If you have a hard time fixing your attention on something…

I noticed something this morning.

  • If you keep your attention on your results
  • If you think that your results will prove that you are smart, etc.
  • If it is important to you that you look good/you are considered smart

Then you will be unwilling, or at least reluctant to look long enough so you can see, in a chess-like manner, where a series of steps take you.

You will be stuck in the fixit mode… where every trouble will require a silver bullet, a big red button, a one size fit all solution.


Example 1: This guy moved house. He got busy building an addition, now he is building an outdoor fire pit, while he is low on energy, languishes, and complains.

He and his wife decided to try meditation. He wants to do it so he can direct his attention.

But what he forgets is that unless your health and hydration numbers are above 30%, you can kiss your ability to hold or direct your attention.

And that, he doesn’t want to attend to. He has the water energizing set up, he has his food list… but they just sit there.

And he is trying meditation as a fix-all solution.

Stupid as the stupid does.

Let me share my little story that showed me how important it is to keep my diet.

Last Wednesday, at the grocery store, they had these incredibly beautiful, plump cherries for sale.

I ate two handful of them… and all hell broke loose.

My insulin, which is normally not needed with the diet I have, went into overdrive, and rendered me hypoglycemic.

Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar due to either having eaten carbs… especially simple sugars… and the insulin removing most of the sugar from the blood. Reactive insulin… most of us have it.

The other reason could be, also for people on the carb-burning diet, is the liver’s unwillingness to break down fat and proteins into carbs.

The body can manufacture glucose, a simple sugar, from all the foods you can consume. Unless you feed it with a lot of carbs… then it expects more carbs, and becomes lazy.

And then you become stupid, or stupider than you were before.

And guess what people eat all day long? Carbs. Breads, pastas, fruit juices, rice, sugary beverages, milk, and vegetables.

Let’s talk a little bit about vegetables: It is not common knowledge, but the air we breathe has a much larger carbon dioxide content than it used to be… that is what the global warming is about. Related article 30% (high) truth value.

So all plants, ALL plants, grow faster. They turn more carbs into sugars.

The fruits get sweeter. The vegetable get sweeter.

I tried the onions, and they are as sweet as sugar. So your sugar load has doubled, even if you only eat carbs in vegetables.

And you become stupider by the day. You have less control of your attention, less control over your life.


And carbs are addictive. They make you crave more carbs.

I talk about cutting out grains, but let’s talk about cutting out ALL carbs.

If you cut out all carbs, you’ll only have the hidden carbs in flesh, in hemp seeds, in seemingly insignificant quantities.

And your body will adjust and produce glucose to maintain your blood sugar levels at an even level…

Results: you’ll be calm, intelligent, can learn to control your attention, you’ll hear what you hear, and you’ll be much less fearful, so you come out of the cave of your mind.

You’ll have energy, but more importantly, your body will have energy to clean house 24 hours a day. So cancer cells won’t have a chance. Chronic diseases disappear.

Of course you need to supplement for nutrients that are not supplied by the food you eat: I need 3-4 supplements a day… none of them is a multi…

Nutritional supplement experts (haha!) will sell you supplements that you don’t need. More importantly, supplements that will cause imbalance in your body…

If you follow the principles I describe here, you’ll start enjoying your life more, have more ambition, more energy to burn, a desire to move, and laugh!

Instead of complaining, like our guy does.

Example 2: This guy lives in the desire trap.

The desire trap is sinister. You get your jollies by imagining the joy, the feeling of success, pleasure, or victory you desire, and it is as real for your mind as if it already happened.

So you are unwilling and unable to even contemplate doing anything to bring it about. It is already there, and you needed only to go to it in your mind.

But… you are directionless, drifting, and in reality not happy. Because you do know that you live in an illusion, like the character Jim Carrey played in The Truman Show.

Truman had the courage to go out and live in the real world. But someone in the desire trap is a coward. A sissy boy or a sissy girl. And they are stuck… no real accomplishment is possible.

Even buckle down and declare a direction, an organizing principle for their whole life.

Why? because declaring an organizing principle will pop their bubble. Will make the drift choppy. Will force them to swim… and they don’t want to.

So if you are in the desire trap, and you know it without me telling you, or you know because your desire number is sky high and your ambition number is under 10, 1 you’ll need to make some hard decision: choose between dead wood, driftwood, and being a person. Ugh, right?

Bottom line: I cannot do it for you.

Example 3: You are on vacation. And you surround yourself with people who are drifting… which is 99% of humanity. Immersion. Entrainment… they live an unconscious life, and you join them in it.

You stop eating your diet. You stop drinking your coherent water.

Your numbers drop and you become ordinary… again.

Don’t be mistaken, please.

There is no silver bullet that will keep you high vibration, high functioning. No silver bullet.

You need to attend to your health, your hydration, and the plates you decided to spin.

Your life, your hydration will crash… and it will be harder to build it back up with daily attention and care.

Unless you get a cancer scare, you’ll just go and drift, all the way to your grave.

And the desire trap can come back like it never went away.

Like a disease. Yes, it was only dormant… like a cancer. In remission.

My two boys (lol) in the accountability program have gone that way… Let us see if they can recover.

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