Raise your vibration using The Placebo Effect

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The Placebo Effect

We all talk about the Placebo Effect as if it were a bad thing. In fact it’s one of the best things that we know about ourselves, about humans, that can support us in achieving most anything.

The Placebo Effect is a prime example of using the Reticular Activator, which is, if I am not mistaken, an actual function of the brain, and it has something to do with your attention.

Attention is NOT from your mind, attention is a function of the brain that comes from the back region of the brain, and it is not verbal, not thoughts: verbal stuff and thoughts are the stuff of the mind… But we are a lot more than our minds.

In fact, when you equate yourself with your mind, you literally turn yourself into a machine that is not able to get information from the present, because it is unable to relate to the present.

image012One of the main reasons you are a misfit, one of the main reasons that your life goes in circles, one of the main reasons that you don’t respond well in the moment is because you live in the mind…

One of the main things I attempt to teach (with varying success) is to use the attention, and start mastering it. The attention is related to intelligence, to consciousness, and it is always in the present moment. The attention doesn’t have memory, if you remember anything, you are in the mind, and you are not in the present moment.

The Reticular Activating System activates the attention, your non-verbal part, that starts to observe, notice, and cause what it is expecting to cause.

Example: if I bring your attention, in a non-verbal way, to the pile of mail that hasn’t been sorted, you will find yourself sorting the mail, and start paying your bills, cleaning up, feeling better about yourself. On the other hand, if I tell you to sort your mail, it is the mind that gets the information, and the mind has all kinds of fears, memories, ideas, opinions about sorting your mail, and you most likely won’t do it.

“Where attention goes energy flows” is a well known saying, and, surprise, it is true. Most widely accepted saying are NOT true… As an empath, I can feel when a student puts their attention to anything on their body: that area lights up from the energy of the attention.

The attention is like an arrow. It comes from the seat of the attention. That feels in the back of your back… but it is probably in the back of your head… It never separates from the seat of your attention, it changes direction, it changes the cone of the attention, it changes the distance, but it remains adhered to the seat of the attention. What you have been calling attention is mind-stuff: it moves around in the mind, but it has no energy, and it has no base point. It is just a thought.

When you, mistakenly, use your mind as if it were your attention, when you use your imagination, the area doesn’t light it, what happens is that your mind-activity gets painfully strong: I experience pain in my head. You are working in your brain… in your mind, and the attention doesn’t get activated.

imagery, visualizationThis is, probably, the reason why so few people manage to cause healing with imagery or visualization: both activate the mind, and not the attention.

On the other hand some people have access to their attention and they heal. Some people have access to their attention and they connect to Source…

You can learn to have access and to use your attention at will, and to cause the results you want to cause.

My activators work hand in hand with the Reticular Activator, with your attention, with the “Placebo Effect”. In fact, nothing that is effective in the area of self-development, self-realization ever worked with anything else: the purpose of the energies is to bombard the Reticular Activating System, so the attention flows uninterrupted. The reason no one is saying that is because they are not an empath: they can’t feel anything, or if they do, they “feel” with their mind… which is a misnomer: the mind can only remember.

placebo-pillYou needed an empath to sort this out, so finally you can be effective.

When you talk, it activates the mind for most people, this is one of the reasons I switched from verbal to non-verbal activators. The verbal activators, Level two and three, worked only with people that had conscious access to their attention, a mere 1-3% of my students. And even those got distracted by “life” and the hubbub of modern life. These are also the ones that connected to Source and stayed connected. The rest of them, even if they connected, they stayed connected only for seconds, and then the mind took them out of the connection.

The results or the verbal activators were consistent with the minimum investment of attention, whereas with the Avatar State Audio Activators the results are a good 2,000-3,000% better.

The Unconditional Love Sleepy Time activator is a “hybrid” because it talks to you but while you are asleep… it works, but you still need conscious attention guidance on the coaching calls…

What does this mean to you? What will you need to do to make these activators really work for you?

Your results will depend on two factors:

  1. your facility, your skill, your command of moving, keeping, removing your attention. You’ll need to do skill-building exercises, or you’ll never get better.
  2. your knowledge of the different aspects, different layers, different views of the area you are working on with the activator.Your current view is probably outward driven: you want to look good, you want others to think well of you.

    That view misses everything that would make you feel good about yourself, that would make you really effective in life.

    You need to learn to move your “vantage point”, the place from where you look, so you can see what you can’t see currently.

This is, actually, what we do in the live Path Coaching sessions.

activators and your reticular activating systemYour Reticular Activating System can’t do it alone for you, You still have to build skills in this area of consciousness if you want to take full advantage of the activators. I am sorry to break it to you, but chances are you’ll get stuck at the vibrational level of 200… which is not bad, which still places you head and shoulders above your peers, even some of your teachers, but you can do so much more with 250, 300, 350… and so on.

Hundreds of people have bought activators, and we have a grand total of 20 people in the coaching program.

Which means that your willingness to learn new skills is missing.

I thought you were smarter than that! After all, your life, your health, your success depends on your skills!

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