There is a Science to life… and if you want more life, you need to follow it

There is a Science to Life… and if you want more life, you need to follow it, you need to work WITH Life.

But you, and most everyone else, think yourself smarter than everyone else… and your mantra in life is “Don’t tell me what to do!” or “I’ll do it my way!” and you follow your mantra, not Life.

And your life is a true mirror to that attitude: nothing is done exactly, no rules are followed exactly, and your life is shabby, hodge podge, and you are wretched.

Why is it that not every person get the promised results out of reading the book, The Science of Getting Rich? Or any other course or program? Really, that less than 1% do? Is it always the fault of the teacher?

Here are a few things about The Science of Getting Rich, the highest truth value book I have ever measured…

  • 1. If you take everything literally in it, the truth value is 30%
  • 2. If you take the formless substance bit as a context, not as THE TRUTH, then the truth value is 50%
  • 3. If you take the god stuff a symbolic, then the truth value goes up to 60%.

Now, why is this?

Because if you believe in woo woo, gods, angels, and such, you will not do the work that is required so you can get rich. You’ll hear what you like, what doesn’t require you to do anything, and shelf the rest. Now, that is the main reason.

The second reason is just as important. People read the book, or listen to it, and NEVER ask the question: what is the certain way of doing and thinking that Wattles is talking about?

You skip over… you must be thinking that if you continue doing things the same way, thinking the same way, you will get rich because Wattles said so…

He didn’t. He said:

Unless you do things in a certain way and think in a certain way, you will not get rich.

But even to ask that question, you need to be, for that moment, NOT INTELLECTUALLY SLOTHFUL. Bummer, eh?

If you think you already know and you are not already rich: you don’t know, you are delusional.

So what is that certain way in thinking and in doing that WILL MAKE YOU RICH?

If you are penny wise and dollar foolish, if you don’t take care of what takes care of you, then you won’t even attempt to find it out. You’ll wait for me to tell you… and I have been. You cannot hear it. For you it is noise…

You are not habituated to use your brain for anything useful. Unfortunately.

It used to be that people used 3% of their brain for something useful. Now, my best student uses a whole 1%, and the rest about one half of one percent.

But, believe me, getting rich will take a lot more than that.

Unfortunately no one teaches you how to use your brain. Schools surely not. I am not exaggerating. It’s like you have a Stradivarius violin, but can’t use it. 1

How much of your brain do you use it for real thinking, useful thinking?

I have a Philosophy student in graduate school who is my test subject in teaching people to think. He is the one with the 1%… I have another acquaintance who lives down the street from me. He is a PhD Candidate in philosophy. Same number: 1%. In philosophy you either learn to think or you learn to repeat what other people say… sink or swim.

Architects definitely weren’t taught to think. Most of the work an architect does is mindless work. No thinking required.

Maybe lawyers, strategists, but same thing… some learned it many didn’t.

Having thoughts, searching in your memory is not thinking.

Thinking is hard, very hard work, and most people shy away from it, and ask someone else to do it for them.

But you can learn the moves of thinking, and slowly, gradually, increase the amount of brain power you can use, effectively.

I just measured: a lion living in the wild uses 2% of this brain for thinking, while a cat uses only 1%. It is still more than how much you use. A dog is on your level of brain usage. Half percent.

The Wicked Witch of the West is continuing bombarding me with painful attacks BECAUSE she is only using one half percent of her brain… If she used more, she would get that it doesn’t do anything for her, so why bother…

Getting Rich while your happiness, health, love also increases is an exact science. It can be taught, it can be practiced, and it definitely works.

But, my hunch is, given all the wrong teachings in the world, the road to acquiring this science is wrought with many obstacles… misunderstandings, and insufficient, faulty thinking.

I have found that there are billions of people who want to get rich. There are also many millions of people who made a lot of money.

But I have found that only a tiny percentage of all these people are happy, healthy, and fulfilled…

I am having this thought, now that I have re-listened to the nearly two hour audio of The Science of Getting Rich, I can use it to coach and guide people…

Especially unlearning things and clarifying things that are easy to be misconstrued, misunderstood, misinterpreted, to the detriment of the science.

If you would like to participate in this coaching program, all in writing, peppered maybe with webinars, please sign up to the notification list… Or at least be a subscriber…

If you are not willing to give this a year, maybe more, then please don’t bother. You are penny wise and dollar foolish and you probably won’t amount to much…

The Science of Getting Rich is the fastest way to raise your vibration, by the way. I live my life 80% consistent with the science, and plan to bring it to the missing 20% of my life… where I am ordinary, complaining, or faltering.

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  1. The highest price paid for a Stradivarius violin is $16 million (£9.5 million). A rare viola made by the Italian artisan Antonio Stradivari in 1719 that will be sold by Sotheby’s in a sealed bid auction in June is valued at $45 million (£27 million).

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