How to use what I teach to become all you can become… A roadmap…

I have given people driving directions in the ancient times where there was no gps and you could not google direction.

How did I do it? I drove the path several times, and took notes: what you see when you need to turn, what you see when you are still on the path, what you see when you went too far.

Looking back, decades later, and I see that this was training, preparation for what I am going to do in this article… give you “driving” directions to how to travel the path from where you are to where I am pointing you.

If that is where you wanted to get to, my directions are good. If that is not where you wanted to get to: you are reading the wrong articles.

The direction I am taking you is towards a destination where “One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”… or more precisely a “new way of seeing things.”

Why is that good for you? Because how you see things now is what keeps you in constant battle with yourself, constant battle with others, constant yearning and desire and hunger and pining for love, money, comfort, pleasure, and control, and experiences… the tail that wags the dog.

Of course what you see is rarely how things are… so your actions, at this point, are consistent with you seeing things in the cave of your mind, the way you have always seen them, the way you have decided to see them, not how they are.

After you read a few articles of mine, or many, the first thing you should get is how little you know, because of how little aware you are.

Unless you take it in this direction, you are on the wrong path.

Unless you end up humbled and awakened to how entrenched you are in ordinary, how anchored you are on the horizontal plane of other people and ordinary concerns, you won’t benefit from anything further…

If you find yourself reading for curiosity, not for self-gain, I consider you the pig who gobbles up the pearls and then complains that they are not what they wanted.

But if you are reading my articles because you either want to have a life that is higher than survival, then you want to take your reading to that state where you are able to observe that you are unaware and ordinary, no matter how high-minded memes you share on social media. Your life isn’t consistent with that high-mindedness.

Unless you manage to see that you don’t know, you will not be willing to learn.

What happens if you argue with me? or if you get offended? or if you think I am arrogant and that I am making you feel stupid?

If you do, that is an indication that you think too much of the time about yourself, that you think everything is about you. You consider yourself more important than you are, and that is how you look at everything.

Why is that bad? Because that acts as a filter that distorts every incoming signal to be about you.

I have learned the hard way that nothing is about you. Even when people talk about you, point fingers at you, yell at you, even then it is not about you. It is about them.

Until I could change my perception, remove my “me-me-me” filter, I suffered a lot. Even when I made a mistake and I made it about me, it wasn’t about me. It was about a behavior, a perception, a lack of knowledge, and that was the second way the filter could be removed.

Today I can make mistakes, put my foot in my mouth, made an a** of myself, and nothing makes me feel bad.

I actually practice it, especially in public. It is the most freeing “exercise” I can ever do… My days are even, and in an even life, there is room for joy, happiness, beauty… what a shift.

Same with my results: my results say nothing about me. You’ll always do what you’ll do, and to my utter surprise, neither the timing nor any of it is due to me. It is all due to you.

When I say “I am proud of you” I don’t lie. You did it… I just did what I did.

Can you imagine the sun being concerned how its rays ripen the fruits, and take pride in that? Funny idea, isn’t it?

But here is the most surprising thing: your results don’t define you. Your values, your ideals, your direction does.

In the book The Fountainhead, Howard Roark is unsuccessful, universally hated for decades. His “counterpart” Peter Keaton is fawned upon and very successful for the exact same amount of time. 1

One lives for his values, the other lives to be liked.

One is a man, an individual, a producer, the other is a worm… a second-hander, a looter.

You need to decide which one you want to be.

If you want to be Roark, my teaching is for you. If you want to be Keaton: you are at the wrong place.

OK, as you saw, this is step one… the first milepost.

If I am correct about you, you expected me to lay out the whole journey for you. Then you would read (or probably scan) the article, and you would be thinking that you now know.

I am not interested in you “knowing” anything. I am interested in you implementing one thing at a time.

Implementing it until it become instinctual: meaning unconscious competence. Until you become that person who IS that… not a person who know about that.

But what if you are beyond that? If you think you are, you are delusional. Your map or reality and reality don’t match.

So go back, and start doing what I am saying in this article, and become someone for whom, at least in this regard reality and your map of reality match.

If you want to move faster, if you would benefit from daily feedback, then join my coaching program, where for a pittance you get one-on-one coaching.

I recommend that you set the direction for yourself: become the person who looks an sees the world differently.

What it will bring you in your life, tangibly, is going to become visible to you about halfway.

If you are interested in stuff, money and such, my The Science of Getting Rich program is a better choice. It is also a daily personal coaching, but it focuses on becoming the kind of person who can make money, who can make things happen.

All my coaching programs are paid weekly. Why? so either of us can cancel if we are not a good fit.

Setup is manual… give me a day or two.

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  1. As you watch the movie or read the book, watch your emotional reaction and you’ll know, suddenly, on what side you are. And you’ll know if you belong here or not.

    By the way: all premium (protected) content on my subscribers site is available if you pay a one-time fee. The content posted is now around $2000 if you wanted to buy it in the marketplace… But you need to get the payment link from me? Why? so I can decide, person by person, if I want to be that generous with you.

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