What capacity is missing so that you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?

What capacity is missing so that you cannot tell, you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?

I think this is the main issue for people who cannot grow… even if they keep on having private sessions, do all my courses, or all Landmark courses, or all Mindvalley courses, or use energy stuff… mine or others’.

When you put something they know some other environment, they don’t recognize it in a different environment, a different context.

So what is the missing capacity, you wonder… And how can anyone dream up a method to teach it?

A little historical view of how humans evolved (or not) during their lifetimes in previous times…

The capacities, the DNA capacities we are talking about were not activated in schools, courses, and such, they were requirements for life, for work, to getting along, to getting forward, for staying alive. Where nearly every moment of life was an opportunity to learn and adjust or an opportunity to be maimed and die.

Times when learning wasn’t skin deep, wasn’t scanning an article on your smart phone, when eating wasn’t stopping by at the takeout window of a fast food joint.

When I look where I have seen it recently, two videos come to mind:

  • 1. White Fang, Netflix’s animated movie version of the famous Jack London novel… especially looking at it from the point of view of young White Fang.
  • 2. The HBO documentary about Warren Buffet. What surprised me in that documentary is two things: Warren Buffet is a true nerd, awkward, reminds me a lot of my friends from my childhood, socially inept geniuses (maybe I am one of these myself, except maybe the genius part, lol) and the second was that his whole investment strategy changed with Charlie Munger’s advice, to buy good companies that were underpriced. Who would have thought… Without that advice there would not be Warren Buffet as we know him… we would not know him at all… he would be small time. Hm. His friend Charlie Munger came at the world from a whole different angle, and saw something that he, Warren Buffet could not see.


Now, I don’t expect you to see what I see… given that I am on the other side of the “great divide”.

So what is the Great Divide?


The number one Metaskill.

There are two things missing for most people: 1. looking 2. seeing.

The first part is all mental.

  • If you don’t see that what you could gain by looking is of any value: you won’t look.
  • If your value system leans towards the special, spectacular, interesting, titillating, trivia direction… you won’t look
  • If you are comfortable… you won’t look
  • If your curiosity is unchanneled, diversionary/diversive curiosity, you will not see anything important, or if there is something important, it will get lost in the unimportant 1

    The second part needs a capacity to shocked into active… seeing.

    It is unpleasant to imagine oneself blind, but the truth is even worse. You are blind to what could provide you with all you need to grow, to do well financially, to do well socially, and to feel good about yourself.

    In my private calls I teach seeing. And it’s the most important thing I can teach, but unless I teach you somehow to get curious and to see for yourself, it is piecemeal, and takes an awful long time.

    One of the reasons I have these private calls, from my own selfish point of view, is to be able to see stuff myself, stuff that is not readily visible unless you experiment.

    So I run experiments: the results are telling, and influence my next experiment.

    Oftentimes I start out hopeful, only to find out that the “soil” I used to plant seeds is toxic.
    Rarely I start out totally hopeless, and find out that the soil was just waiting for the right seeds…

    The kind of work I do is unparalleled… so I have no advisers, I have no books I could read, because it is uncharted territory: turn suffering, sniveling, fearful, specimens of the human race into human beings… a whole different species.

    On some level we are all suffering, sniveling, and fearful, so please don’t be offended… unless, of course, you are from California or Canada: then it IS offensive… so get as offended as you like.

    My experiments are taking me in the right direction: the Starting Point Measurements are getting more aligned with a productive, healthy, “seeing” human that before.

    What causes this blindness?

    Well, for one, the capacity needs to be shocked into active… I am intentionally using the big word “shocked”, it is not a smooth progression.

    But beyond that, what blocks the view, are mental images created by the “wanting to, having to, needing to, and should”, the desire trap, and other traps, like guilt trap.

    And, of course, seeing something that you haven’t seen before requires you to be able to see patterns that indicate that there is something there to be seen. A disturbance unexplained.

    One of the resources in this last thing… disturbance unexplained… is the book by Hungarian engineer, Gyozo Margoczi… The two books: Feelings, and Words.

    Warning: you may have to read it many many many times. Because it deals with things that simply understood will not help you at all. You need to SEE them. The writing is good, and as you awaken your seeing capacity, it will be like a bible to you: you’ll keep the book on your night stand, or always queued on your Kindle.

    You’ll always get the book on the level where you are, not deeper. You can track your personal evolution by how deep you get some of it… like the “human needs”.

    Now, can you learn to see from a book? From a video? From a person?

    No. Your capacity needs to be shocked into active. Like mine did in 1996, with my eye training.

    If you are doing some kind of eye training now, but haven’t experienced the shock or shocks… that eye training isn’t activating the capacity.

    My skill training will have that process as a requirement… It seems to me that one of the things you cannot see without the capacity to see is transferable skills, and without that that whole training is impossible.

    PS: When I examine minutely my “stats” software, I can tell where the visitors’ head was and is…

    Health and money are the main concerns.

    Curiosity, the kind that gets entertained by a two-headed child, is close second.

    And approximately 25-30 people a month, or one a day, are actually searching for the stuff I teach, the stuff I offer, the stuff I am famous for. One half of one percent.

    It is hard to search for something you don’t see, cannot see. One of the “results” you’ll see, once your seeing capacity is awakened, is a different type of search activity, and different questions to ask. And that is when your quest to personal growth, your quest for self-actualization will really begin.

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    1. I am re-reading the book, Curious by Ian Leslie.See footnote 1 The book’s truth value is 7%, but if you read it the way I read, it will take you to a replenishing, delightful adventure looking at areas of life that you haven’t considered before.

The two kinds of curiosity he talks about are the unchanneled diversionary/diversive curiosity and the epistemic curiosity… the first sucks energy and provides nothing. The second is for knowledge, for depth, for fuel, for nourishment.

You probably leak an awful lot of energy through clicking on click bait… I call it gossipy curiosity… give you nothing but illusion. Uses energy instead of providing energy.

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