You are a bad neighborhood — eliminate your influence on your water

If, in spite of all your efforts, your cell hydration hasn’t gone up, I need to suspect that you, unintentionally, de-energize your water… that your presence lowers vibration, makes water incoherent.

I remember when someone was told this same things, with slightly different words… They told him that the grass doesn’t grow where he treads.

If your water isn’t responding to the Water Energizer energy as expected, or one moment it is energized/coherent, the next it isn’t… more often than not it an the environmental issue. Thunderstorms, Noreaster, you or some other people getting access to your house bringing down the vibration of the water.

I found out a few years ago that the simple Source energy, the Energizer, is vulnerable to Fourth Plane, man made energies. 1

All Dark Side energies are man made. The Bach Flower remedies don’t use human interaction, so they are not vulnerable to human energies. I have been shipping those to Canada…

Canada, it seems, is too close to the source of most Dark energies. So is South America and Antarctica,
Iceland and Greenland.

It is not just the energizer, all the energies I channel are vulnerable. This was the reason I bundled the 40 Bach Energies into Heaven on Earth… as a bundle it is not vulnerable.

There was a time when I experimented with bundling the Energizer with some other energies, but it never worked.

But because of the recent difficulties, nearly 24/7 Dark Side attacks, I asked Source if I have access to an energy I could bundle the energizer with, and have it be invulnerable to Dark Side energies.

The answer was: yes.

To my surprise Source suggested that I combine/bundle the Energizer with the sticky energy I learned in the Omega Shakti System, the energy I use to remove sticky patterns from your system, physical, mental, and emotional patterns.

That “move”. that energy used to be my favorite in that system, because it is so visceral and it was so enjoyable to feel/see the pattern being removed. It was, actually, very effective too.

Please note that pattern removal, pattern pulling does what other people try to do with some voodoo… they call it belief something… removal? except that this one works, no incantation and no need to know what the content of the pattern is. You cannot do it in groups, you need to do it individually, so it is expensive. It is somewhat similar to what I do when I remove attachments and cords, except it was done with sticky palm, instead of grabbing the distinct attachment and pulling it out like you pull a weed.

Anyway, I am going to do the combining of these two energies and record myself transmitting this new Energizer bundle, and upload it to the site.

If you have purchased the Energizer (also called Water Energizer) before, it will be available to you for no charge. That is the minimum I can do for you… I want you to increase your cell hydration and thus your coherence level.

And that way none of the environmental influencers, people, yourself, or the weather, will be able to nix your results.

I’ll send out an email to you if you are on the energizer purchasers list.

All is good… Now I only have to invent something that would protect me from the Wicked Witch of the West and her voodoo directed at me.

If you haven’t… the sales page is still at the same page

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  1. Back when Mr. Trivedi was active

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “You are a bad neighborhood — eliminate your influence on your water”

  1. Had a look at your water energizer product and couldn’t believe you are 90 as stated in the sidebar “My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven… I am 90 years old. I am a true empath, and I am a “raise your vibration” teacher and coach.” you look more like 65 or 70… is this the effect of the water energizer ?

    But then i see further on, that you talk about your mother… “My mother came to visit me in 1992.
    At 72 she could run circles around me”… if your mother was 72 in 92, she is now 98
    weird to think that a 98 year old mother could have a child who is 90, wouldn’t you agree?

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