Dark side attack, hurry, and how choosing can save the day

What is a Dark Side event? Hard to know… but it is a lot like a locust swarm event… 1 you see the aftermath, the people’s vibration dropping, bad behaviors that were already forgotten are revived, the water losing its coherence, inside you and outside you.

My own experience is quite dramatic: hurry has crept back… anger, anxiety, wallowing, and the water.

What is it about hurry that is harmful? All of it.

When you hurry, what makes you hurry is not something you want. You seems to be animated by a devilish dark energy, a hunger, a fear, that pushes you, and you are nowhere to be found.

You are breathless, you ignore details, you even ignore the experience, you are suddenly a puppet on a string.

The best illustration for the difference between hurry and no hurry style of fighting is the difference between a shaolin monk and a bar fight. Men in the bar fight are reacting to some ego stuff, and pifpuf try to place some blows on the “enemy”.

The shaolin monks, or the Aikido masters stand and breathe… and when the action is most advantageous, they make a slight movement and decimate the opponent.

You can live your life like a bar-fight, and get very little done, very little life in it.

Hurry makes you make mistakes, miss important details… make you inefficient and ineffective. You always sit on the edge of the seat… you never settle in to do good work… The doing, the process become secondary behind the hoped for end result… and your work is shabby, below grade, and your life is filled with wanting and not having.

Worst of all: there is no beingness.

Beingness is when you experience yourself, and life as magnificent.

In a Dark Side event, a long Dark Side effect beingness is near impossible, you feel you live on borrowed time, and that forces you to hurry.

As I am sitting here writing this, I feel as the energy is pressing on my heart, and if I didn’t know what’s going on, I would go to the emergency room. But I know, and I just breathe.

There is nothing wrong with my heart, and I will be well once the attacks subside.

The secret to regain your control is to breathe. Slow down your breath which at this point is probably ragged. The depth of breath may not be there… but you can always control the speed, and the deep breath will come.

You cannot control fear, but you can always control the speed of your breath.

Forcing a deep breath is counterproductive: it also comes from hurry… don’t do it. Never force anything… I mean it.

By the way, I have observed that these Dark Side Events always coincide with some major holiday, this time Labor Day in the USA.

I am not a holiday person, but a friend explained to me that people are not in their everyday environment, not doing their everyday activities, like work, and they become more vulnerable. I don’t know.

But if you consider holidays important, then the Dark Side events lower the quality of your life more than not having any holidays at all.

What else can you do so you can suffer no permanent damage by the Dark Side event?

You can choose things the way things are.

The water is losing its coherence. Fast. In every country. And you’ll be duller, less coherent, and will have less energy… for a few days.

Choose it. It’s like choosing a storm… while the storm is going on. If you resist it, it will kill you.

It seems that the “mites” love the Dark Side energy: in spite of doing all the things I have been doing, their activity and their numbers suddenly through the roof.

It’s taken me many hours to choose that. Maybe I haven’t quite chosen it…

Choosing is the hardest and most counter intuitive transformational move of all the moves. Choosing is more than allowing. Choosing is more than accepting. Choosing is like embracing… embracing what you don’t want. Ugh…

But if you want to be well, if you want to be high vibration, you must.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Dark side attack, hurry, and how choosing can save the day”

  1. I wasn’t clear… OK. I chose the Dark Side event, I chose the water getting destroyed. I chose my vibration dropping. I chose what was happening. The other option is not choosing it, resisting it, and getting destroyed myself.

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