Puzzle: Which of these two need a higher TLB?

Puzzle: Which of these two need a higher TLB?

1. Make do vs 2. Make it work

Please vote in the comment section and if you do, explain why you said what you said.

Thank you.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “Puzzle: Which of these two need a higher TLB?”

  1. 2. Make it work would need a higher TLB as it involves acknowleding it needs changing, the humility to to ask for help and then the hard work and effort to overcome difficulties no matter what.

  2. Make it work requires a higher TLB number. To make something work, to bring it to a state of integrity, requires that you stick with it as long as it takes, and do whatever is required. Making do is a lower threshold of workability, completion, and wholeness.

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