Have a mind like a sieve?

It takes more than just insights, or reading, or listening to audios to become a fully equipped person who can live the good life. But what is the fundamental missing piece that so darn few ever benefit from in ANY of the activities they undertake?

With life spent in cars and buildings, our eyes stopped looking and assessing our environments. And with smart phones and computers, our eyes became like stationary search beams, not seeing anything outside of the beam…

But more importantly: out of sight – out of mind: the brain does not connect what you see with anything… nothing is ever written on your brain’s hard drive… only into its RAM… and once you look away, it all disappears…

I have noticed that none of the seniors I do exercise with or go to grocery shopping with ever remembers what conversation they had with you a previous time. Their brain hasn’t retained it.

The other day I had a hair cut while shopping. No one noticed. An hour or so ago they saw me with bushy hair, and suddenly I showed up with closely cropped hair… nothing.

Yesterday the driver of the community van forgot about me (a PhD by education) and left me sitting in the parking lot of a store for two full hours. Nobody home.

I was OK. Listened to the 67 steps, and waited for him to return. But he wasn’t well… Felt guilty, felt scared that I was going to complain about him.

And I understand: with a search light like vision, that would be the natural outfall… anger, vengeance… taking it personally.

Because of my earlier observation that people can’t retain anything… I saw clearly that what the driver did wasn’t personal… I actually stopped existing for him the moment he dropped me off at the store.

Very funny if you can see more than just what is in front of you.

One of the reasons my life is so much more enjoyable nowadays, compared to 10-15 years ago, is my ability to see the big picture without effort. Be able to see all the elements in one single glance instead of being forced to change “frames”.

So let’s look how it looks from your vantage point, living in the world?


Insights are a dime a dozen

You read an article, and you suddenly see something you hadn’t seen before, and you are excited: the insight is revolutionary and will change your life, or your finances, or your health.


Insights are like gold nuggets not valued, not captured, not put to use… even though for a moment maybe admired. The brain did not record them.

Admiration and appreciation aka valuing are two different things. Unless you see the value in something, you’ll leave it where it was, never really getting the value.

In my view, this is the cornerstone of your soul correction: not seeing value and therefore not getting benefits. 1

The question is: how do you value something? And if you do: what do you value? And what do you take for granted, something that is your due, therefore it has no value. And how do you do that with a brain that refuses to record into hard data what you think, what you decided, any of it!

Before I dig in deeper into this topic: let’s set down a principle that is not well known:

The more capacity you have to value anything or anyone, the more capacity you have for the beautiful life.

When I measure all kinds of different things about people, including their vibration, I find that there is a watershed that contains a number of capacities… that when those capacities are present, people go upward, and if they are not, they go downward. Reliable.

1. Whether you are willing to own what’s happening to you and around you and to what degree?
2. Whether you have a Self… or you are split. Without a Self there is no chance for integrity… because how could you be true to a Self that doesn’t exist?
3. To what degree you think of yourself. Until this number gets small, less than 30%, you don’t have access to personhood
4. Whether you can see value in things, people, activities, whether they are your values or others’.

WTF Sophie!

Why is it that you cannot just work on your vibration, or on one something, and get a watershed result?

That is what the spotlight vision person asks… and from their vantage point they make sense. When you have a hammer you are always looking for a nail to hammer.

But these numbers, these phenomena are connected and move up and down in sync, never behave like a nail.

A human has hundreds of moving parts, while a car has only tens. If you interviewed a car designer you’d find out how much work goes into designing a new car, one that is fast, and solid, and fuel effective, and easy to steer, light enough to move fast, but heavy enough to be solid… lots of stuff that need to move in sync.

Humans are just more complicated, but ultimately they are a machine.

Given your current level of ability to see and to work on several things at the same time is between zero and none.

Developing the ability to see many things accurately in the same glance should be your number one concern, if you ever wanted to raise your vibration, and your effectiveness in living the beautiful life.

As I have written in many of my articles, the biggest problem is that the moment you take off your eyes something, it disappears for you… as if it never happened.

Many reasons your brain gets wiped clean many times a day.

One main reason is: your brain is untrained.

Your brain is uncoordinated like a clunky 2 adolescent stumbling every few steps.

You need to train your brain through your eyes. The current ineffective state of your brain is ultimately a lack of agility and lack of coordination issue.

You want to get to a state where you are dancing… that is when life starts to become manageable, beautiful, and an adventure.

The training I prefer, the training I have done, the training I recommend is Infinite Mind Brain Enhancement Technology.

I did it myself, and I am going to take it back on. It’s a few minutes practice a day with your computer, and it causes a disproportionate awakening of the brain that after a while makes you able to grow into the person who you were meant to be. 3

The magic of EyeQ

What is special about this program is its simplicity as it makes you move your eyes and do certain things. This causes the brain to become, eventually, a higher functioning brain. You’ll learn easier, you’ll retain more, you’ll be more present, and with that comes a lot of joy. But what no one says: you’ll learn to control your eyes… aka your attention, which is the biggest issue in today’s hectic, too many distractions world.

It’s either YOU move your eyes, or it will be moved for you by your “desire trap”, by social media, by your family, your “friends”, by whatever looks the shiniest.

The program is called EyeQ… “eyeQ™ was developed over 30 years. Scientific studies have shown that our technology dramatically increases brain activity. This increase improves the mind’s learning capacity. It increases critical brain functions such as reading speed, comprehension, memory, focus, and overall mental and visual acuity.” 4

It gives you what you are lacking… builds you a brain that can do the things you need it to do so you can become a higher functioning human who can grow, and get to self-actualization.

Unfortunately Infinite Mind doesn’t have an affiliate program… so I will only benefit from you becoming a lot smarter and easier to train. But that is really all I want.

The program works over the internet, nothing to download. The cost is $99 for a year. If you are not committed to do it for a year, you are probably not going to do it, so don’t even start… your priorities lay elsewhere…

As your mental and visual acuity grows, you’ll comprehend more, you can use guidance better, you can move your attention at will… and the benefits are staggering.

The makers of EyeQ don’t know… but the real benefits happen in the invisible paradigm… where it matters the most.

Because, I don’t care if you read faster if the moment you put down the book you already forgot all that you read. If your brain gets wiped clean every night… if you never grow.

Being able to grow and build a network of knowledge, abilities in that head of yours so you can do more, be more, enjoy more… that is my goal, and EyeQ is the best in building you a brain that can do all that.

I bought the EYE-Q program years ago and loved it. It tripled my reading speed in a couple of months.
The program pulls you along (like drafting behind a semi on the interstate). ITS NOT WORK, just devote a little time each day. Outstanding results. We are capable of so much more than we think.

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  1. I wrote this note to a client whose soul correction is “Silent Partner”

    Many of the soul corrections are blind to value or maybe simply refuse to see it?

    I am not sure.

  2. awkwardly solid, heavy, clumsy and outdated
  3. When in 1998 I suffered a massive brain damage in an unrelated surgery, almost all of my elementary school skills shut down, all in all 30% of all my brain was darkened out. I felt I was moving in a dark tunnel, I was reduced to the intelligence of a young child. Using this eye training was 80% responsible for returning me to the world of the living, for returning me to be able to live and earn a living.

    It’s very interesting that when you encourage your brain to go to bat for you, it always done at least a 150% job… and I came out of that “tunnel” brighter than before, and with a whole lot more awareness than I had before… Even though I am still having a lot of problems with numbers… that part never came back to full function.

  4. It seems that there are individual eye-brain exercises on youtube. I haven’t looked, but my hunch is that they are not a system, and therefore you’ll do it or the ones you like and nothing will happen. I like systems, and this one, the EyeQ I have used, I have benefited from, and one of my students has been testing it and I can see his numbers go higher, his comprehension, his ability to interact, to ask question, his retention, his grasp… EVERYTHING are going up. So there you have it.

    You’ll do what you always do… your own thing. It got you where you are now, and it will also keep you there. Guaranteed.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Have a mind like a sieve?”

  1. I am the student who took Sophie’s recommendation and signed up for the EyeQ program and I can’t really thank her enough for that.

    For you that are thinking of signing up, the exercises, like Sophie says, take between 5-7 minutes. So at first I started doing them 5 days per week. Monday – Friday. But I liked it so much that I have been doing it every day for the last 20 days. Also they say that you can use it with your smartphone and Ipad but I would do it on a computer with bigger screen. You have more eye movements on a bigger screen.

  2. that’s very astute, Kawa. The goal is to create wide cone of vision together with learning to control your attention. That is more difficult and therefore more useful on the bigger screen.

    At some point there was a TV video program that was very very very difficult, but I practiced diligently. They said that you cannot be a basketball player, or a football player unless you see everything that happens on the playing field.

    It’s interesting that it is, like any skill, is transportable, but very few think of skills… and that they are transportable. Maybe this is why so few sport starts become famous and successful business men, because both professions need the same eye-brain coordination, but unless you do, you’ll do life with one set of skills, and your sport with another.

    If the trainers/coaches knew, this would not be a problem.

  3. Interesting Sophie. I didn’t think about that. It’s true you needed in team sports like football and basketball too. And I think if you look, those few players that decide to become businessmen afterwards most of them are successful and I don’t think even they are aware that it is transportable.

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