Without the Big Bundle I would be…

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Some 10 days ago I ate some food from my suddenly broken refrigerator.

I was on a coaching call, so I was distracted. Turns out the meat was tainted and I fell ill.

Not your usual bacterial type of food poisoning where you get diarrhea and maybe vomit… no, this one was from dead bacteria… And it promptly proceeded to destroy my intestines.

Have you ever seen roaster red peppers? The charred skin over the succulent flesh of the pepper?

Imagine this happening in your intestines… and unless you can remove the charred skin, unless you can keep the “flesh” from being eaten alive, you are going to die.

Of course no sane medical doctor would know what to do with that, or even that this is what was happening, without cutting you open, and killing you by exposing that virgin “flesh” to pathogens.

I don’t know how I remembered that I had the “hammer and chisel” Big Bundle, but I started using it, and have been using it several times a day, allowing it to find the burned charred stomach and intestine lining, and remove it.

Had I gone to a doctor, I would definitely have sustained a lifetime reduction of health by 50%… or death.

Muscle test says that I am going to be able to recover completely, as long as I rest, provide my body with the nutrients it need to fight and rebuild (it is still fighting) and eat very little.

Digesting takes a lot of energy that I need for rebuilding… also, most foods become corrosive inside your intestines… and although normally it is not deadly, it can become deadly in this vulnerable state.

Now, I am expecting you to ask: how do heck do you know Sophie what exactly is going on inside. Honestly, I feel it. How I feel it, why I feel it?

For one, I have a completely silent mind… no chatter. No future, no past. Just silence. So it is easy to not be reactive.

By the way, one of my students has made a huge move towards a silent mind… I’ll eventually share what he did.

So when your mind shuts up, it is relatively easy to be aware of what is going on… without having an agenda. Agenda is all mind, all talk… And it is easy to not be afraid. You can see reality, however reality is, whatever reality is, and then have a preference.

I have a preference to be healthy, full of energy, and live a long life being able to work till I die.

I don’t try to fix anything, wish away anything. I do what I see is supportive of my preference, and do only that. The Big Bundle, the food items I can eat (I haven’t shopped for two and a half weeks now, I am weak and in pain, so the supplies are limited and meager. Perfect for now.)

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