What happens if you are a habitual liar, a con artist?

If you are awake at all, you have noticed that people, both in writing and in actual speak, avoid the word lie.

Even when the word they replace it with means something totally different. They say: I lay down… instead of I lie down. 2

Why is that?

Because the word lie also means: say untrue things.

And it has become the moral of the land.

As if it were true that if you say something untrue, it becomes true by just saying so… like positive thinking.

What do you think lying does to you? Let’s count the ways it makes you miserable, empty, and wretched, shall we?

1. It keeps your vibration low.

When you lie you need to keep facing the lie… so you cannot face the values that would guide you to high vibration.

‘That’s right…take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualize letting go of material wealth.’

This includes what we call “inauthenticity”… where you pretend to be better than you are… or you pretend that you know what you are talking about… you pretend that you speak from your own experience, not from second-hand knowledge… or you pretend that what you present as the truth is actually true.

All the gurus I have ever tested are low vibration. Why? Because they are liars.

2. It keeps the two selves we each have, you included, hate each other.

When you love yourself you love your life.

The above sentence means that when the two selves love each other, respect each other, because there is no lie, or no serious lie or pretense, than you say, in ordinary and imprecise language: “I love myself!”

When your one self, for example, loves excitement, loves fantasy, loves living through a story, or a game, or some other fantasy… while your other self needs to earn a living doing something repetitive, and not exciting, you will not love your life.

Where is the lie? you ask.

The lie is that your daily life is mundane and unexciting.

It may feel that way, but if you scratch the surface, you’ll find that you are liar, a pretender, a con artist.

You do a botched up job of your work, you do shabbily what you get paid for, and you can’t wait to escape to the story, to the dream to the “real” exciting world that you should have.

You start lying about everything, and make something bad worse… you lie about your diet, you lie about your thoughts… your life is about creating and then maintaining appearances.

You are a liar and a con-artist.

You think you aren’t?

If your vibration is under 200, you can be 100% sure that I am talking about you.

What happens at 200 vibration? Your consciousness is starting to straighten your lies out.

What strikes me as weird is when people lie to me.

You really think I don’t know? Really?

Sometimes I let it go for some time, so I can see exactly what got trapped you in a lying cheating cycle.

Sometimes I try to liberate you from the trap. And sometimes I just let you go.

If there is any remaining “ego” aka wrongful pride in me, that is bristling even from the idea of being faked, deceived, used, and lied to.

I have a personal history that I haven’t been able to integrate into my life… yet.

When I’ll do the next “Activate Divinity” live course, I’ll make sure I give it some priority… and maybe I’ll be able to complete the integration before that.

What does it take to integrate?

1. Taking 100% ownership over what happened, even if it doesn’t make you look good at all… 🙁
2. Forgive myself, and commit to a different path that doesn’t include being used, abused, deceived, etc. in my case.
3. there is some energetic work that can be done… to either let go of the soul fragment or to integrate it back into the soul. Most souls are so fragmented, that there is not enough of them left to attach to… so most soul fragments are released.

What would you need to do to be in the next Activate Divinity Course?

Because it includes a ton of one-on-one work, I can only take a limited number of participants.

I don’t have a registration/payment button yet, because my plan is that I will pick the new people from people who immerse themselves in the “old” recorder course, including the one-on-one session it includes.

Most people are resistant to taking ownership, and if you are one of those, I’ll know during our private session… and if you are, I won’t take you to the new course.

Why? I don’t want to have to repeat to you that what YOU do is what determines your results, not what I do.

One: you won’t get it… and will still hope that I will do it for you. Two: it is the wrong place for me to inject my energy… only to amount to naught.

So if you are interested in the new course, please sign up to the old one.

If you were one of the original participants, I’ll make a decision after I talk to you.


If you choose the payment plan: I will do your private session once all your payments are complete. Why?

Because the private session is $250 by itself… and it needs to be prepaid. In essence you get the six month course for $47. About 60 videos.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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