Money, Well-Being, Work, Relationships… which area do you most want to become powerful?

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Money, Well-Being, Work, Relationships… which area do you most want to become powerful?Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. I had a sudden insight, that is what woke me up.

I suddenly saw that I have been writing many of my articles as if what you want, what you are worried about, what keeps you up at night didn’t matter to me.

I broke out in cold sweat: that is the last thing I am about.

I want to give you what you want, what you need, and this is what this article is about.

The number one question that anyone on my site should ask themselves: why do I want to raise my vibration? What will become possible in my life if I do that?

putting-our-knowledge-togetherIf my feedback from students is any indication, the main issues you may be dealing with are

  • money
  • well-being
  • your work, job, and your performance and your satisfaction
  • Relationships/Love
  • Finding your work

It is easy for me to see that in the area of well-being all my products will create a sense of well-being, and maybe even your symptoms disappearing. Why? Because your resistance, your preoccupation will ease, and with that your body will have more energy to heal itself.

In your work, the same thing applies: when you stop resisting what is (reality), and start doing your job in earnest, your relationship to yourself and to your work, colleagues, bosses will shift dramatically, and your satisfaction level will increase. No kidding.

It is harder to see how my products will help you with money directly.


MONEY: how will you increase your power with money when you raise your vibration?

Money is an area of life completely dominated by culture, society, family, and need. We are trained to be miserable, have a scarcity mindset, compete, compare, and give up living for money.

Money is an even more fundamental issue than well-being: if you don’t have money, your well-being suffers, I know that first hand.

It is hard to find any method, body of knowledge, practices, that would serve you no matter what you do for a living, no matter what level of education you have, no matter what level of income you are at: whether you just want more, or you are struggling to survive.

The only two books I have found that can be useful on all levels is

  1. Wallace D. Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich.It calibrates 300 on the vibrational scale, so it is not all true, but it is the closest of most any books.
  2. Another book that comes close to being useful is the Thou Shall Prosper: Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Daniel Lapin.

master yourself master your moneyNow, with that said, here are the facts: millions of people have read Wattles’ book, and a whole lot of people have read Lapin’s book, but few can claim that reading those has made a lasting impact.

Why? Because both books presuppose money skills, the use of certain capacities that most people don’t know how to use. Some of those capacities only got added to your DNA with the last DNA upgrade, September 4, 2013.

If I told you that you can bicycle across the continent and I’ll pay you a million bucks, those that don’t know how to ride the bicycle would be out of luck… myself included. I can’t ride a bike.

lerning to ride a bikeBut you can learn to ride a bicycle, I am told it is no big deal, but most people that know how to ride learned it while they were kids, and there was daddy, and there were the friends, so they could learn and practice. No big deal.

It is harder to learn a new skill when you are an adult: not many people to hold your hand (or your bicycle seat for you), and not many people who are at the same place that are also trying to practice the same skill, so that you would not feel alone.

learning new skills as an adult is hardIn fact, we adults feel self-conscious and ridiculous when we are trying to learn a new skill, especially when it’s an inner skill that is invisible to others, so we never know if we got it right or not. When we compare ourselves with others, we always seem to come short, others always seem to be smarter and more capable than us… and compared with what we should be doing, we never seem to be doing what we are supposed to do…

So we stop even trying… We give up. We fall victim to the get rich schemes, get well schemes, instant this, and instant that… those programs don’t ask us to learn anything…

So before you are even willing to try again, you will need to eliminate all the things that stand in the way, all that comparing, all that mistaken belief that you should be able to be different than you are.

I am having an idea of teaching these two books and the skills it will take to really benefit from them.

Hopefully Money is something that you are interested in increasing your power and mastery

Of course if you are waiting for a miracle, this is not a class for you: I don’t believe in miracles, yet, when one of the money skills clicks for you, the results you can produce will feel a lot like a miracle.

This is not like a curriculum I am even able to predict, therefore I will deliver it in an ongoing course, live. We’ll record all calls, so you can come to the call when you actually need coaching.

The calls will have two parts: skill building and personal coaching or correction.

What will make the calls interesting is what you bring to the calls. I will ask you to share your issue, so we’ll be able to look at the practical applications, the errors of our ways, the solutions…

brain-puzzleWhat are the steps that I foresee we’ll need to all go through?

  • removing the barriers to learning
  • directing our attention
  • being able to put yourself into the world of another
  • distinguishing our dominant thought about ourselves, money, and our worth
  • eliminating the competitive mindset
  • eliminating comparison and creating a win-win, co-operative mindset
  • putting all power in all action… bringing excellence to anything we do
  • creating a “if it is to be it is up to me” mindset

If you are interested in increasing your power and mastery with money, please put your name on this list. No obligation… being interested is not a commitment… But it will give me a sense of how many people would be interested in participating in a weekly call. Sign up below… please.

Now, if you want to find out what other people teach about the Science of Getting Rich, go to this page… or here

It’s a recorded program, it is based on The Law of Attraction and it cost $197. I have read Bob Proctor’s book, and it’s a lot of hooey.

To get the Science of Getting Rich pdf, please sign up to the membership site where I deliver most of my products. If you already have an account, please select “Existing members click here” link and log in instead of signing up again, to get your download. This new download will be automatically added to your account.

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