What are you? Beauty, truth or goodness?

I am having an interesting conversation with one of my students.

The philosophy student…

He wants to write his thesis on the Feelings book, but he needs his thesis counselor’s support, maybe even his enthusiasm, or it is going to be a tough road to hoe.

It’s a sales job, or if you are a Landmark Education graduate: and enrollment job.

Enrollment is simple speaking in a way that the other person gets “touched, moved, and inspired” and may even be ready to move in the direction you describe.

You cannot do it if your “about you” score is too high. Because you don’t know what touches, moves, and inspires others. You may not even know what touches, moves and inspires you!

Unless you let yourself be inspired, touched, moved, you are dead my friend.

What touches, moves, inspires you is always from the beyond… beyond what you want. Beyond your self-interest. Beyond your me-myself-and-I. It is beyond what makes sense. It is beyond fear and concern for yourself.

It is often the unrecognized, unidentified context of things you love to do, what you love to read, what you love to watch, who you are following.

Identifying that is mandatory if you want to start operating on your own motive power.

Landmark calls is possibility.

The most important things to know about possibility is that it’s inclusive. Not personal… ever. It is something every living person get inspired by. Because we come hardwired for some values, some ideals and the possibility touches on them. Like a live wire, touching a nerve.

If you walk around not knowing what people get touched, moved and inspired by, you’ll be like those “used car salesman” marketers that sell you something, and make you trapped in the desire trap.

Skillful marketers are skillful enrollers. They know deeply and intimately what touches, moves and inspires EVERY single person on this planet. And they speak to those in a way that the listener hears: it is attainable, it is possible, and it is worth moving towards.

Even the jaded ones. Even the cynical. Even the resigned. Even the cowardly. Even the evil ones who only have desire to receive for the self alone.

Whether they will move is not your concern.

So how do you go about acquiring this skill… the most important skill any human can possess.

Why is it the most important? Because everything you ever wanted comes to you through people.

If you don’t master enrollment, if you don’t master touching, moving, and inspiring people, you’ll always be wanting, you’ll always be trapped in the desire trap, or will be resigned, jaded, cynical, bored, dead before your time. Because you can surely see: people are not going to bend over backwards to bring to you what you want.

The first thing you need to dig out is your ability to be touched… If you are not touched, you cannot fake it. OK, maybe you can, but you’ll be a fake, and it’s ugly.

You need to become an individual, who knows themselves.

I have written an article about how the divine gets to you: goodness, beauty or truth. 1

I am moved by goodness. Courage, loyalty, persistence, caring, brilliance, winning in the face of incredible odds, are all goodness values. Each of the ways has their own values, and you’ll find yourself inspired by them.

You need to learn the language of all three accesses to the divine by the divine (another word for possibility is the divine) and get fluent in it.

Not easy, but easier if you recognize what language a person is inspired by.

One of my students is a beauty person. Another is a goodness person, like myself. 2

Beauty people are the most blocked in the enrollment process, because they seem to not include people in their world. I have a hard time getting through to them… getting through is just another way to say: touch, move and inspire them.

They are consumers of beauty: desire to receive for the self alone. Rigid and non-inclusive. Also short-sighted.

Beauty seems like a personal view, not shared. Stingy. 3

First map yourself out, and then start looking for values that are part of that “quadrant” so you have words to express.

If you won’t do it, you’ll have little coming to you from others… you’ll have to con people to get anything out of them.

Once you mapped out your own “quadrant” your job is to start mapping out the values that you don’t quite value, but others do. Generosity is needed here, and you have a short supply in that.

But you can do it.

Once you get conversant in all three quadrants, you can start speaking possibility. Authentically.

Obviously each “quadrant” thinks they have cornered the whole world, even though they are blind and insensitive to the other two. But unless you can speak possibility not as a personal thing, but you can make it inclusive, your efforts to enroll are going to be weak, and not very effective.

You’ll rub people the wrong way.

I have truth people in my life who do that: they don’t care about people, only about the truth.

And I have beauty people who don’t even want to talk to me. Contempt. Often hate is what they feel about me.

Because I am inspired by something that leaves them cold.

Muscle test says that I am 30% effective with beauty people, and 10% effective with truth people. And, of course 70% effective with goodness people… would not be effective with Trump… lol

I guess I am clueless what turns truth people on. And to my chagrin, 60% of my site’s visitors are truth people…

I better get curious and learn what makes them tick. What doesn’t: I already know.

Here is a goodness quote

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman (1900 – 1981)

Here is a truth quote:

To get what you want, you need to deserve what you want

And here is a beauty quote:

STOP mortgaging your TODAY for something “out there” that doesn’t exist!

Only 10% of humanity are goodness people… people who care about all-of-it more than they care about their own personal needs. 10% are truth people. And 80% are beauty people.
I better get busy finding out what talks to beauty people and truth people.

Look at yourself and guess what is YOUR quadrant… post it in the comments, and I’ll muscle test it for you.

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  1. And another article you may find useful to read, is about this topic based on the strait and narrow… or inversion method
  2. Goodness doesn’t mean you are good. It only says what moves you, touches you, inspires you. Here is an example: Stalin was a goodness person. Lenin was a truth person. Carl Marx was a beauty person. Engels was a goodness person. Both Obama and Trump are goodness people… ugh, right? Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy: goodness. Nixon: truth. Clinton: beauty. Not obvious to the naked eye, is it?

    I am getting interested again, because unless you can define the horizon you are moving towards, your actions are random and capricious… no rhyme, no reason, no results. But unless you know what inspires you, you cannot decide on a direction, and truth be told, you are not interested… if you are a truth or a beauty person. Why? You are locked into your narrow concern, I am guessing…

  3. Hitler was a beauty person.

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17 thoughts on “What are you? Beauty, truth or goodness?”

  1. Sorry – again without auto correct: I don’t know myself well enough to come to a conclusion here. All quadrants seem to speak to me.

  2. Sophie, I’m on the fence between goodness and truth. You mentioned courage, winning against impossible odds, movement, and those came up for me when I looked at what moved me in books and movies.

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