What Is More Important: Who You Are Or Your Reaction To Who You Say You Are?

life script What Is More Important: Who You Are Or Your Reaction To Who You Say You Are?

This is a tricky question, so don’t just shoot from the hip and leave (like you always do)… let me show you something that you probably didn’t know.

I have been perturbed, I mean really bothered by the fact, that although everyone got the same activator download, the results are so different.

Some people thrive, soar, produce unpredictable and unprecedented results.

Some people didn’t see any changes.

And there are all kinds of variations in the middle.

What could be the reason?

One possible reason I have explored in yesterday’s post, but it doesn’t answer all the questions.

Some people, when I measure, arrived to 299, yet nothing else changed. WTF!?

As usual, I asked Source for some guidance, and it came.

The first thing that came down came in a movie (The Piano) that I watched for one scene and one sentence: the woman wants to die, ties her foot to her piano that is dumped into the ocean. Once on the ocean bottom she realizes that she wants to live, unties the rope and swims to the surface. She is surprised that something in her wanted to live.

You see, having invested all I got, my business, my future into this Planetary Ascension, I am more than invested… and every little hint of failure questions my right to exist, to live on.

And… this takes us to the real issue. The issue that points out why some people thrive and others don’t change at all.

I gave two coaching sessions in quick succession, and both were to people that no matter what coaching program they did, how much money they invested in their evolution, they didn’t succeed to have any positive changes.

I was guided by Source to explore a particular path with them: examine crucial turning points in their lives where they decided what is going to be their life-script.

Please, stay mindful of the question in the title: we want to find out what is more important to the quality of your life, who you are or how you react to who you are? OK?

Now, let’s look at three examples:

Client #1: deaf and blind. The blindness and the deafness came on around age 9. She lost all friends, all ties to life. She was contemplating ending her life. Who she was is deaf and blind.

But the story doesn’t end with that. She must have decided how she was going to “react” to her deficiencies. She must have decided that she was going to be independent, and a winner. So she became a world class athlete. She was an Olympian in tandem bicycle, and even won a silver medal on one of those Olympics. She had a master’s degree, she was a licensed massage therapist and earned a full time living.

Later in life she had a debilitating cycling accident where her scull shattered, she had a stroke… but she got on the stationary bike and didn’t allow life to beat her… Recently she wrote her life story, and was preparing to partake in the Race Across America cycling challenge, when she fell down the stairs and never woke up again.

Client #2: was born unwanted. His mother was angry: she didn’t want another child.

He decided that she will have to pay for that, and started a life of getting into trouble… first he broke a bone, regularly, in his body, then got into other troubles, like becoming ostracized, losing money, then lost all his money, then lost his livelihood.

He’d taken lots of courses, coaching programs, healing modalities, to no avail.

The activation didn’t do much for him. His script is still making his mother pay…

Client #3: at an early age he didn’t stand up for himself,
and allowed a bully to take what he could, and trample him to the ground. He decided that he was a gutless nincompoop.

He decided that he’d rather get into trouble for not doing what he needs to do than being called that again.

He is busy, he is trying, but he never actually does what he needs to do. Even in the conversation: he wants to be off the hook. He feels slippery, like a fish… avoiding being pinned down. I needed to use my empathic abilities to guide me, because he wouldn’t.

He takes copious notes but never takes an action that could reveal that he is a gutless thing. He has just enough to get by… ultimately showing what he most tries to hide, that his script is to not be willing to stand up to life.

Because success is a result of action, and action is consistent with your reaction to who you are (or decided you are) if your reaction was consistent with successful action, you are successful. If it wasn’t you aren’t.

Case #1 had a decision for success. Case #2 and Case #3 had no room for success in their decision, and therefore are both unsuccessful.

Bummer… You see, we are all trying to work on who we are, but you see that is almost irrelevant: what is relevant for your success is how you decided to react to who you said you were… 1

Like you, I can’t change how my machine wants me to behave: to stick with it, to be like a pit-bull, to hang in there, even beyond where it makes any sense… I had to reveal that my machine is not my best friend! I needed to learn new ways of making decisions, at crucial points, make decisions not from the machine, but from an adult vantage point.

I have done it. I have seen others do it. So it is possible.

If you identify your “script” accurately then you can actually change your outcome. You can’t change your script, but you can create a life parallel with it. But most people can’t do it themselves, just like you cannot do brain surgery on yourself. Most coaches can’t do it, at least I have never met one that could.

I am becoming good at it. I was somewhat good before I started “really” raising my vibration, when I was at 295. I am now at 905. I am now fast and right-on…

The next challenge for me is to find ways to alter a client’s behavior. I am interested in getting good at that. That is why I am taking new clients.

A will use a little help from Source, 🙂 Individual activations, etc.

I am offering help for finding your script and changing your script.

It won’t be cheap. I won’t necessarily take you on, even if you have the money. I am interested in cases that are challenging. Remember my principle: I don’t do anything for money that I wouldn’t do for free.

Email me if interested. The more detail you include in your original email the more likely that I’ll pick you…
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We’ll have at least three sessions. Session 1: identifying your script. Session 2. identifying the alternative behavior and the triggers, do a custom activations, whatever it takes. Session 3: Checking in. Correction if necessary.

Sliding scale pricing.

Apply. You can quit at any point… you will if that is your script… lol

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  1. to complicate things, what you said about yourself doesn’t hold any water, it is not true, it was made up by an upset kid! There is more to a person than their eyes and ears, their behavior while beaten by a bully, or what an upset mother said about you!

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