future, or a result that you are willing and able to work towards… as opposed to desire: desire is for a future or a result you imagined in the privacy of your mind, and expect or hope to befall on you without doing anything. Another aspect of desire is that it is always a desire to receive for the self alone… because you have no value to offer in return of what you wish for. And often you want what belongs to another… You hope that the powers that be… spirit, god, angels will prefer you and take from that other and give it to you.

  4. sphere of influence: a field or area in which an individual or organization has power to affect events and developments. In my case, the number of people who find it worthwhile to follow my articles and buy my products.
  5. also here

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